November 2016
Next Parent Council Meeting: 

Tuesday December 6th at 7:00 p.m. in the school library.

All are welcome!!
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At the November meeting, council approved the 2016/17 budget.  Highlights include approximately $13,000 in curriculum support, $2,000 for extracurricular activities, and $7,500 for special events.

Also at the meeting, a group of CSPC parents volunteered to work on updating and creating a better website   Over the next few weeks it is our goal to make it more user friendly but also allow the St. Cyril parent community to access CSPC information such as links to important forms (i.e., pizza lunch signup), calendar of events, financial updates, subcommittee initiatives (ie.., Schoolyard Greening Committee), etc.  Thank you to Magda Dunn, Bobby Jaitley, Webern Welcien and Shirley Kmecz  and Darlene Saks or your contributions to this project.

As you may know, St. Cyril's Catholic School is working towards becoming an eco-school. One of their initiatives is to have paperless communication. We at parent council fully support this initiative and will be phasing out all forms of paper communication. We are also eliminating the use of printed copies of the monthly minutes and meeting agenda and will be using a projector instead.
Event Reminder*

Monday November 21, 6:30-8:30pm in the school gym - Tackling Anxiety and Stress through Arts and Mindfulness

TASAM is a parent discussion led by a child development expert to cover strategies and tips that will effectively help parents deal with shy, anxious or stressed children. This event is presented by Arts Express: 

It's not too late to register, if interested please contact Elvira at:

*Light refreshments and child care will be provided. 
OAPCE (Ontario Association of Parents in Catholic Education) Update
OAPCE had their 11th Annual Commissioning event on Nov 7th and gave out Principal of Excellence Awards. This year OAPCE also awarded parents with parent volunteer awards. please visit their website for other upcoming events,

For more information on OAPCE and what they do, contact Jana Seymour, OAPCE Toronto Vice-President/OAPCE Director East at:
Parents' Corner
The North York Central Library has a number of great program for kids of all ages. For example, French Storytime is a regular offering: click the following link for more information. North York Central Library - French Storytime
2016-17 CSPC Members
C hair: Philip Doyle 
Vice Chair: Raphael Leong
Treasurer:  Shirley Kmecz
Secretary: Darlene Saks

Other Members:
Elvira Boyle, Joshua Canning, Patricia Cornejo, Magda Dunn, Monica Figueredo, Wiwik Hartono, Kathryn Jaitley, Hyun Kim, Seung Ah (Sherry) Ko, Susan Lerch, Chirs O'Hara, Stephanie Pau, Linda Poirier and Webern Walcien .
Please visit the CSPC website!!
We welcome your feedback and suggestions. If there is anything you feel is missing and/or you would like to see added, Please contact: slerch1004@yahoo .ca