St. Ann's Episcopal Church

Upcoming Special Events 
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Sunday, November 4th
Family All Saints' Formation
What is a saint? Who are some of the famous saints? 
People of all ages are invited to gather for learn ing, crafts . . . and fun!
When & Where
    Sunday    November 4th    9:00 a.m.  
Parish Hall     St. Ann's    503 W. Jackson St.

Sunday, November 11th
Active Listening 101
What does it mean to listen well? 
Join Rev. Tommy Rogers, chaplain at Rush Hospital, as he teaches us about active listening. 

When & Where
    Sunday       November 11th       11:30 a.m.     
Parish Hall         St. Ann's      503 W. Jackson St.
AND . . . remember 

Feast of All Saints at St. Ann's
10 a.m. service
Sunday, November 4th 
We will remember those who have died and who now live with God as part of the communion of saints.

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Sunday, November 4th
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