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News and Notes for St. Anne
Pentecost Sunday - The Day of the Holy Trinity

This coming Sunday marks the end of the cycle that began with Great Lent. The weeks of Lent served to prepare us for the Feast of Pascha. But Pascha itself served to open the world to the Feast of Pentecost.

On that day, 50 days after Pascha ("Pentecost" means "50"), we read in the Book of Acts how the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples and the entire fledgling Church in Jerusalem. It gave them power and understanding to preach the news of what Christ's death and resurrection means for the whole creation. That day, several thousand believers were added to the Church.

The feast is also known as the "Day of the Holy Trinity," in that it was an occasion in which the fullness of the three divine persons is made known in the life of the Church. Christ promised that the Father would send a "Comforter" (the Holy Spirit) who would both make God known, but also dwell in the lives of all believers.

The Holy Trinity is beyond our understanding, but Pentecost pulls back the veil and allows us to glimpse the truth in a fuller manner.

In the Church, the day is marked by the "Kneeling Vespers" of Pentecost. It is the first time we kneel in Church for prayers following Pascha (hence the nickname). That service has within it petitions for the whole world and all of humanity, both the living and the departed. It is, without a doubt, the boldest expression of the goodness of God and our trust in that goodness.

On the day before (Saturday morning), there is the last of the "Soul Saturdays" in which prayers for the departed are offered.
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Service Schedule
Wednesday- June 12
Vespers - 6:30 pm
Orthodox Study Group Following

Saturday - June 15
Liturgy for the Departed - 9:00 am
Great Vespers - 5 pm
Confession Following

Sunday - June 16
Pentecost Sunday - The Sunday of the Holy Trinity
Divine Liturgy 9:30 am
Kneeling Vespers of Pentecost 12 Noon

Baby Shower

Please join us for a Baby Shower honoring Mary Jerusa Davis and baby Joseph Ian Arthur Davis. 

Saturday, June 22nd. 11am. St. Anne's Orthodox Church

Please RSVP by June 18th to  annafreeman0715@gmail.com  or 865-323-5620

Jerusa is registered at Target.

Also, please consider signing up to bring a dish !

We look forward to celebrating this joyous occasion with you all! Custom e-mail invite to follow soon!

Mat. Chelsea

 Coffee Hour Plan for This Sunday

Our new plan for managing Coffee Hour continues this week. This is week 3 in June, served by those whose last names begin with L-P. Plan to bring food and to share in the clean up. If you are not able to attend, please contact someone to fill in for you. Thank you for your generous service!

Let us break bread together!
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