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We are a Christ-centered community,
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Worshipping, Loving, Welcoming, Including, Supporting
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Please send prayer requests to Erin . I will publish them in the service prayers of the people, and here.
Thanksgivings and prayers for this coming week:

Birthdays: Elizabeth Johnson, Pat Addison, Libby Huss, Louisa Achelpohl, Helen Stewart, Kim Hawekotte, Herbert Hartman Jr., Lily O'Shea

Anniversaries: Aaron and Amy Sanderford, Jarrod and Amanda Olson, Bill and Sarah Black, Dan and Cindy Dornbush, Scott and Janice Nelson, Tim and Jen Pierce

Prayers: Peggy, Terry Macholan and Sharon Kryger, Jeanette, Pam, Rinda, David Rickard, Wendy Hanny & her son Kenner, Betty Hill, Bob, Scott

Long Term Prayer List: John Mabry, Joe Engle, Diane Taylor, Clarine Black

Send prayer requests to Erin Rhian:
Father John will be out of town this weekend and attending a continuing education class during the week. He will be back on Sunday August 9th. Father Bob and Mother LaClaire will be in the office for any pastoral needs.
This Sunday's complete service can be found here.

To view our service online go to this link and look for the word video on the left hand side. A reminder that you do not need a Facebook account to view the service. Also, the service is recorded, as are all of our services, and can be viewed at any time. We do hope you will join us for the live service that starts every Sunday at 10:30 am.
The bishop recently amended his guidelines for worship. Outdoor worship is now allowed. Our reopening planning committee will meet on August 9th to discuss the possibilities for outdoor worship. Look for a pastoral letter in the mail this next week for more information.
Just for fun! This video has been making the rounds on social media. Enjoy! "You'll be back" - a parody of a song from the Hamilton musical.

Each Sunday from 9 AM to 10AM we host a virtual coffee hour. This is a chance to reconnect with people at St. Andrew's. There is no particular agenda, other than to reconnect and see one another. Here is the information you need:

Consider joining even if you never have before. It's a good way to connect with our church members for an informal conversation.

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You can find a copy of our Church Directory here. We encourage you to reach out to your fellow parish members and keep in touch.
The past four years, I have been the assistant beekeeper for Lauren. Under the tutelage of an Omaha Bee Club mentor as well as her own studies, she has learned the ins and outs of raising honeybees. I am impressed how Lauren can methodically navigate the hive, checking the health of the bees and queen, and assessing the presence of parasites. While I am fascinated with the complexity of the thousands of bees in the hive, the different roles that individuals take on, and the elegant simplicity of the honeycomb, I admit that I eagerly await the payoff of tasting honey right off the frame.

When Lauren gives me permission, or when I “accidentally” punch my finger through the waxy cap of the honeycomb, a drizzle of honey, about the mass of a paperclip, travels on my finger to my tongue for the sweet sensation and delight of honey. That taste of honey, less than a gram, equals the entire amount of honey that a single bee will produce in its lifetime.

When Jesus fed a crowd of five thousand with just five loaves of bread and two fish, it wasn’t necessarily a miracle, but a way to understand our role in the community where one individual may seem insignificant. The story of the loaves and fishes exemplifies the power of each individual to contribute what they can and take what they need. When the thought of wearing a mask in public may seem uncomfortable, when a few minutes seems too much work to deliver our discards to the Tip Top Thrift Shop or ReStore, or when we feel awkward to phone or write an acquaintance who is isolated, Lord, provide me with the understanding and humility to share my gifts with the community without drawing attention to myself.
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