"Day of Friendship" brings together three eighth grade classes
On Wednesday, October 10th, St. Augustine opened its doors to another St. A in the family. St. Andrew's eighth grade was invited by our school to take part in a "Day of Friendship," which mixed up all three of the eighth grade homerooms (our two and their one) to work through three unique education stations of tech, art and poetry. Scroll below to see more!
"Day of Friendship"
A day to bring more friendship between our leaders and offer a hand to our family
A few weeks ago when storms raged through Bridgeport and St. Augustine saw itself having a delay the next morning, St. Andrew experienced more than just a delay - they were displaced.

St. Andrew Academy - since early October and until early November - is and will be located in the church and various rooms of St. Raphael Academy as their campus undergoes massive rehab following a flood in their school.
St. Andrew's situation got Mrs. Donnelly thinking of how we could help both our fellow Catholic Academy schools.

"The 'Day of Friendship' came about because we felt really bad for what happened at St. Andrew," said Mrs. Donnelly. "The fact that they were going to be out of their own school for over a month, four classes would be in one church, all the kids were in one area - so we thought we would do something special for the eighth grade."

Mrs. Donnelly wanted to also give them the experience of St. Augustine. And the experience was a success.

"The kids loved all the activities. They were well-behaved. They participated. When they were doing spoken word and watching the video of [a spoken word poet], they were transfigured, they were mesmerized," said Mrs. Donnelly. "I think it really gave them some inspiration."

To watch a wrap-up of the "Day of Friendship," click the picture below for a video!

And to see the work they completed in the tech station, click here !
NEASC visits the Catholic Academy
NEASC - also known as the New England Association of Schools and Colleges - will be visiting our four campuses of the Catholic Academy to finish the final stage of our accreditation process. This accreditation process cycles every ten years to ensure "a school's high quality and integrity" is in check.

The faculty and staff have been working for nearly two years - all in preparation for the visits that will be taking place from this Sunday until Wednesday. The visits will welcome a group of teachers and professionals from other schools and employments to see walk around our schools and see what we are all about!

Overall, this process has been different for our school because we - along with St. Ann, St. Andrew and St. Raphael - are now applying as one Catholic Academy. Together we are excited to show off our great Catholic Academy family!

To learn more about NEASC and its process, watch the video below!
Schedule Reminders
Tuesday, October 24th - there is an EARLY DISMISSAL for students at NOON today because of a teacher professional development meeting.
Tuesday, November 6th - there is NO SCHOOL for students because of ELECTION DAY.

STUDENTS AND PARENTS ARE WELCOME! Every Monday after school, students and parents are welcome to participate in PRAYER WARRIORS. A faith club that meets from 2:30pm - 3pm.
Other Reminders/Notes:
  • Our newest fundraiser with Cherrydale is over! We would like to thank all our families that participated!
  • Please check your child's grades on Plus Portals online at any time! If you do not have access, please call the Main Office for assistance at 203-366-6500 or email our Tech Coordinator, Sara Gardner.
  • Clubs have started; make sure to know when your child's club ends and to pick them up on time!
  • EMERGENCY FORMS: We are missing several student emergency forms; please check with the office to make sure you have turned in your child's form!
Quick snapshots from the week!
Click on the polaroids to see videos!
It's been another great week/s at St. Augustine!

St. Andrew eighth grade joined our eight graders for a friendship day. The day had the eighth graders rotate around three different station. In the photos above you can see what happened at the art station!

Also, new newscast! Woohooo!
Important Dates
  • Sunday, October 14th through Wednesday, October, 17th has NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges) visiting our school to meet our school accreditation requirements.
  • Monday, October 15th clubs: Prayer Warriors, Newspaper, and Chess Club
  • Tuesday, October 16th clubs: Yearbook, Student Council & 6A ELA help
  • Wednesday, October 17th has our current eighth grade visiting campus-mate Kolbe Cathedral!
  • Wednesday, October 17th has no clubs; teacher/faculty meetings happen after school.
  • Thursday, October 18th clubs: Dance, Newspaper and 7th ELA help
  • Friday, October 19th has our eighth grade boys visiting Fairfield Prep!
  • Friday, October 19th clubs: Fit Club & Spanish Club
  • Friday, October 19th will have a Rosary Reading at 1pm in the gym, third floor.
  • Wednesday, October 24th is EARLY DISMISSAL for Teacher Professional Development at St. Ann's.
  • Thursday, October 25th is Picture Day!
  • Friday, October 26th is a $2 pink dress-down day to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research.
  • Wednesday, October 31st is HALLOWEEN! All students can wear a costume that is school-appropriate; eighth graders will come to school dressed in school uniform and then will change after their service visit to the Merton House of Bridgeport.
  • Friday, November 2nd ends QUARTER ONE.
  • Tuesday, November 6th is NO SCHOOL for students because of ELECTION DAY. Teachers will have a full-day Professional Development at Assumption High School.
What are you praying for currently?
Isabella, 6th
"My dog."
Gavin, 6th
"My whole family."
Shomari, 7th
"My friend who is in the hospital."
Ashley, 6th
"My cousin who is in the hospital."
Have families members or friends interested in having their children attend St. Augustine? Contact the office for help with enrollment!
Our Mission
The Catholic Academy of Bridgeport provides a Christ-centered, academically rigorous learning environment, where cultural diversity is welcomed, Catholic versus taught, and all faiths celebrated. Students are nurtured, encouraged, and challenged in preparation for
a successful life of leadership and service.