Dear friends,

I once had a parishioner whose husband’s family had lived in the same big house for generations. He and his father had both grown up there, and perhaps his grandfather had, too. My parishioner moved in as a young bride and was in her 60s when I knew her. Every time she and her husband had to make a decision about household improvements or repairs, they did so with an eye to the future the home would have as the abode of loved ones when they themselves were no longer alive. My parishioner saw herself and her husband as stewards, caretakers of something precious that did not in the end belong to them.

I think about that parishioner every autumn during pledge season. She understood stewardship at a gut level because she and her husband lived it every day. The treasure they had received was not ultimately theirs; just as the husband’s family had done for generations, they cheerfully worked as caretakers for the benefit of those who would come after them.

You and I are stewards, too. All that we have comes to us as a gift from our loving God; and ultimately we will not be taking any of it with us. Our pledges to St. Andrew’s for the coming year are a way for us to invest in the future not only of our beloved building and grounds but also—and more importantly—in the future of the people who will worship here in years to come, and of the people beyond our doors whom we and they will serve in Christ’s name. 

I am grateful to be stewarding St. Andrew’s alongside each of you. Mindful of the many blessings in our lives and of the call to be good stewards, John and I will be increasing our pledge for the coming year. I hope you’ll consider doing the same.

Cheerful Givers, make your pledge and celebrate!
Our 2022 pledge campaign continues. Join us for a backyard celebration at Mary Waddill's house for all who have pledged.

Date: Thursday, October 21
Time: 5:30 to 7:30 PM
Place: 24 Spottswood Lane, Newport News VA, 23606

RSVP by October 15 to Bill Wilds at or 757-880-5460.

Still need to pledge? Fill out a pledge card at the church or submit your pledge using this link.
Time, Talent, Treasure: Ministries Fair on October 31
How often have we heard the phrase “ give of our time, talent and treasure...” especially during Stewardship campaigns. We have even enclosed a form with your Stewardship letter and pledge card so that you could assess your “talents” that you might be able to share with your parish family. So, it is somewhat apropos that we are going to hold a Ministries Fair on Stewardship Dedication Sunday, October 31 from 9:15 to 10:15 AM in the parish hall. Please mark your calendars and come learn about the many ministries at St. Andrew’s that can use your “talents and expertise” or that you just might find enjoyable to learn more about.
Financial reminders during the pledge campaign

Individuals aged 70 ½ and older can donate up to $100,000.00 from the IRAs directly to charity. The donation counts toward the required minimum distribution and is not included in your adjusted gross income. This could qualify you for tax benefits tied to your adjusted gross income (AGI) and reduce or eliminate taxes on your Social Security benefits. This is especially beneficial for individuals who no longer have enough deductions to itemize.

If you have appreciated assets such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds that have gained in value and you have owned them for more than a year, you can give these assets directly to the church, and you can deduct their value on the day of the donation. The key here is that you do not pay capital gains tax on the increase in the value of the stock. Many times it is often better to give appreciated stocks rather than cash. The brokerage firm you deal with can handle the transfer to St. Andrew’s.
Bicycle donation needed

Have a bike that you are no longer able to enjoy? Leo and Sebente Manku, the Congolese brothers recently highlighted in a September newsletter, are in need of bicycles to get them to and from Denbigh High School (as there is no bus service at their residence). Call Karen Waddill, if you are able to help with this need: 757-604-3238.
St. Andrew’s Outreach Center offers a safe haven
One of our Outreach Center tenants is Families in Transition (FIT). FIT offers children from the neighboring community a safe and encouraging place for virtual learning. St. Andrew’s Outreach Center helps to make it possible for FIT to provide this programming – art and STEM projects, Bible study, snacks, and a home base for field trips.
“In the last year there have been five shootings and one stabbing in the community these children call home,” said Maura Hampton, program director. “There is no way I can possibly communicate what our program means to these children, and their parents, in the midst of this increased violence.” In the days following the shooting at Heritage High School last month, parents were grateful for their children to continue to come to St. Andrew’s and participate in the FIT program because it was a place they knew provided safety, comfort, and security.
How you can help support FIT's programs
The children from Families in Transition are usually very hungry after school when they arrive at St. Andrew’s. You can help by bringing individually wrapped snack foods. There will be a large green rubber basket for these donations in St. Nicholas Chapel which will be emptied each Sunday after the 10:30 service. For those of you who like to bake, homemade cookies and brownies would be a big hit! They can be delivered to the parish office any day of the week except Friday. It would be helpful if you would package these individually.
Learn more about FIT at
Books donated to Grove Christian Outreach Center

Volunteers are preparing the former day school library to be used by the children participating in programs housed by St. Andrew's Outreach Center. Their work resulted in several boxes of books (duplicates, etc) that were donated to Grove Christian Outreach Center in Williamsburg. The Grove Center is giving the books to the children of the families they serve. Pictured: Katie Patrick, executive director of Grove Christian Outreach Center, and Diana Skelton, who delivered the donated books. 
Deadline to register for Response to Racism Team's Casemate Museum tour is Oct. 15

The Response to Racism Team is planning to visit the Casemate Museum, Thursday, October 21, from 2:00 to 3:30 pm. The cost for this guided tour is $5.00 per person. We are extending an invitation to the congregation to join us on our tour. The museum chronicles over 400 years of history of Point Comfort and Fort Monroe. If you would like to attend, please contact Nora Ann Lambiotte at 757-886-0053, no later than October 15 to reserve your space.
Adult Forum this Sunday: Love is the Way
Join us this Sunday morning at 9:15 a.m. in the Parish Hall for the Adult Forum. We are continuing our six-week series, Love is the Way, led by David Lilley, Anne Kirchmier, and Marc Vance. Click here to see the full schedule for this fall's Forum.
Parish Luncheon - Meals to go! on Oct. 20
Our next Parish Luncheon – Meals to Go! will be on Wednesday, October 20. Menu: Pork Tenderloin. Reservations are required by Sunday, October 17.
RSVP to Mary Gibson Waddill: or 870-1182. Lunches can be picked up at 12:00 noon on Wednesday, October 20. Drive up to the apron in front of the Parish Hall and we will deliver your lunch(es) to your car with masks. The cost is $5.00 per lunch. You may hand your check or money to the dear parishioner who brings your lunch to your car.
Hilton Village Fall Festival

The 2021 Hilton Village Fall Festival will be held on Saturday, October 30 from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. There is also a “Hilton Hustle” 5K from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM beginning at Hilton Elementary School. For more details about the Fall Festival, please go to the HVFF website.
Fill the Truck!

We have been invited by Hilton Presbyterian to join them at the Hilton Village Fall Festival on Saturday, October 30, and “fill the truck” for THRIVE Peninsula. They will have a red pickup truck in the parking lot on Warwick Boulevard between PMA Architecture and the Goldsmith Shop from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We can help in three ways:
  1. volunteer to be at the truck to help receive the can goods and other items that people bring (please call Patti Grayson at HPC, 595-1313, to volunteer).
  2. brings bags of small, individually wrapped candies to church by Sunday, October 24 for “thank-you” bags the donors of food items will receive.
  3. come enjoy the Fall Festival and bring food items with you to fill the truck.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact Bill Wilds (595-0371). Neither Hilton Presbyterian nor St. Andrew’s will be participating in any other Halloween activities this year
Volunteers needed for AED (defibrillator) training
Did you know that St. Andrew's has an AED? An AED, or automated external defibrillator, is used to help those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. Sudden cardiac arrest is among the leading causes of death in the United States. In fact, more than 350,000 people will suffer a cardiac arrest this year. Unfortunately, having an AED is just the first, important step in caring for our congregation and visitors. Having volunteers trained to use the AED is just as important! If you are interested in participating in training, provided by the Red Cross, please contact Ann Turner in the church office, 595-0371 or We hope to have enough volunteers to hold training at St. Andrew's. Training is also available online.
Receiving Communion while worshipping virtually
If you would like to partake of communion at home while participating in the service virtually, you can call Bill Wilds (880-5460) during the week from 9:00 AM to noon and make an appointment to come and pick up consecrated communion kits for your family to use during the following Sunday’s service. 
Please remember to create/designate a “holy place” in your home to store the consecrated Body and Blood between the time you pick it up and Sunday morning.
Upcoming at St. Andrew’s
The church calendar is available on our website here.

Wednesday, October 13
5:15 PM - Centering Prayer (Parish Library)
6:30 PM - Women of the Word (Parish Library)
6:30 PM - Choir rehearsal (church)
7:00 PM - Home Parish Discernment Committee (Parish Hall)

Thursday, October 14
7:30 AM - Centering Prayer (Parish Library)
10:00 AM - Bible Study (Parish Library)

Sunday, October 17
8:00 AM - Holy Eucharist (in person)
9:15 AM - Adult Forum (Parish Hall)
10:15 AM - Children's Chapel (Playground)
10:30 AM - Holy Eucharist (in person and live-streamed)

Tuesday, October 19
1:00 PM - Crafters Group (Parish Library)
7:00 PM - Vestry (via Zoom)

Wednesday, October 20
11:00 AM - Holy Eucharist with Healing
12:00 PM - Fellowship Luncheon to Go
5:15 PM - Centering Prayer (Parish Library)
6:00 PM - Choir rehearsal (church)
6:30 PM - Women of the Word (Parish Library)

Thursday, October 21
7:30 AM - Centering Prayer (Parish Library)
10:00 AM - Bible Study (Parish Library)
2:00 PM - Response to Racism Team (Casemate Museum, Ft. Monroe)
Service Participants – Sunday, October 17
8:00 AM 
Lector & Prayers: Anne Fowler
Acolyte: Bill Wilds
Greeters: Calvin Hanrahan
Ushers: Morris Johnson, Conway Sheild, Terry Wolak
10:30 AM
Lector: Cris Oman
Prayers: Carol Umbenhaur
Acolyte: Caroline Rous
Greeters: Ted & Merrill Hemmert
Ushers: Rick Donaldson, Chris Robinson, Al Roby, Bob Wharton
October Altar Guild:
Diana Skelton, Anne Fowler, Tonia Graves, Elizabeth Mayo, Dawn Edquist
October Flower Guild:
Sara Streker, Anne Sweetman, Karen Waddill
We're here for you!

What if I need to reach the parish clergy or staff?
You can reach us by email, even if we are working from home. Please make note of our NEW email addresses:

What if I have a pastoral emergency or know of someone else who is ill?
Call or text Anne directly at 804-687-5396.