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News and Notes for St. Anne
Service Schedule
Wednesday- October 2
Vespers - 6:30 pm
Orthodox Study Group - 7:30 pm
Topic: The Divine Liturgy

Saturday - October 5
Great Vespers - 5 pm
Confession Following

Sunday - October 6
Baptism & Chrismation - 8:30 am
Divine Liturgy - 9:30 am
Sunday School &
Class on St. Ignatius following

St. Innocent, Metropolitan of Moscow, Enlightener of the Aleuts, and Apostles to the Americas

This Sunday we commemorate the glorification of St. Innocent of Alaska.
Read about his incredible life here and here .

Enlightening and edifying to read is the work " Indication of the Way into the Kingdom of Heaven" written by St. Innocent.
A Note about Communion and Zapivka
Please Read!
You may have noticed that we have been attempting different ways of directing "communion traffic". We will continue to attempt our current way of lining up in one line and then dividing off to whichever chalice is available. Please be attentive to this change and attentive to approaching whichever chalice is available.

Following communion it is customary within the Orthodox Church to partake of zapivka, the taking of antidoron (bread) and wine. Due to the amount of people receiving communion and our limited space it is becoming apparent that we are beginning to have some traffic flow issues at the two zapivka stations.

In order to possibly alleviate this backing up let me advise that the quickest possible way to partake of zapivka is to simply drink from the cup, take a piece of antidoron and then move on. Dipping your antidoron into the wine can be time consuming and is ultimately unnecessary. There is nothing "wrong" with dipping, but due to our current constraints I would please ask that you refrain from dipping and be conscious of the need to move on through the zapivka line for the sake of others.

Following the zapivka it is also incumbent upon us to return our attention back to God. The reception of Holy Communion is not the end of the Divine Liturgy. It is the climax of the Liturgy. We should return to attention and offer thanks to our great God and Savior. If you must leave the nave, please return in a timely fashion. It is customary for Orthodox Christians to stay in the nave until after the reading of the post-communion prayers, leaving the divine services prematurely is only cutting ourselves off from the prayers and worship of the assembled Saints. While we currently dismiss the Sunday school before the dismissal due to our current space restraints, this is not actually the dismissal. So, please remain in the nave unless necessity dictates otherwise.

So brothers and sisters! Let us stand upright and attend so that we may worthily give thanks unto the Lord!

Fr Daniel

Women's Book Discussion Group
The St. Anne's Women’s Book Discussion Group will meet on  Sunday, October 13 from 4-6 pm , at the Mattingly home.

The discussion will be on the award-winning novel, Laurus, by Eugene Vodolazkin. We plan to spend two meetings on this book. Come and join us for discussion (even if you haven’t read -or finished - the book!)

Bring a snack to share if you wish and we will eat and socialize from 4 - 4:30. We will begin the book discussion promptly at 4:30 and end promptly at 6. All are welcome!

"…Carefully transmuted into English by the able Lisa Hayden, … Arseny’s journey is a rumination on what it means to be human, to be Russian, to spend a lifetime seeking atonement. This is an epic journey novel in all the best traditions. There are countless colorful characters, exciting twists of fate, and profound truths in the protagonist’s words and deeds. And, through it all, there is a distinctly “Russian flavor” – something like The Idiot meets Canterbury Tales meets The Odyssey. Highly recommended.”
— Russian Life Magazine 
Moms of Saint Anne's Meet Up
Moms of Saint Anne (and soon to be or hope to be moms), please join us for a time of fellowship and discussion. We will be getting together to grow in our Orthodox Faith, and enjoy the company of other moms. Children are welcome to attend and play as well.

For our first meeting we will be talking about the book, The Ascetic Lives of Mother’s by Annalisa Boyd. We will have some discussion points to guide us, and you do not need to have read the book before joining us!

We will meet this Saturday at 11am at Matushka Chelsea's house. Please RSVP to  ashlindmbray@gmail.com  for location details and so we know roughly how many to expect. Hope to see you there!

Please bring a dish or something to share!
Ladies evening out!

Please join us for a time of socializing and fellowship with the women of St Anne's! 

Aubrey's Restaurant
9208 Middlebrook Pike, Knoxville, TN 37931
Thursday, October 10th

Please RSVP here at the Facebook event or to chelsea.elizabeth.greeson@gmail.com
Podcast Launches!

Due to the realities of life I know that it can be hard to get to events at St. Anne's. The distance of commuting, work schedules, family demands, after school activities, etc. can make accessing all that St. Anne's offers difficult. The idea behind launching this podcast and the other classes is to help enable those who are unable to be at St. Anne's more than a time or two a week to be more connected.

Thanks to the work of a few folks here at St. Anne's (Raphael Shelton and Jason Rathburn) we are up and running with the new podcast. If you listen to podcasts, please subscribe  here   !
Coffee Hour Plan

 This is the first week in October. All those   whose last names begin with A-D please plan to bring food and to share in the clean up. If you are not able to attend, please contact someone to fill in for you. Thank you for your generous service!


While we have a very robust life here at St. Anne's it is good for us to be connected with the broader Orthodox scene here in our region. From time to time I will be sharing with you all various events you may want to attend!
- Fr. Daniel

Atlanta, GA
October 3rd-6th 2019

The Connect Conference is for Orthodox young adults in their 20s and 30s. Through learning, fellowship, and worship, the goal of the conference is to better connect us to our faith, the Church, and each other. The format of the conference includes keynote addresses to the group, breakout sessions in smaller groups with time for Q&A, worship times including the Divine Liturgy, and plenty of opportunities for fellowship.

The Connect Conference is for young adults, from ages 21 to 39. This age range is often under-served in terms of ministries and events in our churches. While the youth, college students, and senior adults in our churches are ministered to, we Orthodox young adults sometimes go without needed support at a critical time in our lives when careers are being forged, new families are being formed, and the danger of stagnant or declining faith continues to persist. Whether you're in grad school, working, married, or single: if you're a young adult seeking to increase your faith and devotion to Christ, this conference is for you.

Connect 2019 will delve into the "Mystery of Faithfulness" and what that means in the lives of Orthodox Christian young professionals. Paradox is at the heart of some of Christianity's most important teachings - the first shall be last and the last shall be first, in order to save your life you must lose it. What does this mean in the 21st century? How can we act out these ancient, and still relevant, principles in a world that insists we focus on the 'self?'
St. Tikhon's
Patronal Feast

Our sister parish in Chattanooga is celebrating their patronal on Friday and Saturday, October 11th and 12th with Great Vespers on Friday and Divine Liturgy on Saturday. After Divine Liturgy they will continue the Festal celebration with a cook out and picnic at the church finishing the day with an early Vespers service.

If you are able to go and support our brethren, please do so! I, Fr. Daniel, plan to be there.
Fr. Stephen speaking at a past Campout
2019 Annual Orthodox Camping Trip
Hot Springs, North Carolina
October 18-20

Once again there will be an Orthodox group camping at Hot Springs Resort & Spa Campground in Hot Springs, NC on the third FULL weekend in October, beginning on Friday afternoon and ending on Sunday following Divine Liturgy. This is a loosely organized occasion for regional Orthodox campers who like to gather annually for fellowship. There is vespers Friday evening, the Akathist "Glory to God for All Things" on Saturday morning, Great Vespers Saturday evening, and Divine Liturgy on Sunday morning. For more information, there is an official group Facebook page - It is a closed group but you can easily ask to join. You will find photos and info about the campout and related events.

St. Anne's has 3 camp sites reserved for this year's camping trip. They are central, riverside sites.

Site #459 is a Deluxe site that has water and electricity – and can accommodate 2 or 3 tents for those with special needs for electricity (sleep machines). It will also serve as our communal kitchen.

Site #461 is a single site that has space for 2 or 3 smaller tents, but has good trees for hammocks.

Group site #463 can accommodate between 10-12 tents depending on the size of the tents.

Please contact Anna Freeman if you would like to go or have any questions or concerns (865) 323-5620, and indicate if you will be a hammock or tent camper and how many tents you will be wanting to set up on the site. There will also be a sign-up sheet at church.

Ancient African Christianity Conference
November 8-10th, 2019
Atlanta, GA

The Brotherhood of St Moses will be having their annual Ancient African Christianity Conference this November in Atlanta, GA. The Mission of the Brotherhood is to equip Orthodox Christians for the ministry of Racial Reconciliation, and to share the Orthodox Christian faith with African Americans and people of color. The theme of this year's conference is “Cloud of Many Witnesses: Honoring Our Ancestors”.

The conference fee is $100, payable at the conference by check, cash, or card. This registration fee includes five meals through the weekend: Friday dinner, all meals Saturday, and Sunday lunch.

Limited scholarships are available. For more information, please visit their website: Brotherhood of St Moses
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