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News and Notes for St. Anne
Service Schedule
Wednesday- February 13
Daily Vespers 6:30 pm
Orthodox Study Group following

Saturday - February 16
Great Vespers 5 pm
Confession following

Sunday - February 17
Divine Liturgy 9:30 am

Special Coffee Hour Plan This Week
International Pot Luck

 This Sunday , after Coffee Hour, we will be having our Annual Parish Meeting to take care of the necessary business matters for the upcoming year. We're doing a special coffee hour for the day. Bring your favorite "international" dish: Mexican, Romanian, Greek, Russian, Appalachian, Moldovan - take your pick!

After a good meal, we can relax and take care of business - approving the 2019 budget and electing new members to parish council.
Date for Annual Parish Meeting Set

Fr. Stephen has set this Sunday, February 17 , as the date for our Annual Parish Meeting. We will hear reports from the parish and approve a budget for 2019. We will also elect members to the Parish Council.

The Annual Meeting is a requirement in the OCA Statutes and provides for the healthy governance of the parish. Everyone's participation is important.
St. Anne Parents of 2-Year-Olds and Younger

Kera Trant would like to invite everyone with children age 2-years-old and under to her home in West Hills for a St. Anne’s parent gathering Saturday March 2nd, from 9-11 am. Mat. Chelsea will offer a short devotional at the beginning and we can chat and kiddos can play! The front door will be unlocked so just come inside (don't ring the doorbell just in case a baby fell asleep). Feel free to come and go as you please.

Also, allergy note- Kera does have a dog but he will be put up.

Let her know if you have any questions or suggestions. She hopes to see you all in the coming weeks!

Kera Trant
7016 Gainesborough Drive
Knoxville, TN 37909
Dance with the Myrrhbearers

The Myrrhbearers invite all St. Anne children to join them for a visit to Mrs. Victoria Morin, wife of recently fallen asleep John Morin, on Sunday , March 3 at 1:00 pm.
We will do some of the dances we have been learning. New dancers are welcome, and they can easily join in! It will be more like a village dance, dancing for the joy of shared movement, instead of a formal performance. Children can wear whatever they wear to church.

Mrs. Morin lives at Greenfield Senior Living Center, 360 Laboratory Road, Oak Ridge, about 1 mile from the church.

We will learn and review the dances on Sunday, February 24, and Sunday, March 3, right after Sunday School and snack. Then on March 3, the families of the dancers will drive the children to the Senior Living Center for the visit and the dancing. We are scheduled for 1:00.
If you have questions, please contact Mary Dale or Lynne Attaway .
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