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St. Brendan Catholic School
Academic excellence in a faith-based, safe environment.
Thank you very much for your interest in St. Brendan Catholic School
and for joining us for our Virtual Open House! We welcome you to scroll through this page for more information about a St. Brendan Catholic School education. Our teachers have made videos to give you a glimpse into their classrooms. We hope you enjoy this virtual experience.

If you have any questions about our admissions process or private tours, please contact Christen Lambert, Director of Admissions. We look forward to getting to know you and your family throughout the admissions process!
Who We Are
St. Brendan Catholic School is a faith-based elementary school located on a beautiful campus in a quiet neighborhood in Bothell, WA (a suburb 20 miles northeast of Seattle). St. Brendan School was established 54 years ago with a mission of providing academic excellence and empowering our students to act as disciples of Christ and leaders in service to the Church and community.

St. Brendan School welcomes families of all faiths from as young as three years old through grade eight. We have one class per grade with an overall enrollment of 225 students. Our K-8 curriculum nurtures and engages students in the core subjects of math, reading, language arts and literature, religion, social studies, and science. Additionally, students are further enriched with music, PE, library, art, and opportunities for service and leadership. Our preschool and pre-k programs are fully licensed for children aged 3 years through 5 years.

School Hours:
  • Kindergarten - 8th Grades: 8:20 AM - 3:00 PM; Wednesday dismissal is 2:00 PM
  • Preschool & Pre-K Full-Day: 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM; Wednesday dismissal is 2:00 PM
  • Pre-K Half- Day: 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM, M-F
  • Preschool Part-Time: 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM, T, W, Th
Our Catholic Faith
St. Brendan is a strong Catholic community deeply committed to the spiritual growth of each of its students. We engage students spiritually in ways that are challenging, instructive, and relevant to their lives and their future. Throughout the school year we provide numerous faith-focused activities that promote broad student participation, including our weekly school-wide Mass and our daily school-wide morning and afternoon prayers. In addition, students have the opportunity to get involved in a number of community service projects, altar serving, leading the all-school Mass, and much more.

To foster a spirit of community in worship, students enjoy relationships with buddies in different grades through our buddy family program. For example, our kindergarteners are paired with 8th graders, with whom they enjoy many opportunities to build a relationship throughout the school year through special activities and projects.  During weekly Mass, 8th grade students sit with their kindergarten buddies as a beautiful reminder of their responsibility to be excellent role models for our younger students.
Similarly, students in other grades are paired each year as buddies to share special experiences through religion class, service projects and liturgies, helping strengthen the bonds of our school community beyond individual grade levels.

Second grade students receive the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion and middle school students receive the sacrament of Confirmation. The sacramental preparation is taught by the Pastoral Assistant for Children and Family Ministry and our pastor, Fr. Nicholas Wichert.
Our Teachers and Our Classrooms
Preschool & Pre-K:
St. Brendan Preschool is for 3-4 year olds
St. Brendan Pre-k is for 4-5 year olds

Our youngest learners engage in a play-based curriculum designed to educate the whole child: hearts, minds and spirits. We focus on the social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual development of each individual child. Our curriculum is designed to introduce early learning concepts including pre-writing skills, number awareness and language development in a fun and engaging manner. We feel it is very important to foster enthusiasm in learning as well as instill a feeling of competence that "I can do it!"
  • Provides structured curriculum that includes religion, early childhood literacy, math, science, social studies, music and art
  • Builds pre-kindergarten and kindergarten readiness and promotes student confidence and independence
  • Staffed by professional, certified, experienced Early Childhood teachers and assistants
  • Solid Catholic-centered focus
  • Balance between student free-choice and teacher-directed activity
  • Pre-kindergarten classes include computers, music, art, library and PE
  • Preschool classes include music and PE
  • Integration into the St. Brendan School community through specialist classes, reading buddies, cross-age families and all-school assembles and Masses
Preschool - Part Time Morning Class
For children 3 years old by August 31
Classes held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings when school is in session
8:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Preschool - Full Day Class
For children 3 years old by August 31
Classes held Monday - Friday when school is in session
8:30 AM - 3:00 PM

Before & After School Care is Available
7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Pre-Kindergarten - Morning Class
For children 4 or 5 years old (must be 4 years old by August 31)
Classes held Monday - Friday when school is in session
8:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Pre-Kindergarten - Full Day Class
For children 4 or 5 years old (must be 4 years old by August 31)
Classes held Monday - Friday when school is in session
8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Before & After School Care is Available
7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Preschool & Pre-K Teachers
Miss Deitch
Pre-K, full-day
Mrs. Stevenson
Pre-K, half-day
Miss Hair

St. Brendan's kindergarten provides a positive learning environment where students can be successful. In the class, we work on promoting self-esteem, developing social skills and building positive work habits. This helps build a strong classroom community. The rules we follow in kindergarten support our belief that children need to feel safe and that everyone deserves the opportunity to learn in our classroom. Our classroom rules are: Show respect, make good choices, solve problems. Students follow these rules to maintain a safe, structured, consistent and positive classroom environment.

The kindergarten class provides structured curriculum that includes religion, social/emotional development, reading and literacy, writing, math, science, technology, social studies, music art, library and PE.
Miss McIntosh
1st - 5th Grades
1st Grade
Mrs. Carlton
2nd Grade
Mrs. Weatherbie
3rd Grade
Miss Constantino
4th Grade
Mrs. Minter
5th Grade
Mrs. Compton
Reading Specialist
Mrs. Roughton
Middle School 6th - 8th Grades
St. Brendan School embraces the joys and the challenges of this unique group of students. By cultivating an environment that is challenging, engaging, and collaborative, our young adolescents grow to their full potential academically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Teachers strive to find the passion and gifts of individual students as well as celebrate and foster those gifts. At St. Brendan, every student is known by name, and our teachers work to address student’s individual learning styles and social/emotional needs. Discipline issues are rare because students are engaged, involved, known and appreciated. We offer frequent opportunities for students to have fun with peers in a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

St. Brendan School focuses on the values that so many seek in a quality education: superior academic results, faith formation, the building of character, and a safe, caring community where each child is accepted, respected and never lost in the crowd.

St. Brendan Catholic Middle School Advantage:
  • An inclusive Christian community committed to inspiring moral development and service to others
  • Academic excellence, exceeding state and Archdiocesan standards
  • Daily religion classes and weekly all-school Mass
  • Small class size enables an abundance of individual attention
  • Regular interaction between grade levels promotes social skills, leadership skills, and self esteem
  • Our graduates go on to excel in both public and private area high schools
  • Strong sense of community and school spirit
  • Catholic faith-formation program promotes service, kindness, and compassion
Middle School Science
Mr. Langston
Middle School Math
Mrs. Deehr
Middle School
Social Studies
Mr. Arneson
Middle School ELA
Mrs. Wenzl
Middle School Religion
Miss Hair
In addition to our core academic courses, our students have specialist classes in Music, Art, Library, PE, and Student Organizational Support class (middle school students).
Music Teacher
Miss Sims
Community and Parent Club
St. Brendan believes strongly that parents are partners in the learning process and encourages parents to become involved as volunteers in school to further foster that partnership.

St. Brendan Catholic School has a proud tradition of parent involvement which is strengthened by the St. Brendan School Parent Club. We offer a wide variety of volunteer activities which allow parents to match their interests and their availability. Our participation as volunteers not only enhances our children's educational experiences, but also provides opportunities for parents to build community by getting to know faculty, staff, and other school families. 
St. Brendan Parent Club is a parent-run volunteer organization and welcomes all parents whose children attend St. Brendan Catholic School. In an effort to foster school spirit, support rich traditions and enhance our Catholic identity, the Parent Club organizes volunteers for school-sponsored events that include: School Auction, St. Brendan Craft Fair, Book Fair, Student Store, Christmas Store, Bingo Night, movie nights, Father/Daughter Dance, Catholic life & Liturgy events, the school BBQ, and more. We ask two-parent households for 45 hours of volunteering per school year. One-parent households are asked for 30 hours per school year.
Extracurricular Offerings & Sports
St. Brendan students have the opportunity to participate in a number of activities and clubs allowing them to explore their interests in an atmosphere of fun and friendship.
Student Council
Chess Club
Speech Club
Choir Club
Coding Club
Robotics Club
Yearbook Club
Altar Serving
Cross Country
Track & Field
Academic Support
St. Brendan School is committed to the education of each child. This commitment is demonstrated by recognizing the different learning styles of students. We provide a wide variety of instructional strategies, accommodations, modifications, and staff development. St. Brendan School utilizes Response to Intervention (RTI) framework, which is a multi-tiered system of evidence-based interventions. Response to Intervention is a framework to support both students and teachers, focusing on prevention, early intervention, and progress monitoring of strategies utilized.
Middle School Electives
We offer a variety of middle school electives that allow the students to choose a course that gets them excited about learning. It helps them to explore their hobbies and makes them well-rounded learners.
Sample Electives:
Inter-Generational Writing
Video Production
On-Site Hot Lunch Program
St. Brendan School offers on-site hot lunch daily. The lunch menu has a wonderful variety of tasty meals and healthy options. Student favorites include teriyaki chicken with fried rice and a fortune cookie, breakfast for lunch, and, of course, pizza day!
On-Site Before and After School Care
St. Brendan Extended Care Program offers before and after school care during the school year. The Extended Care offers a flexible program that includes a quiet study/reading/homework area, availability of library materials and computers for school work, space for games and activities, creative arts and crafts, outdoor playground access, ability to attend after-school programs on campus, and wholesome snacks.

  • AM Session: 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM ( K-8); 7-8:20 (Preschool and Pre-K)
  • PM Session: 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
  • The cost is $8 per hour per student
Health & Safety
St. Brendan School recognized the need for many students to attend school in-person to the degree that health conditions allowed. As such, we spent the summer developing plans to increase the safety of everyone in our school by changing how we use our space and implementing new practices that allow for personalized learning during times of the pandemic. Our guidelines include face coverings, health screenings, social distancing, additional cleaning and sanitizing, increased ventilation, and individual school supplies. Our school has been open for in-person instruction since the fall.

Additionally, we did recognize that not all students were comfortable attending school in-person at this time, so we do offer distance learning for students who are unable to attend in-person. We are committed to making sure that students continue to experience the care and commitment of our faculty and the routine of daily learning, even when learning remotely. We invested in additional cameras and technology so that students at home can learn right alongside their peers that are attending in person.
Balagtas Family
Harrington Family
Nguyen Family
Uczekaj Family
France Family
Katelyn, 5th Grade
Kristopher, 2nd Grade
Kendrew, Kindergarten
Kayla, 4th Grade
Admissions Process
Consideration for Admissions of a NEW Students

After considering St. Brendan parishioner applicants, if there is still available space, we will first consider students/families from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish (Mill Creek) and/or St. Teresa of Calcutta (Woodinville), other subsidizing parishes, other nonsubsidizing parishes, and lastly non-Catholic families. Although active participation in St. Brendan Parish is a consideration in the application process, we typically have room for and encourage the participation of non-Catholic and/or out of parish families.

Frequently there are more applicants than openings in a particular grade. Applications for students not placed are held in a “wait pool” for the remainder of the school year. As openings become available, all students in the wait pool are considered again for admission.

Process for Families New to St. Brendan Catholic School
  • Families NEW to St. Brendan Catholic School (not enrolled for the current school year)
  • Application/Registration Fees
  • New families applying: $50.00 application fee (due will application) plus $350 registration fee (due upon acceptance)
  • Application and registration fees are non-refundable
  • Tuition and Fees can be found on the school website

Enrollment Requirements Include:
  • Verification of active parish affiliation/stewardship (Catholic applicants only)
  • Health Records
  • Immunization Records
  • Birth Certificate (original)
  • Baptismal Certificate (Catholic applicants only)
  • Report Cards
  • Standardized Test Results
  • Assessments with St. Brendan staff (if requested)
  • Interview with the principal and/or admissions director

Applications are being accepted now. The priority deadline is March 1st and decision letters will be mailed March 15th.

For additional questions, please contact Admissions Director, Christen Lambert: 425-483-8300
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