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With just a few days left to go until the end of the 2016/17 school year, we at St. Cyril's Parent Council (CSPC) would like to thank school staff, the parent community and St. Edward's church for their support  in continuing to make St. Cyril school an enriched and fun learning environment where the students can grow in our Catholic faith. We would like to wish everyone a safe and fun summer vacation!!  
...  but before we go, please make note of these important dates:

Tuesday September 22, 2017  
As an elected member of the parent council, you can help discover new and exciting ways to contribute to the education of the students in our school. CSPC council members actively participate in meetings and activities throughout the school year, committing to meet once a month. Meetings are structured to inform and encourage an open dialogue and enable a better understanding of school concerns and activities that will impact our children. Please take some time over the summer to consider your involvement with St. Cyril's CSPC. Nomination forms will be available and accepted in early September.

Friday September 29, 2017 - 
This annual event gets better year over year and is an event where everyone has fun! This year's BBQ is sure not to disappoint with more games, food and activities for all.
Please remember to let us know if you have any items to donate for the  Silent Auction.   Please contact Patricia Cornejo at

Congratulations to the St. Cyril School EcoTeam!!
The school's greening efforts this year have been very successful and due to the commitment and hard work of St. Cyril's Eco Team, which included Mme  McNeil, Mlle Ogokeh, the parent Greening team and the student Eco Warriors, St. Cyril was awarded 
Eco School certification. 
Many thanks to all involved for a job well done!  In addition, the school was entered in a draw and have won a reusable bottle filling stations for the school.

Finally, we at CSPC often highlight the good work that the parent community and school staff do, but throughout the school year we saw an incredible effort put forward by St. Cyril students in support of various charities and we would like to acknowledge their efforts/achievements.  For example, some  St. Cyril students  helped out in the school office or were reading buddies to the younger grades, while others became eco-warriors and helped make the school more environmentally friendly. Almost all participated whole-heartedly and raised a lot of money in support of the school's fundraiser for the Heart and Stroke Foundation; Many organized or participated in a school bake sale and volleyball tournament that raised money for Sharelife. Whether it's at school or in the community, St. Cyril students are making a difference.
Thank you, St. Cyril students! You all are AMAZING!

H annah, Ava, Avery and Matthew at the finish line at Nicola's Kids Triathlon in support of MFM research at SickKids Hospital.


See you in September

2016-17 CSPC Members
C hair:  Philip Doyle 
Vice Chair: Raphael Leong
Treasurer:  Shirley Kmecz
Secretary: Darlene Saks

Other Members:
Elvira Boyle, Joshua Canning, Patricia Cornejo, Magda Dunn, Monica Figueredo, Wiwik Hartono, Kathryn Jaitley, Hyun Kim, Seung Ah (Sherry) Ko, Susan Lerch, Chris O'Hara, Stephanie Pau, Linda Poirier and Webern Walcien .
Please visit the CSPC website!!
We welcome your feedback and suggestions. If there is anything you feel is missing and/or you would like to see added, Please contact: slerch1004@yahoo .ca