A Message from our Pastor.

This is a time of uncertainty, suddenly nothing is normal anymore. Parents and kids are stuck at home and to make things more complicated, nobody is allowed to attend Mass on Sundays for the next three weeks. And the question in everybody's minds is "what's next?" 
As I have mentioned at Church, the use of common sense is vital to endure this pandemic. Most importantly is not to panic, but to get on your knees and pray, fast and listen to the experts' advice on this matter. This is a good way to survive this difficult time. God never abandons his people. So let's keep praying, and as much as we can let's have a life in the privacy of our homes. Get to know yourselves better. Get to know your families better. Do something fun; don't allow a virus or anything else to steal your peace and joy that comes from God. Remember, being away from others or not having a normal life is tough, but we have no idea how worse it can be if we don't do our part. 
Below is a list of opportunities we can still do to have some sacraments and some time for prayers. 

I will make myself available to hear confessions on Friday, March 20th from 9 AM to 7 PM no appointment necessary. Saturday confessions remain at the normal schedule of 3:30 PM. Please keep everyone in your prayers at this time.

Adoration is canceled, but I will have bilingual Stations of the Cross at 3 PM every Friday so parishioners can follow from their homes with their families. The Blessed Sacrament will be exposed during this time. 

Also, please join me (on my Facebook page @PadreJuan Anzora) today for a live bilingual Rosary at 4 PM to join Pope Francis to pray for the victims and the end of COVID 19. 

Por favor acompáñenme a las 4 PM (Facebook @PadreJuan Anzora) a rezar el santo rosario junto al Papa Francisco por las víctimas y la erradicación del COVID 19.

A las 2 PM celebraré la Misa en español y estaré en vivo por este medio. Únanse conmigo para pedirle a San José que nos defienda e interceda por la iglesia en este tiempo de incertidumbre.

Fr. Juan

This email contains weekly news and updates from our Parish. If you have any questions about any of the activities mentioned above, please contact Laura in our front office at 770-382-4549, and she will be happy to provide any clarification.