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Parish Life

Imagine you and your children enjoying the summer playing after work with their friends. Fun times.  Now imagine school starts in September and you are laid off from work for being late because you have to put your children on the school bus before you can go to work. Late 15-30 minutes and you lose your job. Now the struggles begin. Bills start to back up as you look for work. You are interviewing but need to have something that allows you to be there when the children go to school. You are to the point of selling your car to make this months rent and pawning your TV to pay the electric bill, which had been exceptionally high last month due to the hot weather. You've asked your family and friends to help, and you are still coming up short.  Your latest interview went well and it looks like the new job is getting to be a reality.  But, that first paycheck won't come for a few more weeks. What do you do?
These are the types of situations that SVdP is called on to assist.  We help with the rent, utilities, and food. This is how your contributions are aiding our community.
Thanks again for contributing to the SVdP monthly collection. Thank you for your continued prayers for all those families that are touched by your generosity. Your generosity enables our ministry here at St Francis of Assisi to continue.
This month we are in need of soups, jelly, cereal and canned tuna / chicken. Please place them in the red wagon  as you enter the church. 

Anyone Wishing to Become a New Member of St. Francis
If you would like to become a member of our Parish, please visit  stfac.org and click on the Forms tab to download our parish registration form. You can pick up a Welcome Packet at our Welcome and Connect Desk in the Narthex.


Lift Every Voice
The Catholic Lay Interparish Partnership (CLIP) invites each of you to lift your voice to tell the next Archbishop of Atlanta what you care about as the Church moves forward.  United in our love of God, our faith, and each other, we urge you to take this 7- 15 minute survey:  http://bit.ly/AquinasClipSurvey .  CLIP is an Interparish group of concerned Catholics who care about their faith and the future of the Church.  Formed in response to the abuse and leadership crisis of 2018, the group seeks increased accountability, transparency, and co-responsibility (i.e., cooperation between clergy and laity) in the administration of church affairs.
To learn more about CLIP and its mission, please see the article in The Georgia Bulletin:   https://georgiabulletin.org/news/2019/10/clip-advocating-for-better-collaboration-between-church-leaders-laity/

This email contains weekly news and updates from our Parish. If you have any questions about any of the activities mentioned above, please contact Laura in our front office at 770-382-4549 and she will be happy to provide any clarification.