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Student Directed Broadway Revue

Join Us On The St. Francis Path
"Be patient in tribulation, humble in prosperity,
and so you will always triumph
Saint Francis of Assisi
" Attending High School Events Helps Decisions Form Naturally"

You're Invited Wednesday 9/19, 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
"Information Sessions for Prospective Parents"
Wouldn't we all like a "sneak peek" when making decisions? Just a quick glimpse of what a future situation may look like could help us understand more about the decisions before us. When it comes to making the high school decision, I recommend attending all types of events and admissions activities to gradually introduce families to our high school culture and allow decisions to form in natural, stress-free ways.
Parents of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, please join us tomorrow for a glimpse of St. Francis High School from teachers, students, parents, and staff. St. Francis High School is hosting "Information Sessions for Prospective Parents," and I hope to meet you at either the morning or evening session. I highly recommend the event's interactive, informal format because it will allow you to feel out the fit by hearing from our parents and students, touring the school, and asking lots of questions. Visiting is the best way to become truly acquainted with a school to see how it matches your student's college prep goals. And attending events with various formats, such as this event plus the more formal Open House (in October and November), will reduce anxiety and help you understand the opportunities available as you visualize the St. Francis High School option for your family.
I hope to see you tomorrow. Attend either the morning session 9:00 a.m. register here; or evening session 6:00 p.m. register here. As always, please contact me with any questions or to schedule a shadow visit if you can't make tomorrow's event. I look forward to meeting you soon!


Maureen Isphording, Director of Admissions

"I Am St. Francis"
The Dual Perspective: Faculty/Staff AND Parents Who Sent Their Children to St. Francis High School

Imagine learning the "inside scoop" about St. Francis High School from faculty/staff who not only work here but also understand the school from the eyes of an SFHS parent. There are 20 current faculty/staff who chose St. Francis High School for their 41 collective children (representing 14 middle schools and 13 towns). We thought you'd appreciate hearing from the Parents/Staffers we caught up with, especially because their collective experience at St. Francis H.S. amounts to a whopping 296 years. They have a lot to say! Enjoy these perspectives, and join SFHS faculty and students this Wednesday to hear more at the Information Sessions for Prospective Parents, 9:00 a.m. or 6:00 p.m.

1. Why did you choose SFHS for your child(ren)?

Dan Holleman (Dean of Students): After my first year working at SFHS, my wife and I knew that Ryan would receive the best education possible if he attended SFHS. The teachers really do make a difference, and it was evident early on that they all put the students first. SFHS teachers treat all students as if they are their own children.
Kate Kolasinski '95 Doane (Performing & Visual Arts) : I wanted my daughter to experience being part of this community, experience the personalized education we offer here, grow in her spirituality, and give her a challenge to rise up to.
Jeff Gerdeman '87 (Director of Technology): We chose SFHS for a variety of reasons, most importantly because St. Francis is a well-rounded institution with excellent academics, sports, performing arts, etc. There is a place for everybody. In addition, I take great comfort in the fact that SFHS is a place "where everybody knows your name." Teachers and classmates know - and care - about each other.
Lisa Ston (Mathematics): The teachers and students build great relationships, which help the students flourish academically and beyond their years at SFHS. St. Francis provides an excellent education and an abundance of extracurricular opportunities, therefore each child can find something to get involved in.  The community atmosphere at St Francis is so prevalent.  
Peg Kopec (Physical Education): Working at St. Francis gave me a bird's eye view at all of the wonderful opportunities provided to SF students. I saw the heart of the faculty and community and wanted that environment for my children.


2. Explain how your child thrived at SFHS. (i.e. amount of activities, pursued passion, etc.)

Chris Konchel (Business Office, Theater): All 3 of my kids pursued a college degree based on a teacher or experience here at SFHS. 
Patty Dahle (Science): My sons thrived both academically and athletically. Matthew was involved in several activities, but his shining moment was running in the state competition for Track in the 4x4 Relay. He is currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin Madison studying Statistics, Economics and Math. Michael was also involved in several extracurricular activities and also had shining moments. He ran in the state Cross Country competition and started the Video Game Club at SFHS. He is currently a sophomore at Central Michigan University where he is studying Computer Science.
Beth Erazmus '89 Wiborg (International Student Program): Each of our children have thrived in so many ways. My oldest is now passionate about learning. The SFHS teachers were always available to help, and she became an advocate for her own education. My middle daughter has a goal to go into medicine, but she is enjoying participating in her business classes and participating in the stock market competition. My freshman is experiencing all things new (new teachers, new curriculum, new friends, new expectations), and the teachers are gently and compassionately helping him along his way.  
Debbie Quirk (Advancement): The size of SFHS lets a student be involved in more than one activity at a time, allowing them opportunity to explore, experience, and pursue their interests. Our four children participated in everything-from plays and musicals to sports, pastoral ministry, NHS, and math team.

3. How is/did SFHS prepare your child for college and beyond?

Mary McCarthy (Mathematics): Our daughters were totally prepared for college. They had good study and time management skills. They also knew exactly how to ask for help, use the resources available at college, and advocate for themselves.
Kate Michel '92 Kowalski (Social Studies, English):  Without question, my daughter is being academically prepared for college, but she also is getting the part that is really important to me, which is learning acceptance of others, empathy for everyone, and appreciation for her blessings.
Mike Harper (Social Studies): Both kids' college choices were/are everything they wanted. St. Francis' academic rigor really motivated my kids to work tremendously hard academically. Drew was accepted to every school he applied to and chose Syracuse as an architecture major. It is the 3rd ranked architecture program in the country. He made the dean's list in his recently completed freshman year. Margaret is in the application process currently and we are confident her choices will be many, thanks to her experience at St. Francis.
Katie Lembas (Mathematics): Lily is currently a sophomore at Notre Dame and thriving beyond my expectations. She was able to go straight into Calc 3 after receiving a 5 on her AP Calc BC test. (Thank you, Math Department Teachers). She is very involved there as she was here and is pursuing a major in Civil Engineering (Thank you, Science Department Teachers). She also is in the Marching Band (Thank you, Performing & Visual Arts Teachers). She is using her degree in a service oriented way (Thank you, all of Religion & Pastoral Ministry) and was accepted as part of the Kellogg International Scholars and ND SEED programs. There, she will be doing research and writing grant proposals (Thank you, English English Department Teachers) to support her service in building a bridge in Bolivia next summer. Thank you, St. Francis, for providing all of the above mentors and knowledge allowing Lily to succeed in college and in life overall! I am thrilled for my younger children to have such mentors and a quality education.  

4. In your opinion, what is the best thing about SFHS?

Tom Malouf (Religion) : Community culture that is fostered by every department and the solid leadership.
Mari Myers (World Languages): The commitment teaching the student as a whole, academically, spiritually, and personally. 
Peg Kopec: St. Francis has so many gifts to choose from: faith, academics, athletics, and activities. The quality that truly unites all of these into the St. Francis experience is our great community. It is almost visual. We are encouraged daily to follow in the footsteps of Saint Francis and Saint Clare. Whether it is faculty, students, alumni, or parents, this caring community is truly inspiring.
John Schuller (Religion): The primary reason I've sent my kids to St. Francis is to experience the wonder and joy of a Catholic education that fully integrates mind, body and, most importantly, Spirit. It is my hope and fervent prayer that my kids carry these St. Francis memories with them for the rest of their lives.
Joe Duffy (Business & Technology): The best thing was and continues to be the dedicated faculty and staff that make SFHS what it is! 
Mike Harper (Social Studies): The kids.

5. Any take-home insights about choosing SFHS for your children?

Mary McCarthy : Strong academics, amazing teachers, small size that allows opportunity to be very involved, retreats and service, the list goes on and on.
Jeff Gerdeman '87: My oldest recently graduated from the University of Michigan, and I truly believe SFHS and its wonderful teachers prepared him for such a fine university. Meanwhile, my son John has done so well that he went from 1 honors class as an incoming freshman to 5 honors classes to start his sophomore year.
Dan Holleman: The best thing about SFHS truly are the teachers, coaches, and staff. Their teaching goes above and beyond the content in the classroom. They help to develop the whole person starting from day one. Whether it's going to a game, watching a play, completing service projects together and the many other extra things our faculty do, students are given the opportunity to shine no matter what their interests are. This is what separates us from other high schools, and I could not be more grateful for what they have done for my son.
Kate Michel '92 Kowalski:  It was the best gift I could give my children-to come here.
Not pictured Joe Duffy, Kate Kowalski, Chris Konchel, Katie Lembas, Debbie Quirk

Only at St. Francis High School

Classroom Spotlight for Parents - Introducing Freshman Religion with Mrs. Jenny Stiefel

Religion I: God's Revelation
Grade Level: 9
Required for Graduation, 1 Credit
God's Revelation helps St. Francis High School freshmen understand how God gave Himself to humankind through mystery, His plan of love, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
Teacher Jenny Stiefel:  "We are introducing genres in Scripture and learning how different genres can teach different lessons. Examples range from song lyrics and Psalms, short wisdom sayings and Proverbs, etiologies and origin stories."
Semester 1: Students begin the year by understanding Scripture and becoming familiar with the major sections of the Bible as well as books in each section. Classes focus on Old Testament stories and the many ways they reveal God's call and promise.
Semester 2: Students delve more deeply into the mystery of Jesus (God's ultimate revelation) and learn about the Gospels, who Jesus is, and what He calls them to be.
Making It Personal:  "I asked my classes to bring to mind a favorite childhood story. We discussed the truths in the stories and their purposes, which have a more meaningful way of teaching truths vs. just stating a lesson. For example in "Goodnight Moon" the truths in the story-saying goodnight at the end of the day and being grateful for everything around us- are important lessons and convey important truths. We then connect these truths to genres in Scripture."
Lauren A.: "I brought in a book "Corduroy" and it in the book the bear is trying to find a lost button. The message I take away is how you should put your faith in God and you will find your way. Corduroy was almost caught by a guard and had obstacles along the way, and a message is we should believe in God and believe in Him more than we already do."
Sam A.: "I choose the book "How Do I Love You." It was a book my mom always read to me when I was younger. I connected the message from the book to Religion that God loves everyone in the world - there is no ending to how much He loves everyone. I enjoyed the activity because it was cool to see all of the books the kids brought in and to connect to everyone else and see their different points of view and their childhood memories."

Club Spotlight for Parents - Introducing Culinary Club
Culinary Club
Open to: All students as personal schedules permit
Meets: Monthly during Activity Period
(Activity Period dismissal is at 3:10 p.m.; practices/rehearsals begin at 3:15 p.m.)
Moderators: Ms. Susan Fairhead, Mrs. Tia Holinger
Fun, food, and friends. Those three serve as motivation each month for students who like to socialize, eat, and cook.
September Theme: Warm Up to Fall
Date: Monday, September 17
Club members tested out easy slow cooker recipes after school.
Ella M., '22: "I really like to bake and cook and I thought this would be a great fit. It's been awesome to meet new people and then I know the students in classes as well. I liked the Chex Mix we made - I will definitely use the recipe in the future!"
Ryan B., '22: "I like cooking a lot and it's a great way to broaden my skill set. I have met new people and that's a huge benefit. Ms. Fairhead and Mrs. Holinger supply recipes, but we can make suggestions. It's a great club!"

SFHS Summer Improvements

Resurfaced Tennis Courts
Thank you everyone who supported the 9th annual Spirit & Pride Golf Outing. Proceeds helped us to realize our goal and resurface the courts!

New Slantdome Blinds
Thank you to all families who contributed to last year's Fund-a-Cause at the Ensuring Our Future's Auction. We are excited to announce the completed installation of beautiful window coverings. Each covering is automated for better use and comfort in the Slant dome.



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St. Francis High School Fast Facts

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CLASS OF 2018-
100% of graduates were accepted to colleges or universities
Earned $33 million in college scholarships

72% of faculty have advanced degrees
Class of 2018 average ACT score = 27 
117 Full year and semester course offerings
20 Honors courses
14 Advanced Placement (A.P.) courses

98% student participation in at least one activity
24 sports programs
10th Place Division 2A State Math Team
65% of students participate in the performing arts
66% of students participate in athletic programs 

Provides opportunity for prayer and worship, retreats, justice and service, ministry leadership formation, pastoral care, and community building

SFHS Bus Service 

St. Francis High School offers bus transportation. The school provides two-way bus service in the northern, western and southern suburbs, with students arriving to St. Francis High School by 7:25 a.m. and departing school after the Activity Period at 3:15 p.m.   

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