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St. Andrew's Vision Statement
We are a Christ-centered community,
joyfully making a difference by….
Worshipping, Loving, Welcoming, Including, Supporting
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Please send prayer requests to Erin. I will publish them in the service prayers of the people, and here.
This year's stewardship campaign is challenging to say the least. Nonetheless, our theme for this year is "Faith Filled Generosity". Even in the midst of trying times, when our world has been turned upside down, we can still be thankful for all that God has done for us. Starting this week, you will receive a letter from the rector, followed by a letter from the senior warden the following week. Plans are in the works for virtual and (hopefully) in person meetings on our plans for 2021. All letters will also be published in this electronic newsletter as they are produced. You can read the first one by clicking here.
You can check the website clergy consult for Covid rates here. Be sure to uncheck Lancaster County and check Douglas, Sarpy and Washington Counties.

A note from Bishop Barker:

“As you know, we have recently amended our protocols regarding Sunday indoor public worship in the Diocese of Nebraska. The key change to our guidelines is a safety marker tied to, “New COVID-19 Cases per 100,000” in the county (or counties) from which a given parish draws worshippers. In consultation with local medical experts, we’ve established that a rolling seven day average of less than twenty such cases indicates that community spread is at a level where careful, distanced and masked gatherings can be permitted. For most of the summer in most Nebraska counties, this new number would have permitted in-person worship. However, because of the recent spike in cases across the state, most counties do not fall in the safe range right now. I am grateful for your continued desire to worship together and for your patience as we have found our way together. I encourage you to wear your masks and social distance so that we can all get back to church soon!”
Please read this article from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. It provides scientific news and is up to date. Here are the key points:

We can’t emphasize this enough: COVID-19 ISN’T a political or ideological issue. Our advice is the same regardless of political leadership at any level:
  • Wear a face covering in public
  • Avoid large gatherings and close contact indoors
  • Maintain at least 6 feet of distance from others in public
  • Practice good hand hygiene
  • Stay home and call your doctor if you are ill
  • Quarantine at home if you have close contact with someone with COVID-19
  • Cooperate with public health in tracking exposures and illness
Thanksgivings and prayers for this coming week:

Birthdays: Beth Summers, Joe McHugh, Daja Matthews, Don Miller, Genevieve Rider, Adrian Rider

Anniversaries: Samuel Sowl and Ryan Lorence, Raymond and Jan Buhr, Dan and Dana Coonce

Prayers: Terry Macholan and Sharon Kryger, Ruth, Kenner Zaloudek, Ray Buhr, Michael Wilson, Lucy Fowler, Jim Hutchison, Betty White, Albert, Richard Moreford, Douglas, Corrine, Alyxandra, Erin Rhian

Long Term Prayer List: John Mabry, Joe Engle, Diane Taylor, Clarine Black, Cassie Sheik, Lauren White

Send prayer requests to Erin Rhian:
This Sunday's 10:30 am online only complete service can be found here. Information regarding our in person outside 9:00 am service can be found further below in this newsletter.

To view our service online go to this link and look for the word video on the left hand side. A reminder that you do not need a Facebook account to view the service. Also, the service is recorded, as are all of our services, and can be viewed at any time. We do hope you will join us for the live service that starts every Sunday at 10:30 am.
A note from Fr. John. Many of you may not know Alisha. She is working on a masters degree and this is a project she is working on. I hope you will seriously consider being part of this group. Please contact her directly. Alisha has been attending St. Andrew's for a while, she is a fine young adult and I commend her and this group to you.

2020 Processing Group
Many of us have found ourselves in new and difficult situations throughout 2020. Between the pandemic, confronting racism, school changes and more emotions are high and losses have happened. This four-week group is a space to process all of these changes and feelings that come with them.
When: Saturdays from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm
starting October 31 – November 21, 2020
Where: St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
How: To sign up or get more information, please email Alisha Lohman to sign up at
Requirements: Want to process through the happenings of 2020
Able to attend all four sessions
Willing to sign an informed consent form
The group will be capped off at 10 participants. 
The annual St. Andrew's Arts and Crafts Faire has gone VIRTUAL! 
We are doing all sales online starting Friday, November 6th, at 9am and running through Sunday, November 8th, at 8pm. We don't have our outside vendors this year, but our St. Andrew's artisans have been working hard to make sure there are still plenty of fun items available to either treat yourself or give as holiday gifts. We are featuring glass fused items, quilted items, handmade cards, woodcrafts, jewelry, painted items, knit, crochet and needlework items, and much more! Please use the following link to shop: .  Please tell your friends and family as all proceeds will benefit St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Women (ECW) programs, ECW Outreach to ministries that focus on women and children and Magdalene House Omaha for victims of trafficking.  Click here for a flyer that you can share with your friends!
Michael Bauer Faith and Art Thursday Evening Class

From Oct. 1 through Nov. 11, Michael Bauer is teaching a class on Thursday evenings from 8:00-9:00 p.m. This class will be held both in person in the undercroft and virtually on zoom. Everyone who is interested in attending on zoom needs to send their name and email address to Michael Bauer at The topic of the class is:

Faith and Art: A Creative Exploration
This course will introduce a wide range of creative and artistic enterprises that have been part of the Christian experience throughout the history of the church. We will look at church architecture, visual art, the literary arts, music, theatre, dance, and film. The class will engage the participants in thinking about the nature and meaning of beauty and help them grow in their appreciation of the rich variety of different ways in which God's gift of creativity has been expressed by Christians from different eras and traditions.
Check out our website to find a second song for our kids, "Praises to the Father."  The easiest way to get there is to type in or click the following link:  Then click on the correct picture.

We will be updating this page periodically. This is a safe link for your families!!! Have fun!

We sent out our first Youth Ministries Electronic Newsletter Last Week. If you did not receive this and want to be added to the list, please contact Sarah Black at
Youth Emergency Services (YES) October Clothing Collection
Due to Covid-19 this year's warm winter clothing collection is limited to new items only that are either in packages or tagged.
Needed is both male & female underwear, sweaters, sweatshirts, coats & other warm apparel.
These items may be placed in the black bins in the hallway by the office which leads into Haviland Hall. There will also be one downstairs.
Office hours for entrance to the church are Mon-Thurs 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
A bin will also be present at the outdoor 9:00 service.
The deadline for bringing in items is October 29th.
Thank you for helping our homeless youth in the Omaha area.
Prayer Shawl Reminder
The prayer shawl group continues to knit & crochet prayer shawls. They are available for anyone to take to give to someone who is suffering from illness, injury, surgery, grief, loneliness or any other type of stress who may benefit from the comfort a shawl provides. These are intended for anyone in need, not just St. Andrew’s members.
The shawls are located on a book case in the conference room which is opposite the 1st floor restrooms. There are gift bags & cards on the top shelf. It is not necessary to ask if you may take a shawl, just feel free to select one. These shawls have been made with love & prayers and are blessed by the clergy.
The Prayer Shawl group also welcomes new members. Help is even available to learn how to knit or crochet. Donations for supplies are also greatly appreciated.
The Prayer Shawl group meets for an hour at 7:00 the first Thursday of every month (Currently via Zoom). If you wish information please contact Margaret Schaefer at
Thanksgiving food outreach- Can you believe it is already that time of year again? St. Andrew’s is planning to donate Thanksgiving dinner boxes for families in need at Hillside Elementary. With so many more families in need this year, we hope to make many happy families on Thanksgiving. We are open to receiving individual items or a complete meal in a bag…whatever makes it easiest for you to donate.   Please help us fill the boxes with canned vegetables, fruits, cranberry sauce, boxed potato mixes, stuffing mixes, gravy jars or packets, and boxes of brownie or cake mixes. Before delivery, we will add a $20 HyVee gift certificate to each box so the families can buy a meat or entree of their choice. You can place your donations in the labeled grocery cart in Engle Hall. We can also use computer paper sized boxes to pack the items. Thank you for your generosity in supporting this outreach project! Questions?  Sue Woodson, 314-324-2081
The Wednesday morning 9:30 am Eucharist service is occurring and has moved indoors into the parish hall (undercroft) The same guidelines as listed below still apply to this service.

As the weather gets colder, please be sure to check out any cancelations on Facebook, the church website and email. We will post any updates by 8 AM on Sunday mornings. If there is no update, that means the service will take place.

Our outdoor services continue each Sunday at 9 am. These services have been well attended and there is plenty of room to spread out. Please join us! These services will continue outdoors each week. Our online virtual service will continue at 10:30 am each Sunday for those who can't come in person.

A reminder of our few simple asks as you attend to keep everyone safe.

We maintain a physical distance of at least six feet between persons. Family units can stay together.

Masks must be worn throughout the service, except when receiving communion.

We will remain in our places during the peace. Wave, smile, bow, but for now, we’ll hold off on handshakes and hugs.

Hand sanitizer is available. Please consider using some before and after the service.

If the weather looks “iffy”, we will post cancellations on our website and social media. Please use your best judgement when in doubt concerning the weather.

Fr. John+

We will not print bulletins for this service. It will be simple enough that you can participate without one, but if you would like to follow along on your phone or tablet, the service can be found here.
Please be aware of an email scam that purports to be from the bishop. Part of it goes like this:

"So I will like you to help me purchase this cards at the nearest store around you on my behalf, cause I can’t get them myself because of my busy schedule. 

I will pay you back later today in cash or check immediately I’m back to my office including your gas fee and any extra charges attached. I’m sorry for the inconvenience." (THIS IS FAKE!)

The Bishop will never ever ask you to do anything like this. Neither will Fr. Bob or Fr. John.

Please pay attention to the email address. Bishop Barker's official email address is
Have you been unable to attend our in person outside services, but would like to receive Communion? If you are able to have visitors at your home, please contact the office about receiving Communion at home. 402-391-1950.
After sending the most recent mailings, we realized that we had quite a few addresses that needed updating. You can find a copy of our newer Church Directory here. We encourage you to reach out to your fellow parish members and keep in touch.
In theory, the stickers we wear, the signs in our front yards, the marks we make on the ballot are to help us to select leaders to represent us. But mailings with unflattering faces, out-of-context quotes, and daily phone calls to “survey about important issues” often pose the choice of candidates about who is “least worse.”
In this Sunday’s gospel, Jesus provides a response that seems to be a non-answer, something similar to what we might hear a candidate say to avoid the question posed by a debate moderator: ‘Give therefore to the emperor the things that are the emperor’s, and to God the things that are God’s.’”
But as I have thought about this passage in the context of our current events, perhaps Jesus demonstrated true leadership with his response. There are things that are things: coins, cars, mansions and fancy clothes. And there are things that are reflections of God: compassion, love, and charity toward others.
“The world doesn’t belong to leaders. The world belongs to all humanity.”—14th Dalai Lama
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