St. Francis Weekly                      
August 5 - August 12, 2018
Quote of the Week. . .

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.  The
brave man (sic) is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.
For to be free is not to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that enhances the
freedom of others.

If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with them.  Then
he becomes your partner.
                               --Nelson Mandela

Food for Thought. . .
There are those moments when we move through life unaware of what we truly lack.  We know that nirvana may be a reach too far, but we think that we are not doing too bad, thank you.  In Minnesota-ese, the refrain to put every situation in perspective echoes throughout a zillion moments, "Well, it could be worse."  However, this response often steels us against the difficulties of life, setting the bar so exceedingly low that we are inured to what might be, could be, indeed, should be.  We push through our days. The routines become familiar, almost friendly. And though they do not inspire, at least we know them.   To read more, click here. . .
Link of the Week. . .
An amazing video of a dust storm. . .

For Further Reflection. . .  

An interview with Cory Booker for the program On Being.  Money quote:

"basically, tolerance says that if you disappear from the face of this earth, I'm no better or worse off, because I was just tolerating you like I tolerate a cold. And what tolerance says is, "I'm just stomaching your right." But love says, "I see your worth. I see your value."

Weekly Schedule

Sunday, August 5  Pentecost 11B
8:00 AM        Worship Service with Eucharist (Historic Church)
                      Celebrant: Mark Lingle
                      Preacher: Mark Lingle

10:00 AM     Worship Service with Eucharist (Church)
                       Celebrant:  Mark Lingle
                      Preacher:  Mark Lingle

11:15 AM   Chalice Bearer Rehearsal

2:30 PM     Southbury Lutheran Home Eucharist

This Week at a Glance

Tuesday (7)
1:00 PM  EFSP Meeting

Wednesday (8)
11:00 AM  Meeting with Church Pension Group

Thursday (9)
10:00 AM UConn Stamford Campus Ministry Meeting

Saturday (11)
9:00 AM  Landscape Morning (Church)

Sunday (12)  Pentecost 12B
8:00 AM Worship Service with Eucharist  (Historic Church)
10:00 AM  Worship Service with Eucharist (Church)
Save the Date

Wednesday, August 15 @ 6:00 PM (Meeting Room)
Vestry Meeting

Saturday, August 18 (Church)
Karen Pacent led Retreat

Sunday, August 19 @ 4:00 PM (Church)
Service for Pets and Their People

Friday, August 24 - Sunday, August 26
Camping Retreat with Union Baptist Church

Saturday, September 8 @ 5:00 PM (Historic Church)
St. Francis Saturday Night Eucharist Service Returns

Sunday, September 9 @ 8 and 10 AM
Rally Sunday

Wednesday, September 19 @ 7:00 PM (Meeting Room)
Vestry Meeting

Sunday, September 23 @ 9:00 AM (Church)
Miles for a Mission Road Race