Class of 2021
8th Grade - Class of 2021
Class of 2021 - Communications / Emails and Coordinators

Throughout the year the school will send emails specifically to 8th Grade families with information on 8th Grade - events and other information - through this email system.

We would like to thank in advance the volunteers who have agreed to be the Class of 2021 8th Grade coordinators. The class coordinators will be supported by the school to assist in organizing communication and events for the year.
  • Jo Anne Donovan
  • Karen Othon
  • Vanessa Ehring
  • Suzanne Pickett
School Website - 8th Grade Resource Page

We have a page on the school website for 8th Grade resources (under Academics) which includes an email archive of the 8th grade emails for this year, as well as a link to the 8th Grade Google Calendar. Additional resources and links will be added throughout the year.
Catholic High School Information / Visits and Admissions

We have very good partnerships with the Catholic High Schools and are in communication with the admissions offices of each of the Catholic High Schools regarding the admissions process.

On our school website there is a page specifically for 8th Grade with links and resources to all of the Catholic High Schools for admissions information.
  • The page also includes for each school information on when applications are due, and testing dates if applicable.
  • Please note, many of these schools are still working on their plans, and dates may change.
  • It is advisable for any school your students are interested in to get on their admissions email lists, as well as to follow them on their social media pages. Many of the schools in addition to having main social media pages for the school, have separate ones for admissions as well. 
  • St. Cecilia - Catholic High School Information Page

High School Visits
  • We have very good partnerships with the Catholic High Schools and are in communication with the admissions offices of each of the Catholic High Schools regarding admissions updates for this year.
  • None of the Catholic High Schools will be busing our students to their campuses for the high school visits as they have in years past.
  • The schools have asked us for parent contact so they can send information directly to your families.
  • A few schools have also asked to do virtual tours during the school day – we are working with those schools in terms of dates and times for these virtual tours. 

High School Admissions
  • A transcript request form will need to be turned in for each high school you want to apply to for your students. Those forms need to be acquired from the website of each school your student is applying to, filled out, and then turned into the school using this online form to submit and upload your transcript request form.
  • Each student will also need one Math, and one English recommendation form filled out by our 8th grade teachers. 
  • For the recommendation forms - please download them (the links are above for each form), fill them out with the information on what schools your student is applying to, and then turn them into the school using this online form by November 20, 2020.
  • St. Cecilia will then submit the recommendation forms to all the schools your students are applying to in January 2021. 

Admissions Testing Information
  • The school will work with 8th Grade students on test prep in October and November for the entrance exam tests.
  • More information including recommended study guide books is available from the Java With Jeff slide show and recorded Zoom meeting.
8th Grade First Semester Events

Our goal is to try and make this as special of a year as possible for the 8th grade students. We want to try and retain as many of our St. Cecilia 8th Grade traditions - some will look different than in the past based on our current restrictions but we will try hard to make this a great year.

We will review other events planned for second semester at a later date and continue to communicate regarding those events as we move forward throughout the year.

Homecoming and Homecoming Mums 
  • Homecoming week is October 5th – 9th, with the Homecoming game being on Thursday, October 8th at 4:30PM.
  • You will have the opportunity to sign up for a time on a sign up genius (which will be sent out soon) to come to school on either Friday, October 2nd or Saturday, October 3rd to make the Homecoming Mum for your student. 
  • The virtual Homecoming Pep Rally will be on Wednesday the 7th.
  • The presentation of the Homecoming Mums will take place on Wednesday the 7th after the virtual pep rally.
  • We are working out the details on how we will do the presentation of the mums to comply with social distancing requirements. More information will be available very soon. 

Retreat & Class Photo
  • This is typically held in September or October, at this time there is not currently a date for the retreat and class photo, we are working on that.

Halloween Dance
  • Due to social distancing and other restrictions from the Catholic Schools Office, there will not be a Halloween Dance on Friday, October 30th.
  • Instead, we are making plans to hold a dance for the students in the second semester. 
  • We already have ideas on what the theme will be and when we can host a spring semester dance. More information will be available soon.

Powder Puff Game
  • The game (with the girls split into two football teams playing each other, and the boys being the cheerleaders) will take place on the field on Friday, November 6th.
  • 8th Grade parents will be able to attend in person on the school field, but spread out and socially distanced on the sidelines to watch.
  • We will stream the game to the classrooms so the students can watch.

Resurrection Christmas Party
  • This is the annual "GO" project for 8th grade where the students have a party on campus for students from inner-city Catholic grade schools.
  • At this point, we do not have a definitive plan for this event, we are currently beginning the process of considering ways to have an interactive event with the students of the other schools.

Faculty vs. 8th Grade Basketball Game
  • The game will be rescheduled from December to the second semester when our Basketball team will be in season.
Our mission at St Cecilia Catholic School is the ongoing Catholic formation and education of the whole child in mind, heart, and spirit, in preparation for an adult life of commitment and service.