Last Friday. Students were running, smiling. Working hard long after the final bell of the week. This group of students - from all and every grade - met Mrs. Sandler for Fit Club. A new club to add to our long and awesome list of clubs.

"I started Fit Club because I have a passion for feeling good through exercise," Sandler explains on why to start this club now. For Mrs. Sandler, she sees a "nourishment" not only for the body but for the mind as well.

And now this passion is being seen with the kids in this club.

"The kids get really energized," say Sandler. "They seem to be enjoying it. I see smiles on their faces and I also, through the Fit Club, try to use encouraging words to keep them going even when they feel tired [...] One of my big things in fitness is to motivate kids and adults just to keep moving. Even if you are feeling tired or are out of breath - don't stop. Do something that keeps your heart moving."

Want to see Mrs. Sandler's Fit Club in action? Click the picture below to watch a video!