Every picture you find in this section is happening simultaneously. Students working by the board on the floor. On a couch by the door. A table shuffled by the bathroom. Lockers as direct chair backs. Every student in Mrs. Sandler's class makes a choice during flexible seating time and they respect it. In this specific flexible seating moment, they are writing, discussing and learning about September 11th as pairs, groups and individuals. It's a choice. It's personalized. It's independence.

And it's beyond a chair as the assignments have their own differences as well. "It makes us become more mindful and aware [...] because Mrs. Sandler is giving us the privilege to be outside of classroom," says Nayexi of 6B.

Students are even allowed to listen to music on their cellphones, enhancing focus and "more zen" - as Nayexi puts it - while they work. If they are on their phones too much, they will be taken, but for the most part, they are expected to be responsible and they are.

Want to see Mrs. Sandler's classroom in action? Click the pic below to get a taste!