Success for SFHS Baseball at Disney's ESPN Wide World of Sport in Orlando.
Keep it up, Spartans, currently 6-1 this season

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"We should never desire to be raised above others; we should prefer to be humble and entirely submissive, for God's sake, to all creatures."
Saint Francis of Assisi
" Our Spirit Is Franciscan, Which Translates to Care and Success"
With seniors nearing the end of high school, I've heard a lot of stories lately. Stories with the silver linings of hindsight and footnotes of wisdom and humility. Real triumphs and lessons learned. These stories strike me because of how "St. Francis" they are. Sure, bits and pieces could have happened elsewhere, but not in the same way. They radiate the Franciscan spirit of this high school community, which cares enough to help students transform and succeed year after year after year.

I'm not exaggerating when I say, most visitors comment on the "feeling" of St. Francis when they enter the building, whether they are touring the school or delivering a package. We describe it as "community" and call it "The St. Francis Way." We sometimes take it for granted. But what makes this feeling palpable? Although it puzzled me initially, I've learned this "feeling" is Franciscan, and it reflects the spiritual gifts of our patron, Saint Francis of Assisi, who lived a radical life. He lived without worrying about impressing people around him. Instead, he loved his community. He forgave. He radiated joy. He cared in extreme ways for his brothers, the poor, even the animals. We say his Peace Prayer in school each day, and somehow the words manifest themselves as care, compassion, and hope in our classrooms. It's real. It's mysterious. And when I stop to think about it, it's staggering.

This Franciscan spirit helps students transform, academically and personally. Students receive care in this community. In turn, they let go and grow. Pope Francis says, "... never stop at the surface of things, especially when we are dealing with a person. We are called to look beyond, to focus on the heart to see how much generosity everyone is capable." Transformation happens here because teachers focus on students' hearts and capabilities. And at graduation, students radiate readiness for college and for life.

Call me to experience this Franciscan spirit (630) 668-5800 x1120. I'd love to meet you for coffee and a tour while school is in session.

Maureen Isphording, Director of Admissions

"I Am St. Francis"
Alumni-in-the-Workplace Perspective: Five Questions for Alex Boler, '06, Chicago Fire Soccer Club & Indiana University; and Sarah Quirk, '07, Call the Midwife Community Health Center & Vanderbilt University

Alumni Alex Boler, '06 and Sarah Quirk, '07, invited St. Francis students to Job Shadow them for a day. They donated career day opportunities to the St. Francis Auction last month, which were packaged for bidding along with Job Shadow invitations from other SFHS alums. Here are five questions for Alex and Sarah.

1. What is your current occupation? What college did you attend? What was your college major/minor?

Alex: Senior Manager of Team and Soccer Operations at the Chicago Fire Soccer Club. I attended Indiana University, majoring in Sport Marketing & Management and minoring in Business. In my current job, I'm responsible for all team and soccer operations for the players, coaches, and staff. I handle day-to-day logistics for training, scheduling, player relocation, family needs, meals, appearances, and travel.
Sarah: I am currently working as an Advanced Practice Nurse, specifically a Certified Nurse-Midwife at a community health center in Chicago. I received a Bachelor of Science from Vanderbilt University in an interdisciplinary social science called Human and Organizational Development with a minor in Spanish. I continued my studies at Vanderbilt School of Nursing and received a Master of Science in Nursing, specializing as a Nurse-Midwife/Family Nurse Practitioner.


2. How did St. Francis prepare you academically for your university studies? How did St. Francis prepare you for life?

Alex:St. Francis prepared me academically through their classes, which challenged me each day and made me think. Every teacher I had made my experiences in the classroom both enjoyable and challenging. St. Francis prepared me for life through the culture, environment, and experiences during my four years. The friendships I still have to this day, all because of St. Francis. I thank SFHS for that.
St. Francis prepared me academically by offering a range of honors and AP classes to challenge me and prepare me for the hard work at the college level. St. Francis prepared me for life with a community in which I could explore many different interests (studies, theater, athletics) and learn time management skills. I will always remember the strong community at St. Francis and the mission to serve others, which is still central in my life today working with an underserved community to provide access to quality and equitable healthcare.


3. What teachers stood out at SFHS? What memorable classes did you take?

Alex: I truly enjoyed every teacher I had. This shows how special St. Francis is and how great the teaching staff is. In my profession, the Spanish language is very important, and I really enjoyed my Spanish world language classes. Also, Consumer Ed with Mr. Lynch prepared me for the real world.
In general, I always liked math classes at St. Francis as well as all my time in theatre and choir classes. More specifically, I really enjoyed Mr. Harper's history classes. I still enjoy all things theatre and history today.


4. What is your favorite memory during your time at SFHS?

Alex: My favorite memories had to be in athletics with all my teammates and coaches. I played Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball at St. Francis. All the good and bad times with my teammates helped me to grow as a person. To represent St. Francis in athletics gave me great pride. The friendships built are something I will never forget.
I think Kairos is a very unique opportunity for personal and spiritual growth and remains one of my favorite memories from St. Francis. I also have great memories from the trip to France with my French teachers and classmates, which ignited my interest to learn about other cultures and my passion for travel. I also have great memories from the downstate trips for the Volleyball State Championship Finals.


5. You recently donated an SFHS Auction package inviting a current SFHS student to "shadow" you at work for a day. Why were you interested in giving back to SFHS? What is one word to describe your feeling toward St. Francis?

Alex: Giving back to St. Francis is easy because the school did so much for me. It gave me so many great memories and friendships that I still have today. I was able to coach Freshmen Basketball at St. Francis for five years after college because I wanted to be part of the culture and environment. St. Francis is very special to me. "I am FOREVER."
I think St. Francis shaped my personal development through the variety of opportunities offered, and I thought the shadowing experience might be an opportunity of interest to a student exploring a profession in healthcare. I am proud to be a SFHS alum because I feel my St. Francis experience provided a strong foundation for my future, and I value the memories and friendships that started there. "I am THANKFUL."

Alex Boler '06 at Chicago Fire game & Sarah Quirk '07

Only at St. Francis High School

Leadership Opportunities Build Skills and Interesting College Profiles

Many St. Francis High School students develop their leadership abilities by participating in five major Leadership Teams on campus. These groups organize some of the most foundational and popular school functions, events, and fundraisers. There's real work to be done, and because students earn so much valuable experience, their participation also adds interest to their college applications senior year. Students may participate as member-leaders and also apply to be executive-leaders within the teams. The size of SFHS allows students to dig deep and discover many facets of their leadership skills and talents. Here is an overview of the five major Leadership Teams at St. Francis High School:
  • National Honor Society (NHS): Honors students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character.  The selected participants of St. Francis High School's Chapter participate in school service, peer tutoring, and community service.
    Student Sam W., '19, NHS Officer:"One of the best things about NHS is the opportunity to help St. Francis, especially in the tutoring aspect. I like helping students academically. NHS requires community service and school service. I like that you can volunteer in ways you may not have the chance to do otherwise. NHS hosts the 8th grade Rise Up Leadership Conference, and I enjoyed participating in that day. I have also learned a lot about leadership and how to use my skills fairly and with patience."
  • Spartan Life: Composed of Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors who help Freshmen adjust to school with a steady schedule of visits and presentations to Freshman homerooms. Team members develop leadership skills while helping Freshmen to navigate high school with formal presentations, question and answer sessions, and casual advice.
    Student Mirabella F., '20:"I like helping out younger grades and assisting with their introduction to SFHS. I remember when I was a Freshman, and I felt this was impactful and very helpful. When we go in and speak with Freshmen classes, we try to be there for the students, and they seem to appreciate our advice."
  • Student Ambassador Leadership Team (SALT): Dedicated to serving and representing St. Francis High School, SALT members serve as school liaisons, spokespersons, and advocates. They develop leadership skills by working with administration, faculty, students, and the Admissions Office to promote the mission of St. Francis High School.
    Student Payton M., '19, SALT Executive Board Member:"I like sharing my love for the school with Future Spartans. I also have acquired skills I can use in the future and the real world."
  • Student Government: Plans school functions, fundraisers, popular events and dances, discusses life at St. Francis High School, and considers ways elected officers can make each year better for the SFHS student body. Students of all interests can develop strong leadership skills through involvement as well as a deeper sense of peer responsibility.
    Student Nick A., '20, Student Government Officer: "Some of the school's most popular events and ideas have sparked from Student Government, and we work hard to constantly improve and come up with new ideas to keep the St. Francis spirit alive in our community. Whether it's planning spirit days and pep rallies, or dances and donation drives, we have so much fun brainstorming and putting these special events together for our friends and classmates. It's rewarding to see all our hard work pay off. We learn informally how to plan, collaborate, and market our ideas and raising money for our community."
  • Student Ministry Team (SMT): Committed to living the talk and walking with Christ by loving God and loving others, Student Ministry Team members help prepare activities, lead retreats, and provide opportunities for the entire student body. SMT members learn tools to help and lead other students in their spiritual formation.
    Student Enzo R., '20: "I initially joined SMT because I was looking for spiritual growth and guidance. Although it can be a challenge to get up for the 6:45 a.m. Friday meetings, having a group where you can discuss real issues allows you to feel that you are not alone. Some days it is really enlightening, and I really appreciate the group. SMT members are good people. We spend a lot of time caring about the community, and our conversations center on how we can give back."

National Signing Day 

St. Francis High School celebrated the spring National Signing Day last week and applauds the accomplishments of the following student athletes who declared their intent to participate in college athletics. Congratulations, Spartans!
  • Nick Kosmetatos, Butler University, Baseball
  • Trevor Hicks, Benedictine University, Baseball
  • Nino Christopher, University of Tampa, Baseball
  • Bennett Eltoft, Scottsdale Community College, Baseball
  • Alexzandria Eytel, The University of Alabama, Dance
  • Daniel Skold, Augustana College, Football
  • Nick Armbrust, Bradley University, Golf
  • Hannah Rittenhouse, University of Iowa, Soccer
  • Jillian DiTusa, University of Southern Indiana, Soccer
  • Alex Guiborat, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Soccer
  • Carlee Clark, Southern Illinois University, Softball
  • Caroline Caesar, Hope College, Softball
  • Spencer Benedict, Grove City College, Swimming
  • Samantha Ward, Tufts University, Volleyball
  • Katelyn Hanrahan, St. Norbert's College, Volleyball
  • Skylar Lukowych, Maryville University of St. Louis, Volleyball
  • Sze En Tan, Stanford University, Gymnastics
The group includes six Division 3 athletes, three Division 2 athletes, and eight Division 1 athletes. During their time at SFHS, they have combined for 11 regional championships, six sectional championships, two super-sectional championships, two State final appearances, one 4th Place finish at State, one 2nd Place finish at State, and one state championship.

St. Francis Speaker Series Invites Prospective Parents

Each year, Guidance and Counseling offers powerful speakers on relevant topics and welcomes prospective parents to attend the events. See if this final session may make an impact with your family.

Exploring Ways to Restore, Replenish, and Refocus our Hearts and Minds: April 30, 8:00 a.m.
Our world is relentless and restless. What is the antidote when we feel uneasy, unquiet, and agitated? Explore ways to allow God to restore, replenish, and refocus our hearts and minds. By Diane Mercadante, Pastoral Minister at St. Francis High School
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