Dear Parents,

I am happy to announce that all of our teachers were back in the school building today! We began our professional development focused on Catholic Identity. Over the next few weeks, we will continue professional development days, working on things such as curriculum, instruction, assessment, online programming, and health & safety procedures.

Last week I promised an FAQ on the topic of Infection and Cleaning Protocols, however we have decided to compile all of our FAQ topics into a Family Guidebook. The Family Guidebook will be shared the week of August 17th. It will include information from the following categories: Health & Safety, Infection Protocols, and Academics & Programming.  

Along with sharing the Family Guidebook the week of August 17th, we also hope to provide information about emergency card procedures, along with an update on the week of Staggered Start and PAD Day.

I did want to share some information about air quality in the school building and Hendricks Hall, as this is another area we know is important. Each classroom has its own circulation system. These are all tied to a unit which is pouring constant outside air into the building. Also, our new gymnasium unit brings in 100% fresh air. None of it is circulating air. It is constantly pulling air into the area of the gym, the cafe and the hallways nearby. As for Hendricks Hall, the spaces being used as classrooms are supplied with individual units. They are set up to pull fresh air in and bad air out. Also, air can be circulated in and out even if the units are not calling for heating or cooling. Finally, we will also be changing filters in the school building and Hendricks Hall more frequently.  

As you can see, our task force and our teachers have continued to work diligently to be ready for the opening of school. We can’t wait for the students to arrive! Be on the lookout for more information from the Family Guidebook, along with information about emergency cards, the week of Staggered Start, and PAD Day.

Thank you for your confidence in our task force as we plan our 25th year of learning at Saint Brigid of Kildare School. We will continue to communicate regularly and in more detail as our plans continue to develop. Msgr. Hendricks and the school staff are committed to hold true to the mission of the Church to fully support families in caring for their children and in educating them in the Catholic faith while providing academic excellence and social and emotional support.  

Please continue to pray for our school community and for each other.

Kathy O'Reilly