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JUNE 25,2020
He who rescued us from so deadly a peril will continue to rescue us; on him we have set our hope that he will rescue us again,

2 Corinthians 1:10
Sunday Schedule

June 28, 2020

10:30 a.m. Modified Morning Prayer, Rite II

Click on the link above  to join us Sunday for our live stream worship service at 10:30 am.  You will receive a copy of the bulletin via email or you can find the link to download a pdf version on our website under Sermons which is under the worship tab.
Ministers in the Lord's Service
Fr. Robert Certain

Lay Readers-
Mark Keddal

Leo Garcia-Choir Director/Cantor
Wendi Gustafson- Music Director/Organ

Aaryn Perry
Gil Merkle
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Altar Flowers are back! If you would like to donate altar flowers on any given Sunday please contact the church office. (830-372-4330)
When all this started 3 months ago, we were hoping that the advent of hot weather would result in a slowdown in infections and give us the summer months to recover. As we all know, that did not happen. Since Memorial Day we have experienced even more infections of this silent enemy. I have a friend who is an Admiral with the Public Health Service. She tells me that “Covid-19 is a very lethal virus. All of my friends still working in clinical medicine are very clear in their opinions that these patients are really ill and take comprehensive care for any survival chance.  

“For at-risk individuals and those of increasing age, there really is no surefire way to protect yourself except to wear an N-95 mask and avoid other people. Other masks, even those with charcoal filters, do not filter viruses and only catch most of the secretions/aerosols of the wearer from launching out at others. They do not filter incoming viruses completely from secretions from someone without a mask.  The virus is droplet transmission, like TB, and hangs in the airspace for 3-6 hours. Handwashing and not touching your face is fine and works well, but being in a large group of people for a longer period increases the risk of a breach in that defense. Taking the masks on and off also risks contamination of your hands by touching or not storing the mask in a safe manner.”

I am very confident in her assessment, and in Bishop Reed’s guidance about in-person worship. With the increasing numbers of infections in Seguin and throughout Guadalupe County, we would be putting our families, friends, and fellow worshipers at risk if we opened our doors at this time. This saddens me; but I shall continue to work with the parish team to provide meaningful worship via live-stream and recorded services. When a new settled rector arrives, then other decisions may be possible.
The Diocese of West Texas Guidelines Amended
These guidelines are intended to assist each church plan and facilitate its reopening, so that once the way is clear, congregations may begin to return to the worship life they so deeply long for, in the safest way possible and mindful that risk remains. Click here to read the letter from the bishop about this and click here to read the Guidelines. The key guideline remains a 14-day decline in new or active cases.

On June 19, Bishop Reed announced the following two  limited  amendments:

  1. Beginning July 1, Vestries and Bishop’s Committees may resume in-person meetings, following all protocols for gatherings outlined in the Guidelines for Reopening. Whenever possible, provision is to be made for members to participate remotely.
  2. Beginning July 1, AA and other 12-step groups; other support groups; and ministries related to social services such as mental health and feeding the hungry, may return to church facilities, with the permission of the Rector/Vicar and Vestry/Bishop’s Committee. Because of the critical need for these groups, clergy and lay leadership may choose to give them access to church facilities, even if the church has not yet begun in-person worship. All in-person meetings or gatherings at the church should follow protocols outlined in the Guidelines for Reopening.

These amendments are made with the expectation that diocesan and local guidelines will continue to be communicated and followed. Physical distancing, use of masks, careful sanitizing of spaces, and common-sense hygiene remain key to reducing risks of gatherings.

Liz McCown - June 30
Colin Spencer-Dibble - July 1
Sally Keddal - July 2


Mark & Brenda Montague - June 29

If you have a birthday or anniversary next week and it's not listed, please call the Parish Office and leave a message for Charlene to add it to the list.
 If you or another member of the parish are sick or in the hospital and would like a contact from Pastoral Care, please notify the Parish Office. We don't want anyone to get missed! Contacting the office will ensure that Pastoral Care is notified.

If you would like to add a name, etc., to the prayer list, send an email to . If you have a pastoral situation that needs attention, please contact the parish office. 

If a member of your family is in the armed forces , please send their name to Charlene via email at   or by phone (830-372-4330) so they can be included in the Prayers of the People each Sunday.
The Rt. Rev. David M. Reed released a  Statement on George Floyd  and Racial Violence on June 4th,  stating, "To face the racism that infects us like a pandemic is not about hating one another or bashing our beloved country. The conversations, debates, new policies, and reformed laws needed by our country and our society are about striving for those high ideals, are about seeking to do better."
Bible Studies and Prayer Groups
The Christian Formation Committee of the Diocese of West Texas offers a seven-session Staycation Bible School inspired by "The Very Best Day: The Way of Love for Children," a children's book written and illustrated by Roger Hutchinson. The 2020 Staycation Bible School is a curriculum designed for families to connect with God at home over the summer. Click here for more information.
The West Texas Adult Christian Formation website  will offer "God's People Speak to God," an 8-session Psalms study with questions for personal or group reflection. We invite you to use this study however seems best to you.  Click here  to learn more and subscribe to receive new reflections by email. Contact Marjorie George at , for more information.
Weekly Centering Prayer with St. Mary's Sewanee: The Ayres Center
Join St. Mary's Sewanee: The Ayres Center for an online Centering Prayer group on Tuesdays, at 3:30 p.m. CT. This Zoom-based opportunity is for new and experienced practitioners alike to share time together, both in quiet conversation and in silence. For log-in information and other details, contact .
"Embracing Evangelism" is a six part, free digital course  that explores Christians' call to seek, name, and celebrate Jesus’ loving presence in the stories of all people – and then invite everyone to more. Each session features teachings on Episcopal evangelism. Made possible through a partnership between The Episcopal Church and Virginia Theological Seminary, the series consists of of six video sessions each under 45 minutes, and discussion resources.  Click here  to read more.
Love God, Love Neighbor:  Episcopal Month of Action
Episcopal Migration Ministries  and The Episcopal Church Office of Government Relations presents  Love God, Love Neighbor,  a webinar series to help attendees learn and advocate with and on behalf of immigrants, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, refugees, and asylum seekers. As part of an Episcopal Month of Action, webinars will take place on June 16, and 23 at 2:30 p.m. CST. Registration is required for these free webinars. Click here  to register.
Program Updates from Camps & Conferences, Vital UM, World Missions, and More. After months of difficult conversations, fervent prayers, and carefully considering safety standards from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the State of Texas, Kendall County, and the American Camp Association, Camp Capers has canceled Intermediate Camp B and Primary Camp B sessions in 2020. Senior High B and Junior High B sessions will still be offered at 50% capacity. Wondering what else is going on with diocesan-wide ministries and programs? Read updates from diocesan ministries, including Camps & Conferences' Summer 2020 changes, VITAL University Missions, World Missions, Episcopal Schools, and more at this link.
Click here for more information.
South Texas Pregnancy Care Center (STPCC) is experiencing a critical need for new volunteers.   STPCC has been serving the community of Seguin and surrounding counties since 2001. They are an affiliate of Heartbeat International, a life-affirming evangelistic ministry dedicated to educating and encouraging people to choose life, to make positive sexual choices, and to bring healing to those affected by abortion.​ STPCC is one of the nonprofit organizations that is part of our Outreach program. Please prayerfully consider becoming a volunteer. For more information or to sign up to volunteer please call the STPCC office at 830-303-2151 .
Good Samaritan Community Services School Supply Drive: July 20 - 24
Get involved and help Good Sam equip children to be successful learners, no matter what the 2020-2021 academic year has in store for them. Purchase requested items online or hand-deliver donations to 1600 Saltillo Street, from July 20 - 24, 2020. Click here  for the supplies list and flyer. Contact Rebecca Earle with questions, at .
Be a Souper Hero! 
The Christian Cupboard is in great need. Please consider donating some food. Volunteers will receive donations at the side door of the center located at 516 N. Camp St. on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings from 9:00 am to 11:30 am. Thank you for your help!
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Twelve Step Recovery

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meets at 7:00 p.m. on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings in the Youth House on Crockett Street.
You are reminded to  stay alert for scammers  using masked emails to impersonate the Bishop, a local priest, or church employee to request an urgent favor or to change direct deposit information.

Click here to read a blog from the Federal Trade Commission regarding this.
St. Andrew's dares to embrace its Episcopal Heritage by living out the Great Commission of Christ through the intimacy of community, discipleship, and service.

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