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News and Notes for St. Anne
The Sunday of the Last Judgment

The gospel reading for this Sunday recounts Jesus' parable of the Sheep and the Goats, which gives insight into the nature of the Last Judgment. In consequence, the Sunday itself has come to be known as the "Sunday of the Last Judgment."

It offers us a reminder of the seriousness of our actions, that everything we do to others is, in fact, done to Christ Himself. This thought encourages us as we prepare to begin the journey of the Lenten Fast to remember that generosity and kindness to others has the greatest value of all. Love is greater than fasting.
Service Schedule
Wednesday- February 27
Daily Vespers 6:30 pm
Orthodox Study Group Following

Saturday - March 2 Memorial Saturday
Divine Liturgy 9 am
Great Vespers 5 pm
Confession following

Sunday - March 3
Divine Liturgy 9:30 am

Great Lent
Four times a year, the Orthodox prepare for a great feast with a period of extended prayer, fasting and abstinence. The longest and most significant of these periods is the fast preceding Pascha (Easter). This year, the fast begins on March 11. There are numerous services added to the Church calendar to give added opportunities for prayer and the strengthening of grace.

Pascha (Christ's suffering, death and resurrection) is the utter heart of the Christian faith. All that we do in the Christian life flows from that single event. The fast of Great Lent helps us to concentrate our attention and unite ourselves to the work of Christ.

Look aheard towards the season. Give thought to your private and family discipline as it approaches. There is no one single practice that fits everyone. Monastics in the Church, for example, have a very rigorous set of practices, fitting for their vocation. Those with children will need to think how their family can keep a moderated fast. If you have questions, discuss them with Fr. Stephen or Fr. Daniel.
Keeping the Lenten Fast

This pdf file offers some guidance for fasting in accordance with the Orthodox tradition. Different circumstances require different approaches.

 Coffee Hour Plan for This Sunday

Our new plan for managing Coffee Hour continues this week. With this as week 1, those with last names A-D will be responsible for bringing food and cleaning up afterwards. Many thanks to all who have made this new plan such a success!
This Saturday!

St. Anne Parents of 2-Year-Olds and Younger

Kera Trant would like to invite everyone with children age 2-years-old and under to her home in West Hills for a St. Anne’s parent gathering Saturday March 2nd, from 9-11 am. Mat. Chelsea will offer a short devotional at the beginning and we can chat and kiddos can play! The front door will be unlocked so just come inside (don't ring the doorbell just in case a baby fell asleep). Feel free to come and go as you please.

Also, allergy note- Kera does have a dog but he will be put up.

Let her know if you have any questions or suggestions. She hopes to see you all in the coming weeks!

Kera Trant
7016 Gainesborough Drive
Knoxville, TN 37909
Dance with the Myrrhbearers

A ll children of St. Anne—join us this Sunday, March 3, to dance some lively folk dances for Mrs. Victoria Morin and her fellow residents at her senior living center!

You can join us even if this is your first time to dance with us!

The dances are easy to learn. Come to the practice at 12:15 in the Narthex. (Parents, please gather your children.) Families will then drive to Greenfield Senior Living Center, 360 Laboratory Road, Oak Ridge, about a mile from the church. We are scheduled to dance at 1:00 in the Activity Room. We should finish by 1:30. 
If you have questions, ask Mary Dale or Lynne Attaway
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