Welcome to the month of May, and AHAD MBARAK أحد مبارك , as we used to say in the Middle East “Blessed Sunday.” Now that the full Church of Jesus, Catholic and Orthodox has entered into the Paschal Mystery and the Resurrection. We have made it through another week, sinners that we are, and have come to the First Day again. It is the day God separated the light from the darkness, the Christian day of rest on which our Savior rose in the early dawn, scattering the darkness of death. I often like to be up early to do my morning prayers. I watch the sunrise, because, despite everything, God makes the sun to rise every day.
On this Sunday, the Eighth Day of the Resurrection, we enter the mystery of the New Creation rooted in the Glorious power of God opening Eternal Life for us on the first day of the week, Sunday. Over the last three generations the world, the flesh, and the devil have been progressively stealing our Sundays away from us. Now very little of the Day of Rest remains, and it seems the pandemic has put a deep nail into Sunday’s coffin. We work from home now, seven days a week, and we shop from home, without rest, and we don’t gather together in houses of God, because we are afraid.
Be not afraid. The Risen Christ awaits you in your bright churches. He calls you apart to give rest to your souls. Many souls are trickling back into our parish, although some still keep apart through fear. Overcome the isolation of fear, and rediscover the First Day again, the Eighth Day, the Day of a New Dawn. It presages (foreshadows) the eternal dawn of the life of the world to come! We are witnesses to that, the Risen Lord said so.