St. Francis Softball presents their 2019 IHSA State 2nd Place Trophy and
IHSA State Sportsmanship Award to President Dr. Betsy Ackerson and
Principal Raeann Huhn after the first All-School Mass of the year.

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"The love of God makes all heavy things light,
and all bitter things sweet

Saint Francis of Assisi
" Students on Fire to Succeed "
"May God turn your hearts into fire." These words kept running through my head as St. Francis High School freshmen arrived on campus last week. In four years, they will fulfill their high school potential, but for now they were making their way through new hallways. I saw them exercising discipline. Extending themselves. Every new experience required more of them. They were learning the unfamiliar, and they were happy, because transformation layers college prep with Franciscan virtues that strengthen a young person's ability to succeed.

"May God turn your hearts into fire." The words are from Franciscan priest Fr. Ed Shea, who prayed for St. Francis seniors at Mass last year. In fast-forward motion, I imagined these new students taking the Franciscan fire of integrity to college campuses, like an Olympic torch in a world that needs them. Transformation happens here slowly, purposefully, with academic excellence and with the everyday practice of Franciscan virtues in action. We call it The 'St. Francis Way' because it anchors the St. Francis High School experience, molding each student in complete and personal ways. The 'St. Francis Way' turns hearts into fire as students begin to uncover who God wants them to be. Then they flourish--in high school, in college, and in the world.

"May God turn your hearts into fire." This simple Franciscan prayer made me feel a little sentimental. Maybe because I've seen transformation fulfill the potential of every student, every day, during all four years. I invite you to meet me for coffee to discuss your child and also tour the school. We are accepting Shadow Day requests online now ( click here to register). Please know that I look forward to getting to know your family this year. Call me any time to discuss the transformative impact of a St. Francis education (630) 668-5800 x1120.

Maureen Isphording, Director of Admissions

"I Am St. Francis"
The Role-Reversal Perspective: Five Questions for Seven Alums Who Returned to Teach Their Teachers

Roles reversed this summer as alums returned to share new information with their former teachers. Pastoral Ministry reminded teachers how challenging it is for students to step outside their comfort zones by asking them to learn new skills at the recent Faculty/Staff Retreat. Nine alumni led these workshops, and five of them shared answers to some big-picture questions. Their perspectives, as well as the workshops they taught, appear below.
1. At St. Francis, when were you challenged to see life in a new way?
Nick King, '19, freshman at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute majoring in computer science; Calligraphy Workshop:  Definitely on the Senior Kairos retreat. Listening to the witness talks and then to my classmates in small groups really made me see that everyone has a story that you might not know until you really talk to them.
Libby Prosch, '19, freshman at Loyola University Chicago majoring in Political Science and minoring in Spanish; Conversational Spanish Workshop: At St. Francis, I was always challenged to be the best person I could be. Even though I was a student, so many of the teachers here treated me as though I was their peer. Teachers and staff encouraged me to learn and grow. 
2. What did you learn about yourself at St. Francis, and how does that continue to impact your life?
Michael Novack, '09 University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, '13 B.S. in Mathematics, minor in music; Indiana University Bloomington, '19 Ph.D. in Mathematics; currently postdoc at the University of Connecticut doing research and teaching; Math (and the Universe) Workshop:  My teachers at St. Francis always emphasized the students' intellectual and spiritual growth. I taught various math classes during all six years of graduate school and will continue teaching at UConn, and this teaching philosophy is something I try to emulate myself.
Sean Conley, '19, freshman at Clemson University studying Mechanical Engineering; Soccer Basics Workshop:  If you can be yourself at Francis and fit in, then you can be yourself at a much larger institution and even after college and continue to fit in. You just need to be patient and wait for the right people to come into your life.

3. What is an unexpected gift that you received from St. Francis?
Payton Morse, '19 freshman at Indiana University majoring in Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation; Choreographed Dance Workshop: An unexpected gift from St. Francis was a home. Some students enter high school already wishing it away and hoping college will come sooner. For me, I am a Spartan and my heart will always cherish that. St. Francis gave me an amazing group of people that shaped me into the person I am becoming. Leaving St. Francis is leaving my home away from home. I am forever grateful for the years I spent here.
Alyssa Fernandez, '13 University of Wisconsin-Whitewater '17 B.S. Criminology & B.S. ACS Chemistry with minor in Forensic Science; Currently graduate student pursuing a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences (Department of Biochemistry) at the Medical College of Wisconsin; Health Workshop: An unexpected gift I have received from St. Francis is friendship with both teachers and classmates. In addition to the many classmates I have kept in touch with since graduation, I have developed amazing friendships with teachers. Even six years after leaving, I still visit former teachers. I have even been a guest speaker in some of the Criminology classes. It has been amazing transitioning from a student-teacher relationship to a personal friendship. The teachers and staff at St. Francis are such wonderful people. They helped me through a really difficult time in my life when I was in high school and continue to be there for me in everyday life. I am so grateful and blessed for the amazing people that St. Francis has brought into my life.
Nick:  Kairos Senior Retreat was a very unexpected gift, and in addition to that, I'd have to say my entire experience at St. Francis was a gift. The teachers I've had, the friends I've made, the classes I've taken, among other things, have impacted me and shaped me into who I am today.

4. What are the values you took from St. Francis and how do you see those playing out in your life?
Axel Moreen, '18: sophomore at Lewis University double majoring in Physics and Math; Ukulele Workshop:  St. Francis helped me understand what community is about and why community is important. It's not nearly enough for people to exist in the same environment and only carry out the tasks required of us, nothing more. By doing nothing to take care of our relationships and collective emotional health, not only do we lose efficiency, but we might easily exist in a poor and unhappy environment. Instead of this, we need to treat each other like our own, reaching out when necessary, uplifting and taking care of each other. When a group of people can successfully take care of each other, we call this a community. St. Francis is an exemplary model. During my time here, I experienced others looking out for me when times were rough. I owe it to these people for their genuine care and for the community they fostered at St. Francis. It's from my high school experience that I realize the value in reaching out and going out of my way to help others on both a personal level and a community level. I will always try my best to be that same positive influence wherever I may be.
Sean: While at St. Francis, I learned humility and patience. Humility is never easy to exercise but is always necessary. Whether it be in the classroom or on the field, court, or track, humility is always important. Patience with peer, teachers, and ultimately yourself is also paramount.
Libby: I feel so blessed to have attended St. Francis.  This school and all of the teachers have taught me so many values that I know will stick with me for the rest of my life. I could not be more grateful for the foundation of faith that this school provides. I loved being involved in Pastoral Ministry outside of the classroom.  But even inside the classroom and the hallways, all of the teachers and faculty here have taught me what it means to be genuine, empathetic, and accepting of others.

5. How were you challenged to grow as a person at SFHS?

Michael: The commitment to living out the Gospel through service opportunities at St. Francis certainly challenged me to grow in areas that are more important than academics. That's a unique aspect of St. Francis. It serves others, and it also serves students well in their futures.
Alyssa:  During my time at St. Francis, I was challenged to be a better student every single day. Looking back, the teachers pushed me to be a better student and person, saw the passion that I had for learning, and did everything that they could to nourish my interests and potential. As cliché as it may sound, the teachers at St. Francis saw something in me that I didn't see at the time. I truly believe the education, values, and push that St. Francis gave me are the major reasons I am where I am today.
Payton: While at St. Francis, I learned the value of dependability, both on myself and on others, in a community where I was pushed to only do my best. I also learned that in order to truly do your best you have to learn to trust yourself. St. Francis showed me that there are always many people willing to help, but you also need to rely on yourself and your own strengths.

Only at St. Francis High School

Summer Service Trip Helps Local Franciscan Mission in Humboldt Park 

For four days in June, St. Francis students and teachers worked alongside community members at Our Lady of the Angels, a Franciscan Mission in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago. "For four days we worked, prayed, ate, and served together in the food pantry, doing construction, and cleaning," says Michael Page, SFHS Religion Teacher. "We also worked directly with the Franciscans, which was really great. We were able to talk about service in a way that's important to us. And the students could see progress and movement since the previous summer." St. Francis heads back to the Mission on September 9.

Student Clayton M., '21: "I can say nothing but positive things about the service trip I was a part of. I formed great relationships and bonds with people I hardly knew while serving the Lord. Even when we were doing tough jobs around the mission, it didn't even feel like work because we all had so much fun. I would highly recommend this trip to anybody, and I'm for sure going to be a part of it again."

What Happens at Freshman Orientation?
A Parent's Sneak Peek

What happens when you send your freshman off for the first day of high school? 
If parents were to peek inside St. Francis High School, this is what they'd see:
1. Freshmen have the school to themselves- "Feedback tells us it is helpful for freshmen to run through their schedule, find all their classrooms, and even get lost without upper class interference,"says Kate Michel '92 Kowalski, SFHS Codirector of Activities. "We believe it's best to let freshmen acclimate to the building before the whole student body comes in. It helps them interact with each other and their new teachers."

2. Hello, Surface Pro-  For freshmen who didn't receive their Surface Pro during Freshman 101, St. Francis offers time for a quick introductory training and proper beginning to the year. (All freshmen also take a Digital Literacy class to learn how to use their showcase technology in the classroom and at home.) 

3. Morning Business- Details about homeroom, locks, handbooks, ID pictures, and lots of information mixed with camaraderie and help from student ambassadors. Freshmen meet National Honor Society students who play some icebreaker games, then they hear about various activities at school from members of Student Ministry Team. 

4. Lunch + Schedules- Freshmen eat with their homeroom, sitting as a group and getting acquainted, before running through their schedules. "We motivate them to find even the smallest parts of the building via scavenger hunt, which leads them into following their schedule," Kate Kowalski explains. 

5. Spartan Spirit- St. Francis High School sends Freshmen off with a pep rally to learn the school song and Spartan traditions. "Our hope for the students is that they leave with a smile having met some new faces, and they feel confident having met their teachers and navigating the building," Kate Kowalski concludes. "All and all, it is a great day to set the tone, get a great vibe in the building, and kick-start the energy to begin the year!"

  Faculty & Staff Welcome the Class of 2023




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