St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church
Weekly E-Blast
January 20, 2022
Third Sunday after the Epiphany
Sunday, January 23, 2022
COVID Protocols
In response to the recent spike in Covid cases, we will refrain from congregational singing until the current surge subsides.
If there is severe weather this winter and Brendan cannot make it to church, he will send out an email to alert everyone. However, services will still continue on YouTube, and Brendan will broadcast from home.
Sunday School for ages 4-10 at the 10:30 service
The young people will have class and then return to church during the Peace for the latter part of the church service. We will follow Covid precautions by asking all to wear a mask. We look forward to special times together.
Linda Tasker, Jane Domagalski

Participants in this Week's Services
Serving at 8 am
LEM: Peggy Danford
Intercessor: Mary Kirk
Lector: Peggy Danford
Lector: Ron Coleman
Ushers/Greeters: Peggy Danford and Don Nash
Altar Guild: Jim and Jean Atwell
Serving at 10:30 am
LEM: John Wisecaver
Intercessor: Susy Mekarski
Lector: Terri Hoffmann
Lector: Marcia Burdon
Usher/Greeter: Richard Martens
Usher/Videographer: Jason Olson
Altar Guild: Apryl Garmon and Shirley Treadwell
Flower Guild: Terri Hoffmann and Debbi Kapp
This Week at St. Francis

Thursday, January 20
1:00 pm - Threads of Love
7:00 pm - Vestry
7:00 pm - AA Men’s Group
7:30 pm - Evening Compline on Zoom

Friday, January 21
10:00 am - Al Anon
7:30 pm - Evening Compline on Zoom

Sunday, January 23
8:00 am - Spoken Eucharist
10:30 am - Sunday School
10:30 am - Eucharist, Live Eucharist on YouTube/Facebook
12:30 pm - Misa

Monday, January 24

Tuesday, January 25
4:00 pm - Caring Ministry on Zoom
7:00 pm - RA
7:30 pm - Evening Compline on Zoom

Wednesday, January 26
12:00 pm - Noon Eucharist
1:00 pm - Staff Meeting
7:00 pm - Choir Rehearsal
7:30 pm - Evening Compline on Zoom
7:30 pm - AA

Thursday, January 27
10:00 am - Book Group on Zoom
1:00 pm - Threads of Love
7:00 pm - AA Men’s Group
7:30 pm - Evening Compline on Zoom

Friday, January 28
10:00 am - Al Anon
7:30 pm - Evening Compline on Zoom

Sunday, January 30
8:00 am - Spoken Eucharist
10:30 am - Sunday School
10:30 am - Eucharist, Live Eucharist on YouTube/Facebook
12:00 pm - Catechumenate 2022
12:30 pm - Misa
Parish Activities
If you would like your announcements to be included in this newsletter, or in the Sunday bulletin, please email them to the office at by Tuesday evening (7:30 pm). Please include a contact person within the announcement in case there are questions. Announcements will run for two weeks or until the event takes place.
Ushers Needed
We are in need of volunteers to usher at the 10:30 am services. Please contact Richard Martens if you are interested in helping as an usher. Thank you.
Catechumenate 2022
An ancient tradition of preparation for baptism, catechumenate at St. Francis is a relaxed, comfortable community. If you are new to the Episcopal tradition, new to St. Francis, have never been baptized or baptized as an infant, or just want to get to know some other good folks, join us! We will meet on Sundays from noon-2:00 pm, share lunch, stories, prayers, and reflections, and get to know a little of what God hopes for each of us. We meet through the winter and into early Easter season - a long time that goes by quickly. For information, you can go to the parish website or find a hard copy in the Communications Center. To enroll or get information in person, contact Christopher Onstad or Terri Hoffmann.

St. Francis prayer chain invites you to join us in praying for others, a gift that blesses them and us. Deacon Ken emails us prayer requests; we pray as we can in our own time and place. Sometimes miracles happen, and there is always comfort. If you have a few minutes in your day, you have all the tools you need. Email or call Deacon Ken (, 503-887-5587) to be added to the Prayer Chain at St. Francis or to request prayers for yourself or others.
St. Francis Book Group on Zoom
The book group meets the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 10:00 am on Zoom. (No in person meetings at this time.) We are currently reading On the Brink of Everything by Parker Palmer.

Weekday Evenings Compline
7:30 pm on Zoom
Bible Study Monday nights

The zoom link is sent out each weekday.
Lenten Booklet
Over the past several years, during the season of Lent, we were all given a charming little booklet with meditations for each day of Lent. The entries consisted of original prose and poems, as well as submissions of favorite poems, psalms, Bible passages, uplifting thoughts, points to ponder, and children’s artwork. The entries came from us, our wonderful, talented St. Francis parishioners, from young and old, and drew us closer together for our Lenten journey.
We need your submissions in order to do this. If possible, please submit your entries digitally to the church office. Ash Wednesday is March 2nd, 2022 but the entries must be in by Wednesday, February 23rd. 
Threads of Love Ministry - Come join us
We are approaching completion of our 2021 Baby Blanket project for Salud Medical Center and Pacific Pediatrics in Woodburn. Thanks to the efforts of everyone involved in this ministry, we will provide close to 120 blanket ensembles (flannel baby blanket, burp cloth, and knitted cap) to families in celebration of the births of their new children! 

New Project
We are happy to announce a new project and invite anyone interested to join us. During the month of January, we will be sewing cloth bags for Medical Ministries International (, a team of doctors and nurses who will travel to Mexico in February 2022, performing much needed surgeries. The bags will be sent home with patients and contain post-surgery prescriptions and personal hygiene supplies.  

We will meet in person in the Parish Hall each Thursday in January from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm to cut, iron, and sew together. Covid protocols will be observed. Please join us on as many of these days as you are able.

If you would prefer to participate by sewing at home, we are happy to provide you with instructions and/or a pre-cut kit that only requires assembly.

Carole Biskar, Mary Kirk, and Dale Rushton
Parish Outreach
Backpack Buddies
Please join us for our next outreach preparations sorting and packing weekend meals for the children at Boones Ferry Primary and Wood Middle Schools. We will sort food on Tuesday, February 8th at 4:00 pm and will pack the bags on Wednesday, February 9th at 10:00 am. It takes many hands to make the work light (and fun). Thanks, Linda Tasker
Wilsonville Food Bank
They need peanut butter and storable fresh fruit such as apples and oranges. NO CEREAL, please. You can drop off your donations to the church. A volunteer takes the food to the Food Bank every Tuesday.
Thank you all for helping with this important need!
Knitters Alert!
We will again be knitting baby hats for the Salud Medical Clinic in Woodburn, to be given to newborns there (and to their older siblings)! The members of our Sewing Ministry have offered to make matching receiving blankets to go with some of the hats, so they could be given as a set. As you all knit the hats, please bring them to the church so the stitchers can make a matching little quilt. This is a lovely new idea. We have generous and talented folks in our knitting and sewing ministries!
We will be gathering the baby hats, blankets, baby clothes and diapers when we celebrate Epiphany in January.