St. Ann's Episcopal Church
Friday - July 26th
7 p.m.
Celebrate Our
New Ministry
The Rev. Jeffrey D. Lee, Bishop of Chicago, will preside & preach at the institution of Fr. Scott as Rector. This will be Bishop Lee's last visit to us before he retires.  Holy Eucharist at 7 p.m. & festive reception to follow.
Join us!
Thanks . . .
A heartfelt thank you to ALL who devoted time & energy last Sunday to our garden & yard work. Together you make St. Ann's blossom & bring beauty to our community.
From the Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church . . .
Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry [click here to view full video]  has released a new video statement about immigration. "Some of our neighbors are at the border and some of our neighbors are those who have immigrated to this country and are living right in our neighborhood or in our city or in our community, or our state," he says. "To show compassion to them is to obey Jesus. Go and do likewise."