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News and Notes for St. Anne
Service Schedule
Wednesday- August 28
Great Vespers - 6:30 pm
Orthodox Study Group Following

Thursday - August 29
Feast of the Beheading of John the Baptist
Divine Liturgy - 8:00 AM

Saturday - August 31
Great Vespers - 5 pm
Confession Following

Sunday - September 1
Divine Liturgy 9:30 am
Beginning of the new ecclesiastical year!

The Beheading of the Holy Glorious Prophet, Forerunner,
and Baptist John
 This Thursday (29th) we remember the martyric end of St. John the Baptist with Vespers on Wednesday evening and the Divine Liturgy at 8 AM on Thursday morning. 

Please read this homily from St. Justin Popovich to help prepare you for this feast!

The Beheading of St John the Baptist, a Feast day established by the Church, is also a strict fast day because of the grief of Christians at the violent death of the saint.

In some Orthodox cultures pious people will not eat food from a flat plate, use a knife, or eat food that is round in shape on this day. Consider preparing meals that reflect these practices as a way to help direct meal conversations towards the Kingdom!
The Ecclesiastical New Year

This Sunday, September 1, is the Ecclesiastical New Year. The celebration of the new year being in September has its roots in the Old Testament and in the late Roman Empire.

To read more on this please visit this link .
Baptism this Sunday!

Please join us this Sunday morning, September 1 at 8:30 AM
to baptize Ian, the newborn son of Dan and Jerusa Davis!
Sunday School Launch

On Sunday, September 8 we begin Sunday School. Look ahead and make plans for your child(ren) to participate in this vital part of our parish life. There is nothing that will give them as much spiritual foundation in a supportive setting.
Women's Book Discussion Group

The St. Anne's Women’s Book Discussion Group   will meet on  Sunday, September 8 , from 4-6 pm , at Debra Mattingly's house.

Bring a snack to share if you wish and we will eat and socialize from 4 - 4:30. We will begin the book discussion promptly at 4:30 and end promptly at 6. All are welcome!

The discussion will be on Dr. Albert Rossi’s book,  Becoming a Healing Presence  . Come and join us for discussion (even if you haven’t read the book!)

In order to become a healing presence for others, we must first be healed ourselves—through an active relationship with the great Healer, Christ. Drawing on the teachings of the Fathers and saints of the Church, Dr. Rossi gently points the way toward deepening our love for God and for each other so that others may experience Christ through us.”
Moms of Saint Anne's Meet Up

Moms of Saint Anne (and soon to be or hope to be moms), please join us for a time of fellowship and discussion. We will be getting together to grow in our Orthodox Faith, and enjoy the company of other moms. Children are welcome to attend and play as well.

For our first meeting we will be talking about the book, The Ascetic Lives of Mother’s by Annalisa Boyd. We will have some discussion points to guide us, and you do not need to have read the book before joining us!

We will meet on Saturday, September 21st at 11am at Matushka Chelsea's house. Please RSVP to  ashlindmbray@gmail.com  for location details and so we know roughly how many to expect. Hope to see you there!
Gathering of Men

The last gathering of men at Double Dogs was a great success!
So let's do it again!

Sunday, September 8 let's gather at 6:30
at Double Dogs on Hardin Valley Rd.
Building Committee Update

The Building Committee has been hard at work. We have received some initial sketches from our architect Andrew Gould. The Committee was quite pleased with the direction Gould has us pointed towards and have sent on their feedback. We await more detailed plans from Gould in the next few weeks.

At this point there is not a hard and fast timeline for when the Committee will unveil the design or when we will begin to gear up for the necessary fundraising. With this in mind it would not be at all too early to begin serious prayer for this work.

So, please pray for this work! The new temple will not only answer needed physical space for our growing community but will be built to glorify God and edify the faithful for many generations to come. As a way to aide in your prayers for this please consider adding this prayer to your daily prayers!

Coffee Hour Plan

 This is the first week in September. All those   whose last names begin with A-D please plan to bring food and to share in the clean up. If you are not able to attend, please contact someone to fill in for you. Thank you for your generous service!

In anticipation of the upcoming retirement of Fr. Stephen and the transition to Fr. Daniel as rector of St. Anne's, Fr Daniel will be drafting the email announcements and bulletins. So, any future announcements, scheduling, etc. please direct these to Fr Daniel!
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