Congratulations to both our Varsity and JV Cheerleading teams
who qualified for the ICCA State competition.
The Varsity team took 8th place!

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"While you are proclaiming peace with your lips,
be careful to have it even more fully in your heart.
Saint Francis of Assisi
" Which High School? Seven Steps to Discard the Hype and Decide for Yourself"
What kind of growth do you want for your child in high school? I often ask parents what's most important to them. College placement? Academic growth? To play a sport all four years? A well-rounded experience? I ask, because focusing on personal priorities can help you decide which school fits your child best. Many families choose St. Francis High School for the top three qualities they can't get elsewhere-academic structure, extracurricular opportunity, and Franciscan retreat/service formation. St. Francis arranges these offerings differently than other schools, so they are unique and often drive the decision to attend. As we prepare for the Class of 2023 Liturgy and Registration on Sunday January 27, I'd like to share some tips to help new families on the road to deciding which high school fits their students best.

In the spirit of New Year lists, here are Seven Steps to Making Better Decisions:*
  1. Identify your goal.
  2. Eliminate choices by setting standards.
  3. Don't worry about finding the "best."
  4. Be aware of biases.
  5. Try not to rush.
  6. Don't sweat the small stuff.
  7. Do a postgame analysis.
Writer Catherine Price composed the list, which includes some targeted explanations. "Don't make a decision based on the wrong problem," writes Price. "List the features you'll actually use ... ignore anything fancier." Price also encourages people to "establish rules" in order to stay focused on what's personally relevant and free their minds from worry. Although school choice is not the focus of these steps, they can help parents discern which school will usher their child through to successful college placement. What's your reason for St. Francis? 

We welcome 7th grade shadow visitors and transfer students to discover more this month. Please call me with any admissions questions; we can meet for coffee and discuss your situation. Happy New Year!

Maureen Isphording, Director of Admissions

*"7 Steps to Making Better Decisions," Catherine Price,

"I Am St. Francis"
The "Getting Involved" Perspective: Seven Questions for Student Leaders Bella B. '19 and Enzo R. '20

1. What grade school did you attend? What activities have you been involved in at SFHS?

Bella:  I attended All Saints Catholic Academy in Naperville. When I got to St. Francis I went into "club overload" mode. All I heard from upperclassman was to "get involved"-and that's exactly what I did. I joined Students Against Destructive Decisions, Student Government, Student Leadership Team, Eucharistic Ministers, Student Ambassadors, and Basketball. I have continued in all these organizations all four years and have even earned titles-especially in Student Government. I've been Vice President my freshman and junior year, President my sophomore year, and Student Body President my senior year. Student Government has been a constant in my life and has taught me so much.
Enzo: I attended St. John the Baptist in Winfield. At St. Francis, I participate in Football, National Honor Society, Student Government, Student Ministry Team, and Men's Spirituality Group. I also hold a position on Executive Board in our Student Ambassador Leadership Team.

2. What has been your most challenging and/or enjoyable class at SFHS?

Bella: The most challenging class I've taken at St. Francis would have to be Mr. Harper's AP Government class. Because it was such a challenging class, I made sure to go in before school to ask questions, review, and make sure I understood the lesson. And at the end of the year, my most challenging class turned into my most enjoyable class.
Enzo: I enjoy them all, but if I had to choose a particular favorite I would say Honors Economics. Our extremely welcoming community consistently allows me to thrive.

3. How has a teacher/moderator/coach gone out of their way to help you?

Bella:  Ms. Dahle has not only been my Science teacher and coach but has also has been a support system for me. Ms. Dahle took me under her wing freshman year when I joined Basketball, and ever since then I go to her with science questions and life questions. Ms. Dahle is always there and has been a role model to me. She gives her time and energy to every student that walks through her door, and I am forever grateful for that.
Enzo: I have had multiple teachers and coaches push me to my full potential. For example Mr. Schuller, my Religion teacher, is extremely thorough in educating me about my faith while also still compassionate about my daily life. The multitude of teachers who genuinely care about me each day is astonishing.


4. Why did you decide to run for leadership positions this year? What have you learned from holding these positions?

Bella:  I ran for these leadership positions because I believed in the message behind each club. Being Student Body President allows me to show a different side of myself outside the classroom. I have always felt drawn to lead and never have been one to follow the pack, and this mindset reassured me when I was deciding whether to run for my positions. I believed in the message and saw the opportunity as an outlet for all my ideas.
Enzo: I personally decided to run for a leadership position because I wanted to contribute to this community. I am blessed to have met some of the kindest people in our area.


5. In your opinion, what's the best thing about SFHS?

Bella:  The best thing about St. Francis is the joy that radiates from the inside. Every student here has been blessed with a God-given talent. When I walk down the hall, I don't just see students; I see people passionate about music, a sport, an invention, an upcoming play. When I walk into the atrium, I see the art students' paintings and designs decorating the walls. When I attend a sporting event, I don't just see players; I see the boy I sit next to in math and the girl who is a Eucharistic Minister with me. During a pep rally I don't just see a group of eight hundred people but a family-and to me, that's the best part of St. Francis.
Enzo: My favorite part about St. Francis is the companionship shared between students and teachers. It's all love.


6. What are the benefits of attending a school the size of SFHS?

Bella:  The benefits of attending a school this size is being able to know the majority of your grade as well as many underclassmen. St. Francis is known for its community, and throughout your four years here you not only build relationships with your classmates but also the faculty and staff. I've come to learn that I'm never alone, in the best possible way. I always have someone looking out for me and checking in.
Enzo: I believe a school the size of SFHS allows everybody to find a place to be welcomed. Everybody knows everybody's name, and teachers and students have more time for each other to build bonds and help each other get along.


7.How do you feel about St. Francis?

Enzo: "I am GRATEFUL."

Only at St. Francis High School

Classroom Spotlight for Parents - Introducing Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy
Eligible Grade Level: 9
Prerequisite: None
Required for all freshmen, the learning curve in Digital Literacy astounds parents who witness their student's progress. This semester-long class gives students an arsenal of knowledge, preparing them to fully use their Microsoft Surface Pro and achieve academic success. It also meets the American Library Association's definition of the term: developing the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, requiring both cognitive and technical skills. Broken into four four-week units, the class covers computer knowledge, digital literacy, fluency in Microsoft Word and Excel, basic coding, and various Web 2.0 programs. Teachers also review basic keyboarding techniques.
Teacher Colleen Kaplan: "We recently completed our Coding Unit, one of the biggest, messiest, and most fun projects of the semester. We are giving out class award certificates to various classes for the most creative ideas and best use of code or circuit board."
Classroom View: "I made an alarm clock. I had some difficulties initially with the code, but Mrs. Kaplan worked with me to figure it out," Cate D., '22
"Mrs. Kaplan gave us freedom to design what was of interest to us. My advice to students taking this class in the future is to choose a project you want to do, because that's really motivating and made us work harder. I really enjoyed the project," Thomas O., '22

Cate Explains Her Alarm Clock 

Thomas and Will Discuss Their Laser Tag Game

Club Spotlight for Parents - Introducing Engineering Club

Open to: All students as personal schedules permit

Meets: Monthly during Activity Period

(Activity Period is 2:35-3:10 p.m.; practices/rehearsals begin at 3:15 p.m.)

Moderators: Ms. Kim Fermoyle & Dr. Tom Juliano


Ms. Fermoyle & Dr. J: The purpose of the Engineering Club is to introduce students to ideas that theme with the type of thinking they would use as an engineer. We give students an opportunity to solve small design challenges as a team in a limited time in order to mimic the iterative design process used in real-life engineering applications. Engineering Club gives students a chance to improve communication skills and understand principles in practice, not just theory. The challenges also give students a feel for material strength. For example, they find out the structural limitations of paper, wood, and plastic as well as fasteners like tape, glue, and rubber bands. Through these experiences and guest speakers, Engineering Club informs students about careers in engineering. It also helps them determine what engineering is all about as well as whether a career in engineering might be appropriate for them.


First Semester

  • Egg Drop Challenge
  • Paper Airplane Competition
  • Guest Speaker - Christine Kuypers, former UIC Engineering Admissions Counselor
  • Popsicle Stick Catapults
  • Balloon-Powered cars
  • Lemon Batteries

Second Semester

  • 3D Printers
  • Bridge Building
  • Engineering Field Exploration
  • Automotive Information Session
  • Robotics
  • Field Trip - Fermilab
  • Rocket Launching


Student Owen F., '21: "I love Engineering Club because it offers fun challenges and allows me to be surrounded with other people at St. Francis who are also enthusiastic about Engineering."


Student Annemarie N., '20: "I really enjoyed the Popsicle Stick Catapult. Because it was close to Halloween, we shot candy corn. It was challenging but we pulled through, and on the last try the candy went the entire length of the Science hallway. Dr. J and Ms. Fermoyle really gave us guidance. They help us learn a lot about Engineering."


St. Francis Speaker Series Invites Prospective Parents

Each year, Guidance and Counseling offers powerful speakers on relevant topics and welcomes prospective parents to attend the events. Scan the list and see what topics may make an impact with your family.
The Critical Voice, To Whom Are You Listening: January 30, 5:30 p.m.
This workshop will help participants turn around negative personal dialogue and integrate faith to find a balanced voice. By Dr. Ann Letourneau and Dr. Elissa McGovern, Central DuPage Pastoral Counseling Center
Resilience: March 12, 9:00 a.m.
Utilizing the book "Mindset" by Stanford Professor Carol Dweck, the workshop will discuss the benefits of cultivating a growth mindset and shares strategies for encouraging children to pursue challenges and view mistakes as opportunities for development. By Nicole Burmingham, Nurturing Wisdom
Exploring Ways to Restore, Replenish, and Refocus our Hearts and Minds: April 30, 8:00 a.m.
Our world is relentless and restless. What is the antidote when we feel uneasy, unquiet, and agitated? Explore ways to allow God to restore, replenish, and refocus our hearts and minds. By Diane Mercadante, Pastoral Minister at St. Francis High School
Direct questions to
Mrs. Rupp, or
Ms. Ras,



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January 10
Girls' Basketball Middle School Night, 7:00 p.m., Spyglass Athletic Center, Free admission for M.S. students
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January 12
Junior High Math Contest, 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

January 25
Pep Band Middle School Night, 5:30 p.m., Middle school students play with exceptional SFHS Pep Band during the Boys' Basketball game

January 25
Boys' Basketball Middle School Night, 7:00 p.m. Spyglass Athletic Center,  Free admission for M.S. students
January 27
Class of 2023 Liturgy & Registration, 10:00 a.m. Slantdome
March 1
8:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
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April 18
Art Showcase Middle School Night, 6:00 p.m., Students may submit art in the Middle School category of SFHS's Juried Showcase
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Feast of St. Francis
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St. Francis High School Fast Facts

Enrollment: 720
CLASS OF 2018-
100% of graduates were accepted to colleges or universities
Earned $33 million in college scholarships

72% of faculty have advanced degrees
Class of 2018 average ACT score = 27 
117 Full year and semester course offerings
20 Honors courses
14 Advanced Placement (A.P.) courses

98% student participation in at least one activity
24 sports programs
10th Place Division 2A State Math Team
65% of students participate in the performing arts
66% of students participate in athletic programs 

Provides opportunity for prayer and worship, retreats, justice and service, ministry leadership formation, pastoral care, and community building

SFHS Bus Service 

St. Francis High School offers bus transportation. The school provides two-way bus service in the northern, western and southern suburbs, with students arriving to St. Francis High School by 7:25 a.m. and departing school after the Activity Period at 3:15 p.m.   

For more information, fees, route schedules or questions, please contact Bob Gorski at (630) 668-5800 x1138 or at 

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