March 2020
Thank you parents for your support and participation at our Parent Night with Speaker Paul Davis. Feedback from the session is provided below. 

Meetings with the school, TCDSB representatives and City of Toronto staff continue as we look for ways to make drop off and pick up times safer for our children and school community. Please remember to exercise caution at all times during drop off and pick up especially when entering and exiting the school lot. 

Wishing everyone a restful and safe March Break!

Green Days

Our Greening Committee is inviting all students to wear  something GREEN  on March 13th and April 22 (Earth  Day). We will be collecting $2.00 for those wearing  green clothing and the funds will go towards the turf  renewal fund.

Pancake Tuesday

Pancake Tuesday was a success thanks to the wonderful coordination of parent volunteers. It was a yummy treat for all the students and teachers.

Paul Davis Feedback

Along with the Parent community of St. Edward, below is the feedback and takeaways shared from the parents in attendance.

What was the most valuable thing you learned?

  • How naive and vulnerable children are online.
  • There is A LOT I don't know!
  • Parents have a due diligence in educating and controlling within their means their kids' tech, especially tech provided by them.
  • It is our fault as parents if our children have addictions to devices...after all we bought them.
  • That "The internet never forgets".
  • Respect and restriction.
  • The fine print to all social media platforms requires subscribers to be 13 years old. Our young children cannot process what they're seeing and reading online.
  • Kids are sexting at a young age.
  • I had been starting to think that the rules that I had been laying down regarding social media and phones (i.e. when the time comes that a phone is necessary, we'll be purchasing flip phones) were too strict. It is nice to see that Paul supports practices along the same lines.
  • More aware of the sites and app my child will view.
  • TikTok is a Chinese company that breaches privacy laws
  • This was reinforcement for what we're already trying to put into practice in our home. It was reassuring to hear someone else say it out loud
  • 80% of children have seen porn online. Children become desensitized due to the regularity of this occurrence and results in 40-60% (some schools higher) taking and sharing photos of their bodies.
What is the one thing you will put into practice immediately at your house?
  • No tech in the bedrooms.
  • Remind myself that controlling my child's tech is NOT a form of punishment - it's my duty
  • Monitoring of device usage.
  • Safer passwords for myself.  
  • No technology in the bedrooms.
  • No tech in bedrooms.
  • Removal of tech from the bedrooms.
  • Role modeling no tech in the bedroom and bathroom and at dinner time.  
  • Restricting cell phone in bedroom and washroom.
  • Stricter adherence to time limits for games.
  • Set more stringent rules with tablet times. 
  • No electronics in the bedroom.
  • No devices in bedrooms.
  • Being stricter about 1 hr before bedtime rule and no devices in bedtime rule.
If you missed the event and would like to hear Paul speak (or want an encore), you can check out his schedule online and reach out to him via Facebook on any dates and locations to get the specifics. 

Kids School Lunch - Reminder

Just a reminder that Rose Reisman catered lunches for the St. Cyril community are on  Wednesdays as of January. Please order by midnight on Mondays to ensure a Wednesday delivery. Note that in the event the child is sick, the order can be cancelled until 8am on Wednesday morning. 

Calling All Volunteers

Volunteers are an essential part of helping our school activities run smoothly and effectively. The volunteer survey lists various events where we are in need of volunteers as well as general volunteer opportunities that are available throughout the year. These opportunities can be as little as a couple of hours while others can span over a few weeks/months. The survey will give you an
idea of the anticipated time commitment for most events/volunteer opportunities available. We encourage you to fill out the survey if you haven't already. We value your feedback and thank you for your time!


During February, the CSPC was able to purchase new  technology equipment for our school including 3  projectors, 3 portable document readers and two 45"  TVs with carts for classroom use. CSPC funds were also  used to support Carnaval activities and Pancake  Tuesday.

Donation receipts were sent home in February. If you did not receive yours or have any questions, please contact Tara Baker at
Dates to Remember!! 

- Pizza Lunch/Dress Down Day Friday March 6 and Friday March 27

- Green Day:   Friday March 13 (Wear GREEN to fundraise for Turf Renewal Fund)

- Milk Ticket SalesTuesday March 3 at 8:45 am in the school lobby 

Next CSPC Meeting Tuesday March 3 at 7:00 p.m. in the gym.  All are welcome! Please let us know if you require child care during the meeting. 
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