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Weekly e-Nouncements
God's Giving Garden 
Our Giving Gardens are coming along wonderfully and we are already ahead of last year on our harvest!  Below are St. Bernard's Volunteer Weeks, but please feel free to come and volunteer when you can!

July 30-August 5; August 20-26; 
September 10-16; October 1-7

Cathy Ferrara, email: 

Photos taken recently at the garden by St. Bernard's parishioner and garden volunteer, Cindy McWilliams,  showing lettuces, beans, flowers, and the entrance to the garden.

 Join us for a day 
at the races!!
Sunday, August 26

Join us at Monmouth Park for an afternoon at the races.  After service on Sunday, August 26.
More information to follow.
All are welcome!
Missed Pastor Beth's Sermon?
Pastor Beth's weekly sermons are now available to listen to via audio file.  Just go to and click on the Audio Play button at the top of the page, or next to the relevant date. Previous sermons (from Dec. 6, 2016 onwards) are also available via audio file.
Parking availability this Sunday
This Sunday parking will available in the lower parking lot and in the triangle across the street.

Pastor Beth Vacation and Pastoral Needs
Pastor Beth returns from vacation on July 18. She will then be away from July 30-August 3, and on retreat at Cross Roads from August 20-24.
For pastoral needs and emergencies for July 30-Aug 3 please contact the Rev. Shawn Carty of Community of St. John Baptist, Mendham, Tel: 208-471-0244 or, email:

Summer Parish Office Hours
Due to the construction work and the quieter summer months our Parish Administrator is mainly working from home. She will be present in the office occasionally. Voicemail is being checked regularly. Please bear with us during the next couple of months until we are able to move in to our new Parish House. Thank you.
Pastor Beth's Office Hours
Pastor's Beth is in the office each week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 
Monday is her day off.  On Fridays she works from home.  
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 AA Update:

Alcoholics Anonymous meets  on Tuesday evenings at 8 pm and Saturday evenings at 6 pm in the church, while construction is going on.  

Event Calendar  @ St. Bernard's!
Check the dates of all the upcoming events below and mark them in your calendar!

July 2018

29 10 am Holy Eucharist
9th after Pentecost
Refreshments in the Narthex
31 - Aug 3
Pastor Beth away

August 2018


Pastor Beth away
5 10 am Holy Eucharist
10th after Pentecost
Refreshments in the Narthex
12 10 am Holy Eucharist
11th after Pentecost
Refreshments in the Narthex
19 10 am Holy Eucharist
12th after Pentecost
Refreshments in the Narthex

Pastor Beth on retreat at Cross Roads Camp & Retreat Center
26 10 am Holy Eucharist
9th after Pentecost
Refreshments in the Narthex
InReach outing at Monmouth Races

Upcoming Event

August 26 - Day at Monmouth Races!

Our new Parish House
& The Heritage at Claremont  !

For photos, a fabulous video on the final renderings and information on the parish house and The Heritage at Claremont condominiums 
Like their Facebook page.
Click on link below and like the page!

See photos below on the most recent progress of our new Parish House.  

2nd Floor entrance, stone work commences

Stone work on the front and entrance  of the 
Parish House

St. Bernard's Episcopal Church, Bernardsville