Insider Alert - January 18, 2021
COVID Protocols Update Reminder

Please view the video above from Principal Jeff Matthews regarding updates to our Returning to School Plan as it relates to our COVID protocols, and the importance of each one of us doing our part to protect our community and keep our children in school.

Required Daily Self Screen Form
We will be increasing our monitoring to include a daily health screening like many schools are already doing. This quick, one question form corresponds to the updated Flow Chart linked below.
  • This form will need to be submitted for every family every day.
  • We recommend saving the link to the home screen of your phone as confirmation of submission of the daily health screening will need to be shown to the carpool attendant when temperatures are taken in the morning. If your child(ren) are being taken to school in carpool by another parent, it is still required for every family to fill out the form each day.

Updates to Flow Chart and Protocols for Returning to School
  • January 15, 2021 - Updated Self Screen Flow Chart 
  • If a student is out of school due to a close contact exposure and symptoms later develop AFTER the first day of the quarantine, the quarantine timeframe restarts with the onset of symptoms. It is important to contact our school nurse, Meredith Coursey, every time your child is absent and with any updates during the quarantine period. 
  • If a student is at home due to the presence of symptoms - with no known close contact - and wishes to return to school, two negative tests are required before the student can return. The update to this policy is the requirement for the second test to be a PCR test. These PCR tests are more accurate and more reliable than the rapid tests.

Important Reminders Regarding School COVID Protocols
In addition to these updated protocols, it is incredibly important to follow all of the protocols and communicate with the school. Our goal here is to keep ALL of our students ON CAMPUS.
  • We will do everything in our power to keep your children in school.
  • When protocols are not followed, when close contacts are not communicated to the school, or when students are sent to school when close family members are being tested, it can put all of our students at risk.
  • When one student tests positive shortly after being on campus, it creates a ripple effect that affects multiple families and even teachers.
  • Thanks to our policies and protocols, we have not yet had any spread here on campus that we are aware of.
  • However, our pressure point for pivoting to remote learning for all or even canceling classes will be the number of students and teachers that we are able to have on campus.
  • The more students and teachers we can keep on campus, the more able we are to keep ALL of our students on campus.
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