St. Francis Weekly
February 7 - February 14, 2021

Join us for Worship with Eucharist at 10:00 AM HERE.
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Quote of the Week. . .

Food for Thought. . .
Just coming off of rotator cuff surgery. Need an extra week.
Link of the Week
An important reminder that while we have more to do, changes are being made . . .

Going Deeper
A wonderful story by Dr. Lombardi regarding care he provided to Mother Theresa. Beautiful and humorous. Thank you, Ralph Nazareth . . .
Weekly Schedule
Sunday, February 7
Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany

Rev. Tommie Jackson Preaching

10:00 AM   
Worship with Eucharist

Godly Play: St. Valentine

After the 10 AM Service
Zoom Coffee Hour


Tuesday (9)
5:00 PM 
Prayer Shawl Ministry Zoom

6:00 PM 
Evening Meditation Zoom

Wednesday (10)
8:30 AM 
Episcopal Church in Connecticut Zoom Meeting -- Priests & Wardens

5:00 PM
Outreach Committee Meeting

Thursday (11)
9:00 AM 
Morning Prayer (via Zoom)

10:00 AM
Edgehill Morning Prayer

7:00 PM
Midwinter Theological Program
What is the Life Worth Living: A Muslim Perspective

Friday (12)
11:00 AM
Zoom Sing-a-Long

Marketing Committee

Sunday (14)
5th Sunday after the Epiphany
10:00 AM 
Worship with Eucharist

After Worship
Zoom Coffee Hour

Save the Date
Tuesday, February 16 @ 5:00 PM
Prayer Shawl Ministry

Tuesday, February 16 @ 6:00 PM
Evening Meditation

Tuesday, February 16 @ 7:00 PM Adult Forum: Vanessa Avery, Sharing Sacred Spaces

Wednesday, Feb. 17
Ashes On The Go

Wednesday, Feb. 17 @ 8:30 AM
Episcopal Church in CT Zoom Meeting with Priest and Wardens

Wednesday, Feb. 17 @ 8:00 AM
Ash Wednesday Service

Wednesday, Feb. 17 @ Noon
Ash Wednesday Service

Wednesday, Feb. 17 @ 6:00 PM
Ash Wednesday Service