June 21, 2018
My Word – July 4th

It is the 242 nd anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. We’ve been running a feature the last couple of weeks about the lives of some of the signers of that Declaration. It will conclude next week, and I’m sure that you may be already tired of my talking about it, but I want to bend your ears just a bit longer on this topic.

What you may not know is that I attended the Virginia Theological Seminary, which was founded by a fellow by the name of Francis Scott Key. Being a baseball fan, I’ve attended games of a minor league team, located in Frederick, Maryland. Their stadium sits right across the road (literally) from the grave of that illustrious man. When, at the beginning of every game, they play the national anthem, the notes float over his grave, I like to think, assuring him of the continuing vitality and health of the country he so famously lauded.

July 4 th is a Major Holy Day for the Episcopal Church. For some folks that may prove puzzling. After all, why would we celebrate a secular event such as that? Or some may find it political in a way that could cause division. I will admit that I’ve puzzled over it for a bit, myself—not objecting, just wondering.

However, the matter is really much clearer than it may appear. 242 years ago, something new appeared on this planet, something that had never been tried before. A nation was born, “dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal,” a nation forged out of an idea, coupled with the firm resolve to allow each of us to pursue that idea in our own manner and in our own understanding.

We Episcopalians have long understood that while it is certainly possible to be a Christian under any form of political or social arrangement, Freedom and Democracy best nourish its flourishing and its vitality. I may agree or disagree with any particular act or policy of our government. I may, at times, feel pride, or sometimes shame, at how a particular politician, or government official may act. Over the years of my life, I have often felt both.

However, the calling of the American people is not to a particular political party, nor to a particular governmental policy. We exist to keep alive that ideas of freedom and democracy for the world. We have been used by Almighty Providence for a special purpose.  Just so, St. Francis is a special place, used by God for a purpose. Over the coming holiday, I hope that you are able to see spectacular fireworks, enjoy some outdoor cooking and time with family. Remember, though, what the holiday you are celebrating represents; and remember that God is neither done with the United States, nor with St. Francis Episcopal Church. 

-Fr David Krause

Recently we ordered flowers, nothing fancy, but with tax and delivery charge, ended up paying $75.00! Flower prices have gone up !

As a result the cost of our Sunday flowers has increased. We had been paying $40 for the two arrangements. The cost is now $30 for each arrangement, so $60 for two. If that is not in your budge, consider two individuals or families giving together. Another possibility would be a ministry or group contributing together for an occasion.
As we continue to let the work of listening to God to discover His desires for St. Francis, let us pray:
Gracious Father, we pray for thy holy Catholic Church. Fill it with all truth, in all truth with all peace. Where it is corrupt, purify it; where it is in error, direct it; where in any thing it is amiss, reform it. Where it is right, strengthen it; where it is in want, provide for it; where it is divided, reunite it; for the sake of Jesus Christ thy Son our Savior. Amen. (Book of Common Prayer, Page 816 )
Open to All
You are invited to submit to your prayer requests here, which will be received by office staff and included in the Parish prayer list. If received after 4:00pm on Wednesdays, or your indicate that you would prefer to keep your prayer confidential, a member of the clergy will address your prayer privately.

There has been some confusion about people to be prayed for listed in the Sunday bulletin. THIS LIST IS SEPARATE FROM THE PRAYER WARRIORS' GROUP, although some of the names may appear on both. 

The Sunday Bulletin list was set up on a month-to-month basis. At the beginning of each month the previous list is cleared. New names may be added throughout the month, but are cleared at the end of each month. This method helps us pray for people who are currently in need.

If you want someone on the Sunday List for an indefinite period of time, you will need to add them again at the beginning of each month. You can also call the Prayer Warriors to let them know if you want someone prayed for an indefinite period of time, but their name will not automatically appear on the list in the bulletin). 

To request a prayer to be listed in the bulletin, please call Frances at
(254) 773-4255 or email her at stfrancis@stfrancistempletx.org
For the Prayer Warriors, please contact Roiann Ludlow at (254) 913-3555 or (254) 780-1527 or by email  roipat@sbcglobal.net .
All are Welcome
9:30am: Holy Eucharist Rite II

9:30am: Children's Chapel

10:30am: Hospitality
(Coffee and Conversation
A Note from Deacon Tamara
Did you know that home fires are the single most common form of disaster that we face? When someone’s home burns, they lose everything, including lives of family members or beloved pets.

Sound the Alarm is a Red Cross National Home Fire Campaign to help reduce home fire injuries and fatalities by offering free smoke alarms.

Volunteers are needed to assist with installing alarms and educating residents. Here are the details:

Date: Saturday, July 28
Time: 10:00am–4:00pm

This is a great opportunity to be out in the community taking care of our neighbors. Please save the date and as it gets closer I will have more details about how to volunteer.
Property Committee
Project Update
  • Jerry Allen will take the lead on the sheetrock repair of the vesting room. We’ll also freshen paint and clean carpet while the room is cleared out. Let Mickey or Jerry know if you’re willing to help. Time for this Workday has not yet been determined.

  • A few of us have begun cleaning out the metal building storage. It’s cleaner, but now needs a Work Party to get shelving units and organizers and ladders out of the old building. Holler if you can help
  • We still need someone to mount the AED box on the wall in the main hall, outside Frances’ office.
2018 Backpack Buddies
We Have Been Asked This Year to Provide for 50 Elementary Students
For a number of years, St. Francis has participated in a community wide project to provide backpacks and school supplies for some of the less fortunate children in the Temple school district. We have been asked this year to provide supplies for 50 first grade boys and girls.

The cost of an average backpack and supplies is approximately $40.

We ask that you consider sponsoring a child or several children. Having a new backpack and a complete set of supplies will enable these children to feel special and will give them a great start to their learning experience. There will be a sign-up list in the parish hall after each Sunday service beginning this Sunday, June 24th and continuing until July 29th. When you sign up, you will be given the supply list, and an identification card to attach to the backpack.

If you prefer, you may give a check donation with "BACKPACK BUDDIES” written in the memo space, but we encourage you to shop for your student.

Thank you for your continued support of this ministry.
God Bless, Backpack Buddies Chairs
Karen Fredenburg & Heidi Couchman

Almighty God, you have built your Church upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone: Grant us so to be joined together in unity of spirit by their teaching, that we may be made a holy temple acceptable to you; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

( Book of Common Pray e  r Page 230 )

Lectionary for this Sunday

Sunday, July 1

  • 9:30am: Holy Eucharist Rite II

Tuesday, July 3
  • There will be no Tuesday Solace for the month of July

Wednesday, July 4
  • Parish Office will be closed. Happy Fourth of July

Thursday, June 21
  • 9:00am: Garden Day
The Search Progress
While some folks may think that this process is taking longer than it ought to, and others may wonder why we just can’t simply keep the priest that we currently have, the search process is steadily and surely moving forward. In June the Vestry received the results of the Holy Cow Survey, which resulted in a multitude of data sets, which the Vestry is currently analyzing and discussing. The wealth of data is extremely helpful in not merely creating a profile of who we are as a congregation, but is also exceptionally beneficial in diagnosing and researching long-term trends and behaviors. Please feel free to strike up a conversation, or ask a question of any member of the Vestry. Since Summer is upon us, the work is advancing mostly behind the scenes at the moment, but next month the Vestry aims to have completely evaluated this material and begun the work on naming a Search Committee.

We are working meticulously and deliberately on this step, which does take a considerable amount of time. This was one of the primary recommendations of the Holy Cow! Consultants. Taking the time to search carefully should yield a significantly more successful result. In the meantime, Father David will be with us. Regular reports from the Vestry and from the Search Committee (when named) will be forthcoming. For now, enjoy the Texas heat, and know that all is proceeding according to plan.

We still need more choir members. Our group is small enough that when a couple of members have to be absent, we are left really short. With more people we would be able to do more & different kinds of music. You do not have to have a big or beautiful voice because as in math, the whole (choir) is greater than any of its parts (members).

We are a fun & companionable group and will welcome YOU! Come try singing with us & then decide if you want to join us! 
Do You Have a Favorite Hymn?
Do you have a favorite hymn that you really enjoying singing? Something that we don’t do often enough? Or even something that is not in the Episcopal Church Hymnal of 1982? 

On the 5th of August, during Sunday worship, St. Francis will host a good old fashioned, Hymn Singing Eucharist. We will play with the liturgy just a tad bit, and I’m hoping that you might suggest favorite hymns to sing.

Wouldn’t it be fun if we sang 10, 15, or even 20 hymns? OK, maybe not all of the verses of each one. But I really enjoyed some old chestnuts that we sang the other week, and I’m sure that you have a favorite as well. Suggestions are welcomed in the office, sent along as an email , or even written on a piece of paper and handed to us. Let’s have some musical fun! Suggestions are due by the 29th of July

A new set of green vestments and hangings (chasuble and stole along with a veil, burse and pulpit/lectern fall) for the priest and church.

See Kyla Sherrard for information

Six sets of shelves at $70.00 each for organizing the contents of the metal building.

Thank you to:
  • Jerry and Cindy Allen
  • Heidi and Glen Couchman for donating for Solace.
  • Heidi and Glen Couchman for the gift shop
Meditation Garden
Today's beautiful featured garden plant is the Artemisia (aka Wormwood) Remember, a fountain and benches provide a pleasant environment for meditating on God's love and care—and listening for his voice.

The Parable of the Mustard Seed — Luke 13:18–19
18  He said therefore, “What is the kingdom of God like? And to what should I compare it?  19  It is like a mustard seed that someone took and sowed in the garden ; it grew and became a tree, and the birds of the air made nests in its branches.”
July Events
JULY 5–JULY 13, 2018:
The 79th General Convention
of The Episcopal Church

Watch videos about various aspects and history of the General Convention HERE . I highly recommend the Keynote Welcome by The Most Reverend Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop.

How to be at General Convention if you can’t be there

You will be able to follow the action at General Convention for afar in a number of ways, thanks to the Internet.

Registration is $130 or $50 for individual days. For Housing, Registration, Attendee, Children's Programs, Counseling, Accessibility, Transportation and Volunteer information visit the Attendee Information Page .

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry on the evening of Nov. 17 helps start the Diocese of San Joaquin’s three-day revival. The kickoff event was held on the campus of the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. Photo: Mary Frances Schjonberg/Episcopal News Service
Episcopal General Convention 2018 Logo
JULY 7, 7:00–9:00pm:
TX BBQ Night at General Convention

EDOT Heartily Invites You to Attend a Texas Backyard Barbecue
On tap for the evening :
  • Live music
  • Incredible hospitality
  • Tall tales
  • A warm evening
  • A Texas sunset

Dress for the weather. Layers suggested. Seersucker and sundresses encouraged. Bermuda shorts applauded.

Water, lemonade, and tea, Beer and margaritas (cash bar), Local snacks
Optional pre-paid supper (More details to come but the rumor on the street says something about maybe tacos and fried chicken baskets and, e mpañada s! Shhh)

Join us at the Minute Maid Park as the World Series Champs Houston Astros face the Detroit Tigers. Christ Church Cathedral Houston will host a free hotdog cookout from 5:00–6:30pm, so make sure to come early as food and drink are on a first come first serve basis. Parking is available in the garage on San Jacinto St, across from the Cathedral. For tickets, email Astros rep Brent Broussard or call (713) 259-8316. Download to Calendar
Summer camp is not just for kids and youth, Camp Allen is hosting several events for adults this summer. Birds and Blooms, Man Camp and Summer Camp for Moms are several retreats available. Reserve your spot now! For more information and to register, please visit www.campallen.org
Tuesday Solace is a free service supporting families affected by Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia and takes place from 1:00-4:00PM at the Parish Hall. Allowing caregivers respite time, the program provides music and singing, fun, social activities, and loving care to the participants.

On the 2nd Sunday of each month, all are invited to gather in the Parish after the 9:30 service to prepare 100 sack lunches for our neighbors who have limited access to food. The lunches are delivered to Feed My Sheep. Our next schedule sack meal preparation is Sunday, July 8 .

The collection item for July 2018 will be Macaroni and Cheese . Items may be brought to the narthex on Sunday or to the Church Office during weekdays.

As most of you know, the gift shop must have two workers at all times. We are in desperate need of volunteers. This is a great time to ask your best friend to sit with you and a great time to socialize and catch up. Please consider, just 3 1/2 hours a month and we will put you on the schedule.

“Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!” Notice the passage does NOT say we have to have a beautiful voice to praise God! We are looking for new choir members. We practice at 8:30am before we sing at the 9:30am service. So come join us!
Did You Know?

Lives of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence, by N. Dwight 1852

From Maryland

William Paca  (Episcopal) Born on the Eastern Shore in 1740. He studied law with Samuel Chase. At the age of 21, elected to provincial legislature. Maryland was slow to embrace the cause of independence. Paca helped to orchestrate the change in feeling, so that he was re-elected to congress repeatedly. In 1778, became the chief judge of the Maryland Supreme Court. In 1782 became Governor. Then a year later, he became a federal court judge. At age 60 died.

From Pennsylvania

James Wilson  (Episcopal) Born in Scotland, he traveled to Philadelphia in 1766. A teacher of the Philadelphia College and Academy. Soon studied for the bar, and took up practice in 1773. He was not elected to congress on his first standing for office, but later in 1775, and again the next two years. A colonel in the militia, he was not elected to office again until 1782. Advocate general for France (in the US). He helped write the Constitution of the US. Later he was appointed to the Supreme Court. He also taught at the University of Pennsylvania. Twice married, he had 7 children. Died at age 56, while traveling on court business.

From New York

William Floyd  (Presbyterian) His randfather came here from Wales in 1680. William was born in 1734 to a wealthy farmer. Father died early, and William had to cease his education. He was an early delegate to the Continental Congress. Head of his county militia, he left Congress to fight in battles, but returned to Congress. General Floyd lost almost all of his fortune during the war, having it seized by the British. He was later elected a state senator, then back to Congress. Appointed to treasury board, after the war, his estate was in ruin. Back in Congress from time to time, finally, repaired to a new estate in up state New York. he died at the age of 87, in 1821. For nearly all of his life, he went back and forth from Government to business.

From Virginia

George Wythe  (Episcopal) Born in 1726 in VA. His father was a wealthy farmer. George was home schooled in Latin and Greek. Both parents died before he was 21. An about the town Playboy until the age of 30 At that time he began to study law. Elected a delegate to the Virginia state legislature, he was close to many of the first families of Virginia. Became a judge for Virginia, for over 20 years, and later a professor of law at William & Mary. In 1786 he was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention for US. He was the law instructor for 2 presidents, and one Supreme Court Justice. Died at the age of 86, murdered by poison. During his life, he freed his slaves, married twice, and had one child - who died in childbirth, leaving no family.
Altar Guild:
Chris Sedonic &
Gail Avots                          
Readers :
Lawson Grant &
Richard Stillman

John & Noelle Dieter
Ushers :
Karen Fredenburg &
Bob Henry

Hospitality :


Children's Chapel:

Vestry Greeter:  
 Mickey Kerr

Debra Johnson

Viktoria Wojtaszek
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Sheri Macchi
Jo Cooke
Dudley & Vivian Baker
Len Henry
Hanes & Rolinda Brindley
Peggy Flores
Peggy Flores
Heidi Couchman
Shirley Strasburger
Take time to walk around the gardens and see if you can find the plants we have featured so far: Aloe, Sweet Gum, Bitter Herbs, Society Garlic, Arizona Blue Cypress, Day Lily, Rock Rose, Little Bluestem Grass, Desert Willow, Brown Turkey Fig and Artemisia . Thank you to the Wildscape Guild for working so hard to maintain such a beautiful, natural, meditative space for us.