Class of 2021
8th Grade - Class of 2021
Diploma Order Form

The school needs to order the Diplomas for the graduating members of the Class of 2021. Please go to this online form to complete your student(s) Diploma Order Form by no later than Wednesday, March 31, 2021.

The form also contains an acknowledgement of the Parent Tribute and Graduation Dress Codes that are detailed below in this email. Please review the dress code with your student(s).
Dress Code Information for Parent Tribute and Graduation

Girls Dress Code
Girls may wear a dress no more than 2" above the back of knee crease that is suitable for Church; white or pastel colors are worn. Please be modest. Strapless, Backless, Low-cut, Off the shoulder or dresses with narrow straps are not appropriate.

Boys Dress Code
Boys are required to wear a coat and tie. Un-constructed suits, wild colors, athletic shoes or jeans are not appropriate. Dress shoes and socks are required.

Please Note: Any student who arrives for Graduation in an inappropriate outfit will not participate in the Graduation ceremony or attend the Graduation Dance. 
Class Photo and Parent Tribute - Friday, May 7th

Mass and Class Group Photo - 8:15AM in the Church
Students begin the day at normal school time, and arrive at school dressed for the Parent Tribute program (please review the dress code information in this email).
  • The 8th Grade students will begin by going to Mass first in the church, and then a group Graduation picture is taken in the church immediately after the conclusion of the 8:15 AM Mass.
  • We will have the students wearing their masks throughout the Mass, as well as when they line up for the picture. Masks will only be removed briefly once all the students have been lined up and it is time to take the group photo.
  • Following the class group photo, the students will go to the Auditorium at 9:30AM.

Parent Tribute – 9:30 AM in Auditorium
The Parent Tribute is long held St. Cecilia tradition - where the graduates celebrate their parents by paying tribute to them in short speeches. Parents are invited to attend the annual Parent Tribute in the Auditorium at 9:30AM. After the program (which lasts until about 11AM) the 8th grade students will be dismissed for the day. This is a very special day for you and the students, please plan on attending.
  • Please note, because of COVID protocols and our need for social distancing, this event is for parents only, not extended family members or siblings.
Clap Out and Ice Block Race - Tuesday, May 25th

Clap Out - 2:30PM
The 8th Grade "Clap Out" is a long standing tradition at St. Cecilia where the 8th grade students walk the hallway for their last time as a class and all our other students line the hallway to clap for them. We are going to keep this tradition going this year - and make some modifications.
  • Normally the hallway would be very crowded with students, so for distancing purposes we will now spread out the younger students not just in the school hallways, but also outside along the walkway by the Pavilion that leads out to the school field.
  • 8th Grade students will process downstairs and through the school and also outside leading to the field for an extended "clap out".

Ice Block Race - Following Clap Out
Another long standing St. Cecilia tradition for 8th grade is the Ice Block race held during the annual Field Day. We won't be doing Field Day in late April this year, but don't want the kids to miss out on this tradition.
  • As the 8th grade students complete their "clap out" procession - they'll end up out on the school field. We will have the tarp and ice blocks out on the field and waiting for them upon their arrival.
  • 8th Grade students will then be able to do the Ice Block race, while the other middle school grades - 6th & 7th get to watch out on the field.

Parent Participation and Student Dress
  • Please note this will be a free dress day for the 8th graders since they will be ending with the Ice Block race. 8th grade students will wear their chosen high school t-shirts for this day for the Clap Out and Ice Block Race.
  • 8th Grade Parents will want to arrive at school no later than 2:15PM and will be out on the school field to greet the 8th graders as they complete the Clap Out, and then be able to watch the Ice Block Race
Graduation Day - Thursday, May 27th
Graduation Rehearsal, 8th Grade Awards Ceremony, Luncheon, Graduation Mass and Dance

Graduation Rehearsal - 9:00AM - Students Only
Students arrive in the Church Narthex at 9:00AM. Please dress appropriately. (It is recommended that the girls practice in the shoes that they will be wearing that evening). Graduation practice will take place from 9:00AM to approximately 10:00AM.

8th Grade Awards Ceremony 10:00AM - Parent Attended Event
The 8th Grade Awards Ceremony will begin at 10:00AM and end by 11:30AM in the Auditorium. This event is for the graduates and two adults per graduate to attend.

Luncheon - Following the Awards Assembly
We are still working on plans for the luncheon, more information will be shared soon.

Graduation Mass - 6:30PM
The Graduation Mass and Ceremony will be held in the church at 6:30PM. Seating in the church will be restricted to the graduates and two adults per graduate.
  • The Auditorium will be used as an overflow space for additional family members (there will also be crowd size limits for the Auditorium - more information will be available soon).
  • The Mass and ceremony will also be live streamed.

Graduation Dance / Social Event
We are still working on plans for a dance or social event for the graduates (this is a student only event), to follow the Graduation ceremony - more information will be shared soon.
Additional 8th Grade Events

We are still working on plans to have an 8th Grade Activity Day (tentatively planned for Wednesday, May 26th), and a possible social event (in addition to the Graduation event) for the students during this second semester.

The school will also be continuing with some new traditions started last year for the Class of 2020 - namely the yard signs for each student, and the social media tribute posts for each student (we are working on scheduling a day for the individual head shot photos). More information will be available soon.
Our mission at St Cecilia Catholic School is the ongoing Catholic formation and education of the whole child in mind, heart, and spirit, in preparation for an adult life of commitment and service.