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Fr. Jim Olofson, Class of 2010, Receives Blessing from Former Teachers and School

Join Us On The St. Francis Path
"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible;
and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
Inspired by Saint Francis of Assisi
" Begin the High School Decision with Small Steps"
Sometimes parents agonize over high school admissions, and when they do I urge them not to worry, because a few small steps clarify this big decision. Starting this month, St. Francis High School will host a series of information sessions, open houses, tours, and shadow visits to help families explore St. Francis H.S. I love these events! They calm nerves and illuminate the question, "How is St. Francis H.S. right for my child?" Events extend through November, then end with the Entrance Exam on December 1, 2018. So, just for fun, I thought this issue's quote, inspired from Saint Francis of Assisi, could walk us through small steps that just may lead to a life-changing high school decision.
"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; 
and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

1: Start by doing what is necessary
Visit the website. The Admissions tab provides everything you need to know, including terms for first-time parents and test prep tips. Request information, preview the calendar, and register for events.
2: Then do what's possible
Attend a few Admissions events. There's no better way to understand St. Francis High School than by visiting campus. Here are major events:
  • Shadow Program-September through Thanksgiving, 7th and 8th graders shadow a student for the day, 7:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
  • Open House
    • Thursday, October 18, 6:30 p.m.
    • Sunday, November 4, 1:00 p.m.
  • Information Sessions
    • For Prospective Parents, 9/19 at 9:00 a.m. or 6:00 p.m.
    • The Transition from Public School, 11/13 at 9:00 a.m. or 6:00 p.m.
  • Campus Tours-Monday-Friday, any time, for parents and families.
  • Middle School Nights-Free Admission to varsity games.
    • Girls' Volleyball Middle School Night, 9/20, 6:00 p.m.
    • Football Middle School Night, 10/5, 7:30 p.m.
3: Then suddenly you're doing the impossible
Suddenly, a decision that once felt daunting reveals itself, just by exploring the St. Francis High School path. Remember, you may register for all events, including the Entrance Exam, on the website, please click here.
I can't wait to introduce you to the joys of St. Francis High School. As always, please call me with any questions.


Maureen Isphording, Director of Admissions

"I Am St. Francis"
The Perfect ACT Score Perspective: 5 Questions for Suman M., '19 and Nicholas K., '19, Seniors Who Earned a Perfect 36

1. How has SFHS helped you pursue your interests and achieve a perfect ACT score?

Nicholas:  Every year, I was able to take classes that interested me, such as art classes and, more recently, some programming classes. This has allowed me to explore my interests and shape what I want to do after high school. St. Francis also offers a free ACT practice test every year, which I took twice, and those sessions definitely helped to prepare me.
Suman:  During my sophomore and junior years, teachers would teach us strategies for the ACT.  In particular, my English teachers, Ms. Bradt and Mr. Gorski, and my math teacher, Ms. Abbott, helped me work through certain questions and provided me with extra practice.


2.  What activities are you involved in at SFHS? What Honors/AP classes are you taking this year?

Nicholas: I am involved in Math Team and Scholastic Bowl. This year, I am taking AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, AP English, AP Psychology, French IV Honors, Honors World Religions, and Honors Programming in Java.
Suman: At SFHS, I have been involved in Math Team, Swim Team, National Honor Society Executive Board, Scholastic Bowl, and Student Ambassador Leadership Team. This year, I am taking AP Calculus BC, AP Stats, AP Spanish, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Psychology, and Honors World Religions.


3.  What has been your favorite class at SFHS? Most challenging?

Nicholas: My favorite class would be Digital Art because I can relax and use my creativity. Also, Mrs. Doane, the teacher, is amazing. The most challenging class for me would have been AP Studio Art Drawing due to the immense workload and the all the time and effort needed to put into each project.
Suman: My favorite and most challenging class at SFHS has been AP Biology with Mrs. Dahle. The class moves at a quick pace and has a challenging workload, but Mrs. Dahle made it a very engaging learning environment. This class truly sparked my interest in learning more about the sciences in the future.


4. How does SFHS prepare you for the next level? What are your plans for next year?

Nicholas: The AP classes have certainly prepared me for college with the workload and the difficulty, but at the same time, the teachers are very supportive and guide us through what is expected. My plan for next year is to major in computer science.
Suman: Throughout my time at St. Francis, I have had the opportunity to take classes that are taught by lectures, projects, hands-on activities and more. Being exposed to this variety has helped prepare for different teaching styles in the future. Next year, I hope to major in the sciences with a focus on pre-med.


5. In your opinion, what is the best thing about SFHS?

Nicholas: Definitely the feeling of community and how everyone is supportive of each other, especially the teachers and faculty. Everyone's part of the community at St. Francis, and there are so many different ways to get involved with that community.
Suman: The St. Francis community of students and teachers is truly the best thing. Everyone is very caring and encouraging of each other, and the student body is extremely diverse, so it is exciting to see everyone's talents throughout the year.


Only at St. Francis High School
Guidance and Counseling Starts Year with Multiple Events to Meet College Prep Challenges

To prepare both students and parents for the demands of the school year, Director of Counseling Bridget Buckley believes in starting strong with "the multifaceted approach." "We offer  programs for students as well as parents so that everyone is hearing information as many times as possible," explains Buckley. "The beginning of the year is overwhelming, so we want to make sure everyone is comfortable and prepared, from the freshmen to the seniors."   

The year already began with Counseling visits with both Freshmen and Seniors.   

Start-Up Events for Freshmen
Event 1--Classroom Guidance Visits:
Counselors visited all Religion classes, explaining ways the Counseling department can assist with all kinds of freshman experiences. Counselors also visited English classes to review keys to academic success--time management, study skills, use of planners, homework completion, teacher communication and email awareness.   

Event 2--Coffee with the Counselors: 
August 30, counselors hosted "Coffee with the Counselors" to discuss Making a Successful Transition to High School with freshman parents. (If you missed this event, please email Guidance for a copy of the presentation.) Counselors Angelika Rupp and Jillian Pettenuzzo provided handouts and resources as well as tips to navigate typical freshman challenges, support freshmen at home, and utilize the assistance of Guidance and Counseling and SFHS resources. "Coffee with the Counselors" also gave parents a chance to meet others and develop supportive ties with other freshmen parents.   

Parent Insights: 
  • "I learned that freshman year is overwhelming for parents and students alike, and that's ok. The more information I have the better."
    -Addie Sheahin
  • "I found it very helpful to understand how frequently the counseling office is used. It is not just if the student has a 'real' issue. She can pop in to talk with someone even if she is feeling anxious about a test. It is great to understand there are people here who will just listen. I also appreciated the fact that my daughter will explore career options, at an introductory level, as a freshman."
    -Marguerite Gaul
  • "The more events I attend, the happier I feel that we chose St. Francis High School for my daughter."
    -Cari Swiatek
Event 3--Freshman SUCCESS Group:
Guidance and Counseling invites all freshmen to join "Freshman SUCCESS Group." Unique to St. Francis, SUCCESS encourages, supports, and arms freshmen students with opportunities to meet new people, learn study and test-taking techniques, and transition to high school successfully. The program last six weeks. Students register with their Counselor.

Start-Up Event for All
Event 1--"College Planning and Admissions" Parent Program
On September 4, Director of Counseling Bridget Buckley reviewed all information parents need to understand the key factors in college admission and selection. She reviewed the college, scholarship, and financial aid application process. For parents who have not yet used the Naviance College Connection program, Mrs. Buckley discussed the features of this program.  (Email Guidance if you were not able to attend and would like a copy of this presentation.)

Start-Up Events for Seniors
Event 1-- Classroom Guidance Visits:
Counselors visited English classes to review all aspects of the college application process, including the online Common Application and Naviance College Connection program.    

Event 2-- Coffee with the Counselors:
Thursday, September 13, 9:00 a.m. to Noon, Rosmonowski Room
Director Bridget Buckley and Counselor Adam Lindley will help senior parents understand all aspects of the college application and admissions process. Topics will include steps for completing college applications, using Naviance, requesting recommendations and transcripts, understanding the Common Application, and seeking scholarships. There will be time for questions and discussion.  

You're Invited 
Executive Functioning Workshop

A hands-on workshop for parents and students in grades 6-12
Wednesday, October 3, 2018

5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
at St Francis High School
Cost: $50 per student/parent team
Many students need help developing executive functioning skills like organization, time management, studying, and note-taking. These skills are often the missing link to success  in school and life.
This practical and hands-on workshop offers a chance for parents and students to:
  • Be introduced to executive functioning skills
  • Organize binders, OneNote folders and school materials (please bring your student's Surface Pro)
  • Learn study and note-taking skills
  • Build effective homework routines as a student-parent team
  • Get tips and tricks for managing time effectively
To learn more, contact Mrs. Rupp at or Jeanne Rerucha from Nurturing Wisdom Tutoring Services at . To sign up please go to:



Upcoming Events
Campus Tours:
Call (630) 668-5800 for reservations

Shadow at SFHS
 Click here to register

September 19
Information Session for Prospective Parents; Sessions 

September 20
Volleyball Middle School Night

October 5
Football Middle School Night

October 18
Open House at 6:30 p.m.

November 4
Open House at 1:00 p.m.

December 1
Class of 2023 Entrance Exam


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St. Francis High School Fast Facts

Enrollment: 720
CLASS OF 2018-
100% of graduates were accepted to colleges or universities
Earned $33 million in college scholarships

72% of faculty have advanced degrees
Class of 2018 average ACT score = 27 
117 Full year and semester course offerings
20 Honors courses
14 Advanced Placement (A.P.) courses

98% student participation in at least one activity
24 sports programs
10th Place Division 2A State Math Team
65% of students participate in the performing arts
66% of students participate in athletic programs 

Provides opportunity for prayer and worship, retreats, justice and service, ministry leadership formation, pastoral care, and community building

SFHS Bus Service 

St. Francis High School offers bus transportation. The school provides two-way bus service in the northern, western and southern suburbs, with students arriving to St. Francis High School by 7:25 a.m. and departing school after the Activity Period at 3:15 p.m.   

For more information, fees, route schedules or questions, please contact Bob Gorski at (630) 668-5800 x1138 or at 

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