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It is I; do not be afraid
God of true abundance, in whom nothing is lost and all are fed: liberate us from meager rations of scarce and grudging love for which we must compete; show us another kingdom which stills our all-consuming fear and fills us with new hope; through Jesus Christ, the peace of creation. Amen. (collect by Steven Shakespeare, from Prayers for An Inclusive Church)

In Sunday’s gospel, Jesus chooses to perform a miracle to feed hungry people - to take what had been generously shared and to make sure everyone had enough to eat. That tells us something about God’s priorities. God wants everyone to have enough and can use whatever we offer. We may feel we have little to share, and the prospect of handing it over to God may frighten us. As Jesus says near the close of the gospel story, “It is I; do not be afraid.”

Ann Turner
Responding to Racism – Reflections from Jay Lambiotte

All of us were shocked and saddened by the George Floyd murder. It brought to life for me the harsh reality of racism and disregard by some for the lives of others. When the Response to Racism Team was formed, Nora Ann and I felt the need to understand better an issue that was getting more and more attention every day. This team has come together with the hope that we can make a difference. We don’t know how significant that difference will be, but we do know that if we do nothing, then we will make no difference.

One of the first things we did was go through the 10-week Sacred Ground series produced by the Episcopal Church. This was educational and eye-opening to see the hardships that this country’s minorities have had to deal with and are still struggling to overcome. It made me see very plainly that white privilege is a real thing.  

We ask for your support and participation in this endeavor to right so many wrongs. We are all made in God’s image. Love of everyone was Jesus’ main message. We invite you to join us as we search for ways to help our disadvantaged friends.

Our next meeting is Thursday, July 29 at 7:00 PM in the Parish Hall.
Feed my lambs, tend my sheep: Let's fill up St. Nicholas Chapel!
 In his sermon several weeks ago, Marc said how great it would be if every parishioner would buy at least one extra canned or boxed food item each time you go shopping and bring it to church each Sunday – not just our parishioners, but those of the Hilton churches, and not just the Hilton churches but all of the Newport News churches – as a way of feeding those in need. 

We are going to start by inviting the Hilton churches to join us (Hilton Presbyterian is already on board) in filling up St. Nicholas Chapel. Canned vegetables, soups, fruits, meats, and pasta; boxes of cereal, pasta, and crackers; and jars of peanut butter and jelly are always needed. Specific needs are canned tomato sauce, carrots, peas, baked beans, pork & beans, fruit; packages of pudding; and boxed or packages of mashed potatoes. As the donations begin to grow, we will make them available to THRIVE Peninsula and other outreach organizations that have food pantries.  
“And the Son” returns to the creed
If you have attended the 10:30 service over the past three weeks, you may have noticed that the version of the Nicene Creed we used from July 4-18 was missing the familiar phrase “and the Son” in the section about the Holy Spirit. Those missing words were not a mistake or an accident. They are actually the core of a centuries-old theological debate called the Filioque, which in Latin means “and the son.” The original versions of the Nicene Creed did not state that the Holy Spirit proceeded from the Father and the Son. They said We believe in the Holy Spirit… who proceeds from the Father. But some theologians felt that the intimate relationship between Father and Son inevitably meant that the Spirit came from them both. 

After much controversy and debate, the Filioque clause was added to the Creed sometime in the 5th century, but to this day it is not included in the Nicene Creed as used by our brothers and sisters in the Eastern Orthodox churches. In fact, conflict about the Filioque was one of the main causes of the schism between the Eastern and Western Churches in 1054. (Those interested in learning more can find lots of background and history about the Filioque controversy on the internet.) 

Why are we including both versions of the Nicene Creed in our worship this summer? Because it gives each of us the opportunity to think about our own understanding of the nature of the Trinity and the relationships among Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; and also because those three little words—and the Son—continue to have huge ramifications for the work Christians continue to do to reconcile with one another so that, in Jesus’ words, we all may be one.  
Memorial Service for Jim Bradberry

A memorial service for James E. Bradberry will be held at St. Andrew's on Sunday, July 25, at 2:00 PM. Jim passed away on July 25, 2020.
Office closed Wednesday, July 28 for Team Appreciation Day

To honor and thank our talented and hardworking staff, Anne established an annual Team Appreciation Day as a time for fellowship, fun, and relaxation. This year the staff will enjoy breakfast together in Hampton before taking a ride on the Miss Hampton Harbor Cruise. So that every member of the staff team can participate, the office will be closed on Wednesday, July 28 and there will be no Healing service that day.
St. Andrew's Social Media Policy

Creating community – the body of Christ – is at the core of St. Andrew's ministries. In all we do, we are to reflect the love of Christ to and for the world. As an ever-increasing number of people find community on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it is essential that the church be present in this mission field. In all we do, we are to reflect the love of Christ to and for the world. This applies to the content of our posting to various social media sites. In May of 2018, St. Andrew's Vestry adopted guidelines for the use of social media. The guidelines can help us all use technology to promote Christian community, build authentic relationships, and protect children and vulnerable adults. Click here to read our Social Media Policy.
St. Andrew's conducts annual Safe Church audit

St. Andrew's is committed to providing a safe environment for all God's children, young and old. Each year, we conduct a Safe Church audit to ensure our compliance with diocesan policies, which includes informing the congregation that there are procedures for responding to concerns and/or incidents of suspected abuse, neglect, or exploitation of children, youth, and vulnerable adults. Copies of these procedures and contact information are available in the hallway info section outside the church office and can be provided upon request. You are encouraged to take advantage of familiarizing yourself with these policies and procedures so that we all do our part in keeping the most vulnerable among us safe.
Receiving Communion while worshipping virtually
If you would like to partake of communion at home while participating in the service virtually, you can call Bill Wilds (880-5460) during the week from 9:00 AM to noon and make an appointment to come and pick up consecrated communion kits for your family to use during the following Sunday’s service. 
Please remember to create/designate a “holy place” in your home to store the consecrated Body and Blood between the time you pick it up and Sunday morning.
Upcoming at St. Andrew’s
The church calendar is available on our website here.

Wednesday, July 21
11:00 AM - Holy Eucharist with Healing Prayer
5:15 PM - Centering Prayer (Parish Library)

Thursday, July 22
7:30 AM - Centering Prayer (Parish Library)

Sunday, July 25
8:00 AM - Holy Eucharist (in person)
10:30 AM - Holy Eucharist (in person and live-streamed)

Tuesday, July 27
1:00 PM - Crafters (Parish Library)

Wednesday, July 28
No Eucharist with Healing Prayer due to office closure for Team Appreciation Day
5:15 PM - Centering Prayer (Parish Library)

Thursday, July 29
7:30 AM - Centering Prayer (Parish Library)
7:00 PM - Responding to Racism Team (Parish Hall)
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