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Today's prayer video:

Join Karen Waddill in the beautiful service of Compline which is found on page 127 of the Book of Common Prayer.

Are you feeling numb!?

When thinking about writing this cover article, I had a variety of thoughts about discrimination (and not just the discrimination related to racial issues); the present conditions in our city, state, nation, and world; and the pandemic – but I just got a numb feeling and decided to let my thoughts remain my thoughts. Maybe with compassion and prayer, the numbness might go away.
I would like to be share a hymn about prayer written by James Montgomery in 1818:

Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire, unuttered or expressed,
the motion of a hidden fire that trembles in the breast.  
Prayer is the burden of a sigh, the falling of a tear,
the upward glancing of an eye, when none but God is near.
Prayer is the simplest form of speech that infant lips can try;
prayer the sublimest strains that reach the Majesty on high.
Prayer is the contrite sinner’s voice, returning from their way,
while angels in their songs rejoice and cry, “Behold, they pray!”
Prayer is the Christians’ vital breath, the Christians’ native air;
their watchword at the gates of death; they enter heaven with prayer.
O thou, by whom we come to God, the Life, the Truth, the Way:
the path of prayer thyself hast trod; Lord teach us how to pray!

Bill Wilds

All parishioners are asked to take this survey about re-gathering expectations

We’ve been apart and away from our church home too long and now we can finally look ahead to a safe return to worship with family and friends at St. Andrew’s! Hallelujah!

Before that “new beginning”, we need input from you, our St. Andrew’s family, in order to make that safe and smooth transition back into the building. We want to know your expectations - in accordance with the Diocesan Re-Gathering Guidelines - so that we have a common understanding that our services will look and feel differently when we re-gather. Thank you for participating.

Please complete this survey by Friday July 10

Live on Zoom! The Historical Jesus, session 6, led by the Rev. John W. Herbst, PhD, continues tomorow night at 7 PM

In our final session we're going to look at two episodes that reflect Jesus's thinking at the end of his life, then talk about the significance of the human being Jesus of Nazareth.

Read Mark 11:15-17, noting the phrase "den of robbers." This comes from Jeremiah 7:11. So read Jer 7:1-24, and look for three things:
  • where is Jeremiah when he gives this sermon?
  • what does Jeremiah mean by "den of robbers" in 7:11?
  • according to Jeremiah, how does God feel about the temple and what takes place there?

2) Read Mark 12:13-17. Who is Jesus speaking with in this passage? What does his audience think belongs to Caesar, and belongs to God?

3) Do you have any suggestions about how a historian who does not believe in the supernatural might explain how Jesus came to be the most famous human being in history, and the focal point of history's most popular religion?

Join us tomorrow night as we conclude this thought-provoking series.

The webinar ID is  892 0521 3204

Note: all of our computers and devices are different. If you have trouble joining the session and see the words  join from your browser , try clicking that.

You don't need to have watched previous sessions to participate in this one, but if you would like to do so click below:

Link Lunch Packing (Four Oaks Homeless Shelter)
Link is in need of 100 bagged lunches for several dates in the month of July. Bagged lunches include a sandwich, chips, fruit, and a drink. If you are interested in helping with this ministry, please reach out to Dawn Edquist at

  • Each volunteer will be asked to be part of a team of 4 and will assemble 25 bagged lunches individually at home - you will need to purchase/secure the food items needed. 
  • Each team will have a leader that will collect those lunches from their team.
  • Dawn will collect the lunches from the leader(s) and deliver to Link for distribution. 
Shoes for THRIVE Peninsula
Each year the Vacation Bible School steering committee has chosen a mission project for the children and leaders. For three years, our project was THRIVE Peninsula. Not only did we collect food, but we also collected shoes which THRIVE sends to cottage industries in third-world countries where the shoes are repaired and made available to those who cannot afford new shoes.

In July, we are going to be collecting shoes for THRIVE. They can be brand new or in the worst possible condition!  Please put your donations in bags and drop them off in St. Nicholas Chapel. We will monitor the chapel daily and move the shoes to a safe location. Our parishioner, Donna Casella, has graciously offered to take our shoe collection to THRIVE.
Service Booklets
We have some parishioners who do not have or use computers so we created a Morning Prayer booklet for them to use on Sunday or other days of the week. We have now created a booklet for Compline and have plans to create one for Evening Prayer. If you would like copies of any of these booklets, please send Bill Wilds an email ( and let him know which one(s) you would like.
Responding to Racism: Can you help?? Please reply today!

Dear friends,
Many of you have indicated a desire to do something about the 400-year scourge of racism that plagues our country and is so much in our national consciousness right now. From your comments, I sense that there is a hunger within our congregation to begin to address racism in ways that we have not done in the past. Parishioners have proposed setting up small group discussions that involve both people of color and white folks. At our June meeting, the vestry talked about a number of ideas of actions we could take, beginning with committing ourselves to empathy and listening.

Marc and I are very interested in continuing to engage in this crucial ministry of listening, learning, and advocating. Therefore, we are seeking parishioners who would be willing to help plan and facilitate our parish response to racism.  If you would like to be part of such a team, please email Bill Wilds by Thursday June 25 so that we can include you.

Meanwhile, know that our diocesan web page has an excellent section of Advocacy and Justice resources, including many materials that specifically address racism. For anyone wondering "Where do I begin?," I would highly recommend this diocesan resource, found here.

May God bless and guide and help us as we engage in this crucial work.
Blessings. -Anne
Looking to learn more about racism? OverDrive opens up 2 high-demand books at no cost

From the Daily Press: Library patrons in the U.S. and Canada can get two high-demand titles for free through OverDrive's Black Lives Matter Comminity Reads program:
  • The audio book of Michelle Alexander's "The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness" is available for 30 days. The book has been called one of the most influential books of the last 20 years.
  • The e-book, of Layla F. Saad's NY Times bestseller, "Me and White Supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor" is available for free through July 14.
Our love and sympathy
are extended to the family and friends of
Mary Lou Hatten
mother of John Hatten
who died on June 13

Let light perpetual shine on her, O Lord.
100th Anniversary History Book
Several parishioners have asked if there is going to be a second printing of our 100th anniversary history book. The answer can be “Yes” if we have a minimum of ten prepaid orders. We have two so far! If you would like to order one or more of the books, please send Bill Wilds an email letting him know you are sending a check to the church in the amount of $65 for each copy. Please make your check payable to St. Andrew’s and write “100th book” in the memo section.
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