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Do not fear, for I am with you, do not be afraid, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.

Isaiah 41:10
Sunday Schedule


10:30 a.m. Modified Morning Prayer, Rite II

Click on the link above  to join us Sunday for our live stream worship service at 10:30 am.  You will receive a copy of the bulletin via email or you can find the link to download a pdf version on our website under Sermons which is under the worship tab.
Ministers in the Lord's Service
Fr. Robert Certain

Lay Readers-
Susan Rinn

Leo Garcia-Choir Director/Cantor
Wendi Gustafson- Music Director/Organ

Aaryn Perry
Gil Merkle
  Altar flowers for this Sunday are given to the glory of God by Lou Dagel in thanksgiving for the birthdays of
Jo Tomlinson, Karl Dagel, and Tom Dagel.

That's right Altar Flowers are back! If you would like to donate altar flowers on a any given Sunday please contact the church office. (830-372-4330)

David Hannasch- May 27
Laurene Irwin- May 29


Raul & Elizabeth Cortes- May 24
Fr. Robert & Robbie Certain- May 25
Emmett & Geri Donegan- May 27

If you have a birthday or anniversary next week and it's not listed, please call the Parish Office and leave a message for Charlene to add it to the list.
If you or another member of the parish are sick or in the hospital and would like a contact from Pastoral Care, please notify the Parish Office. We don't want anyone to get missed! Contacting the office will ensure that Pastoral Care is notified.

If you would like to add a name, etc., to the prayer list, send an email to . If you have a pastoral situation that needs attention, please contact the parish office. 

If a member of your family is in the armed forces , please send their name to Charlene via email at   or by phone (830-372-4330) so they can be included in the Prayers of the People each Sunday.
In observance of Memorial Day, the church office will be closed Monday, May 25th.  

No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for another.
John 15:13
Bible Studies and Prayer Groups
The West Texas Adult Christian Formation website  will offer "God's People Speak to God," an 8-session Psalms study with questions for personal or group reflection. We invite you to use this study however seems best to you.  Click here  to learn more and subscribe to receive new reflections by email. Contact Marjorie George at , for more information.
Weekly Centering Prayer with St. Mary's Sewanee: The Ayres Center
Join St. Mary's Sewanee: The Ayres Center for an online Centering Prayer group on Tuesdays, at 3:30 p.m. CT. This Zoom-based opportunity is for new and experienced practitioners alike to share time together, both in quiet conversation and in silence. For log-in information and other details, contact .
"Thy Kingdom Come" is a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray for more people to come to know Jesus, taking place May 21 - 31, 2020. What started in 2016 as an invitation from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to the Church of England has grown into an international and ecumenical call to prayer, between Ascension Day and Pentecost.  Click here  for more information and participation ideas for individuals, families, and congregations that are physically distancing.
Clergy and lay leaders received the Guidelines for Phased Reopening of Churches in West Texas. The Guidelines are intended to assist each church plan and facilitate its reopening, so that once the way is clear, congregations may begin to return to the worship life they so deeply long for, in the safest way possible and mindful that risk remains. Click here to read the letter from the bishop about this and click here to read the Guidelines. The Vestry and
Fr. Robert will be discussing the plan for St. Andrew's this coming
Sunday afternoon.
Graduation Sunday will be a little different this year.  As usual , we will be celebrating all of our graduates, but this year we will also celebrate our St. A's kids who are transitioning from elementary school to middle school, or middle school to high school! We are hoping to have this celebration in June(hopefully we will be able to have in-person services by then). If you have a graduate who is a St. A’s kid, send a picture and a short bio of them including what their plans are for the future and/or if you have a St. A's kid who will transition from elementary to middle school or middle school to high school, send a picture and a little write-up about your child's milestone and accomplishments to Charlene at  as soon as possible.
Program Updates from Camps & Conferences, Vital UM, World Missions, and More. Wondering what's going on with diocesan-wide ministries and programs? Read updates from diocesan ministries, including Camps & Conferences' Summer 2020 changes, VITAL University Missions, World Missions, Episcopal Schools, and more at this link.
Click here for more information.
The Burgers and Boots committee has decided to postpone the event until further notice. They met to discuss whether we can try for a date in July, August, or September, but couldn't unanimously agree on a date because things are changing so rapidly. They are ruminating and brainstorming and will update soon. Hold on to your tickets and be ready to have some fun in the late summer/ early fall. Stay tuned for more information!
The 8th Annual Honduras Night Fundraiser has been postponed until October. Hold on to your tickets and be ready to have some fun in the fall. Stay tuned for more information in September. Contact Dr. Henry Moore for tickets!
You can still be a Souper Hero! 
“Pack the Pickup” has been postponed to when we have in-person services again, but the Christian Cupboard is in great need. Please consider donating some food. Volunteers will receive donations at the side door of the center located at 516 N. Camp St. on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings from 9:00 am to 11:30 am. Thank you for your help!
Thoughts on the last couple months
from the Treasurer
G reetings Friends,

I recently spoke with a few friends and asked them how they were doing in the midst of this long, restricted, stay-at-home ordeal we are all facing. Most of them responded with the expected “exhausted” or “getting tired” of the present state of affairs. Considering the current state of things, I could relate with their responses. I feel it too.

Even as we see a gradual opening up of our economy and anticipate the eventual opening up of our worship at the church again, I expect things will still not be normal as we experienced it on March 15, our last time of corporate worship. Nor will it happen as soon as we would all like it to be done. I believe patience and prayer are the most valuable assets we can exhibit at this point. Social distancing, an emphasis on sanitizing, the use of masks, etc. will undoubtedly still be a part of our daily lives. The “new normal” will clearly be something we will all have to embrace. God is still very much present and will guide us through this.

I remember a familiar passage that I grew up listening to from Matthew 11:28 during the Rite One Holy Eucharist liturgy, “Come unto me, all ye that travail and are heavy laden, and I will refresh you.”  I particularly liked this King James version. There was something so comforting about that promise by Jesus that is so appropriate for times like this. Even though I, as a very young boy, may not have understood the meaning of “travail” and “heavy laden”, I knew what Jesus meant. I knew that when we are weary and tired Jesus will put us into a peaceful, restful place.

This is exactly where so many of us are now at this point in our long journey of separation. But consistently focusing on the Easter story of Jesus is very comforting. I have felt throughout this two-month ordeal how fortunate we are that we have the Easter message of hope to reflect on. Our hope now can focus on our expectations of being together again as the Body of Christ. What an Easter celebration that will be!

Chuck Ingersoll
If the Search Committee were an airplane, we would just now be reaching cruising altitude. We have all the needed information about our candidates and have met some of them virtually, with plans to have two or three virtual meetings a week until we have learned enough to begin serious discernment.

The process begins with a first 45 minute “ice-breaker” using Zoom, the once-unknown-and-now-ubiquitous internet tool that displays all our faces on screen at once and allows us to speak, gesture, type messages on the side, and save a lot of gas and hotel bills. This may be the least expensive search since gas sold for 45 cents a gallon.

The next step is to listen as a group to a service where the candidate is delivering the sermon. We do this live streaming if possible, but if not, we use YouTube or the website of their Parish to hear an archived service.

Third, we hold a formal interview (again virtually) and ask nine pre-determined questions designed to give the candidate a chance to be fully revealed to us and us to them. We are just about to begin this step, but I expect that these interviews might last as long as two hours each.

Then once we have interviewed all our candidates, we will meet among ourselves to decide on who will be invited for a second interview and a trip to visit our campus.

And how long will all this take? Here’s a hint: two of our candidates have school-age children. It would be very inconvenient to them if we took all summer to make this decision.

Stay tuned. I sure do miss seeing all of you.

Mark Williams
Search Committee Chair
Clergy and churches are reminded to  stay alert for scammers  using masked emails to impersonate the Bishop, a local priest, or church employee to request an urgent favor or to change direct deposit information.

Click here to read a blog from the Federal Trade Commission regarding this.
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Twelve Step Recovery
AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meets at 7:00 p.m. on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings in the Youth House on Crockett Street.
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