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"My God and my All! I wish to love You. "
Saint Francis of Assisi
"High Schools that Change Lives? You Bet!"
Can the right high school fit change your life? It's a great question, and given my experience at various high schools, I vote "yes!" Education writer and college consultant, the late Loren Pope, advises families to "be bold," "set your expectations high" and "don't listen to blather" when discerning school fit. "College isn't just about the end result. It's also about the means, the process, the path you take ..." writes Pope in "Colleges that Save Lives." "If the path is right for you-you'll be a sharper, wiser, and better prepared adult."
To find a life-changing fit, Pope says to pay attention to how a school educates its students. Pope's litmus test? Look for a school that meets these descriptions:
  1. Won't let you hide from your potential or yourself
  2. Focuses on the student
  3. Teaching is an act of love
  4. Students and faculty work closely together
  5. Community matters
"A good school is an extended family," said Pope in a 2007 New York Times interview. "The learning is collaborative, not competitive. It's a community of learning, and values are central." He continued, "It is these circumstances that develop leaders, people who land on their feet, people who are bold and imaginative and who can see the big picture."

Is it any wonder I thought of St. Francis High School when I browsed this popular book? These factors describe the St. Francis journey, a path combining distinctive community spirit, unlimited opportunities, and exceptional college prep. I invite you to visit and see the difference. There are so many opportunities, beginning this Friday with free admission to Football Middle School Night ( click here to register )  as well as the first Open House October 18 at 6:30 p.m. Come explore the St. Francis High School path. It could change your child's life.


Maureen Isphording, Director of Admissions

"I Am St. Francis"
The National Merit Semifinalists' Perspective: 5 Questions for Nick G., '19 and Ryan M., '19

Congratulations to seniors Nicholas G. and Ryan M., semifinalists in the National Merit Scholarship Program. Nicholas and Ryan join about 16,000 other Semifinalists, representing 1.25% from the Class of 2019 of more than 22,000 high schools who entered the 2019 National Merit Scholarship Program by taking the fall 2017 PSAT exam as juniors. National Merit Finalists will be announced in March 2019.

1. Grade School attended? Activities involved in at SFHS? Collegiate plans?
Nick: I attended All Saints Catholic Academy. Activities at St. Francis: 4 years of Varsity Soccer, National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society, Student Ambassador Leadership Team, Engineering Club, CapSim Business Club, Eucharistic Ministry. In college, I plan on majoring in Applied Math or Statistics at either University of Notre Dame, Stanford University, University of Michigan or Northwestern University.
Ryan: I attended St. Isidore School in Bloomingdale. I'm currently involved in Music Ensemble/Rock Band, Student Government, Math Team, National Honor Society, and Engineering Club. In terms of my academic plans, I'm interested in studying biomedical engineering at schools such as Duke University, Northwestern University, and University of Illinois Urbana Champaign.

2. Most challenging or favorite class/teacher?
Nick: AP U.S. History was my most challenging AND favorite class. Mr. Harper is a demanding teacher and the class required a lot of work, yet he still made APUSH very enjoyable. I was fully prepared for the AP exam, and I walked away from the course with a new appreciation for our country's history.
Ryan: I always look forward to starting my day by playing guitar in Music Ensemble. I appreciate Music Ensemble because it's an opportunity for musicians such as myself who don't play traditional school band instruments yet want to develop their talent and passion in high school. I definitely enjoy the uniqueness of the class and always look forward to learning a new rock song for football games or perfecting worship music for school masses.

3. What is your favorite memory during your time at SFHS?
Nick: My favorite memory at St. Francis was making it to Super Sectionals my freshman year for Soccer. The game was in Peoria, over a couple hours away, but the overwhelming support from St. Francis students, parents, faculty, and staff was awesome.
Ryan: I'll always remember playing for music ensemble at Downtown Disney during the school band trip to Disney World.

4. How has SFHS prepared you to excel in your areas of interest?
Nick: St. Francis offers demanding Honors and AP courses for its students, and taking several of these courses has prepared me for the workload of a top university. These classes have subsequently taught me time management as well. I have learned how to balance a rigorous academic schedule along with numerous extra-curricular activities.
Ryan: SFHS has prepared me for future success by offering AP college-level classes in many academic areas. For example, I've taken AP classes in subjects as different as statistics and English literature. Not only have I taken advantage of SFHS's well-rounded curriculum, but I have also taken many AP courses pertinent to my interest in biomedical engineering such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Calculus. In addition, the SFHS Music Ensemble has allowed me to experience practicing and performing music in a group setting, which is a skill I consider essential for my future musical endeavors.

5. Why are you glad you choose SFHS for your high school experience?
Nick: I am glad I chose St. Francis because the school has exposed me to countless different subjects and possible college majors. I was able to explore the specific career paths of economics, accounting, statistics, and engineering through various courses, and this ultimately helped me discover my passion for what I want to study in college. "I am SHAPED BY St. Francis."
Ryan: I'm glad I chose SFHS because I feel like I really have a place here. Whether I'm playing guitar at a basketball game or leading student government meetings as senior class president, I know that every day I contribute to the SFHS student life in my own way. Whenever I take a moment to reflect on how students and faculty all around me find meaning in their own passions at SFHS, I realize it's clear that the rest of the community also feels this sense of belonging. "I am GRATEFUL."

Only at St. Francis High School
Classroom Spotlight for Parents - Introducing "Rock Band" with Mr. Bob Mamminga

Music Ensemble (aka Rock Band)
Eligible Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Prerequisite: Audition
Students may enroll in this course more than once, 1 Credit
Maybe you've seen "Rock Band" perform at St. Francis football games? Or heard them at a community event? These students take the Music Ensemble course at St. Francis High School, refining their musical interests with a most unique high school experience. The course provides opportunity for the advanced solo musician on piano, guitar, bass, vocals, and drums. In addition to improving individual skills, Music Ensemble students learn to play with other musicians, play great music-from Rolling Stones to Bruce Springsteen, Ramones to Red Hot Chili Peppers-and they're really good! These students, along with Wind Ensemble students, comprise the school's premier band, performing at various school games and functions as well as in the community. When you see them, you'll remember.
Teacher Bob Mamminga: "Although called 'Rock Band' by students, our technical name is Music Ensemble because that term incorporates the many styles of music we play, from rock to blues to Christian contemporary to different time periods to folk music. Students greatly enjoy having an outlet to participate in a nontraditional setting. If you decide to learn to play the guitar, a student can take Guitar 1 & 2 here at school and then move on to Rock Band. Skilled musicians and vocalists also thrive in this high-achieving class."
Bass Player Owen O., '19: "I wanted to join Rock Band because I have a passion for music and was inspired by the Rock Band groups before me. I love playing at school events and going to this class. Everything is so cool and totally different from any other high school band you see. It's a really special experience."
Vocalist Maggie M., '19: "I have been in choir all four years, and the people who did Rock Band before me always would say how much fun it was. Performing in front of the whole school is amazing. It's an awesome experience, and everyone in the band is so fun. We're like a family. I could never have imagined I'd be in this role. I decided to do choir freshman year, then went out on a limb and auditioned for Rock Band this year. It's been a crazy ride, and I love the experience."


Club Spotlight for Parents - Introducing SADD
SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)
Open to: All students as personal schedules permit
Meets: Monthly during Activity Period
(Activity Period is 2:35-3:10 p.m.; practices/rehearsals begin at 3:15 p.m.)
Moderator: Ms. Angelika Rupp

Focusing on topics of monthly awareness, student SADD members promote positive decision making in positive ways. According to the national SADD organization, "SADD empowers young people to successfully confront the risks and pressures that challenge them." St. Francis SADD students do this in tight community with lots of student support as they promote lifelong skills, discuss the tough issues, and inspire students to respond in healthy ways.
Student Elena C, '20: "I really like SADD because as a high school student, we face a lot of pressures. We encourage people to take a step away from that and focus on making their lives good and healthy. We sponsor fun activities and deliver empowering messages to the student body about stepping away from bad decisions. Every month there is a theme - from Drug/Alcohol Awareness to Mental Health and Suicide Prevention. I'm really proud to be a part of this club."
Student Anna C., '20: "I really enjoy helping people through this club, especially through the mental health awareness activities. We do a lot in SADD. Currently, we are preparing for Red Ribbon Week in October."

SADD Members Preparing for Red Ribbon Week

Did You Know? SFHS National Honor Society Offers Peer Tutoring Sessions

National Honor Society members serve all St. Francis students by tutoring throughout the school day, free of charge and no appointment needed. Although three afternoons focus on Freshman core classes, any student may chat with tutors, who are active Junior and Senior NHS members. Students may visit NHS Tutors in the cafeteria during most study halls or in the library before/after school and during 4th and 5th periods. It's easy, it's free, and if students need a little enlightenment, it helps!



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St. Francis High School Fast Facts

Enrollment: 720
CLASS OF 2018-
100% of graduates were accepted to colleges or universities
Earned $33 million in college scholarships

72% of faculty have advanced degrees
Class of 2018 average ACT score = 27 
117 Full year and semester course offerings
20 Honors courses
14 Advanced Placement (A.P.) courses

98% student participation in at least one activity
24 sports programs
10th Place Division 2A State Math Team
65% of students participate in the performing arts
66% of students participate in athletic programs 

Provides opportunity for prayer and worship, retreats, justice and service, ministry leadership formation, pastoral care, and community building

SFHS Bus Service 

St. Francis High School offers bus transportation. The school provides two-way bus service in the northern, western and southern suburbs, with students arriving to St. Francis High School by 7:25 a.m. and departing school after the Activity Period at 3:15 p.m.   

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