St. Francis Weekly                          
March 26 - April 2, 2017
Quote of the Week. . .

The logic of worldly success rests on a fallacy: the strange error that our perfection depends on the thoughts and opinions and applause of other men! A weird life it is, indeed, to be living always in somebody else's imagination, as if that were the only place in which one could at last become real!
                                                              --Thomas Merton

Food for Thought. . .
The following is Betsy Adams' reflection on the Lord's Prayer during our recent midweek Lenten service.  It is well worth the read. . .
When Mark sent out the email to those of us at St. Francis asking if anyone would be willing to speak about what the Lord's Prayer or the Apostle's Creed meant to us, I thought to myself, "I'm not going to touch either of the Creeds with a 10-foot pole!" 
Our wonderful former Assistant Priest at St. Francis, Molly McGreevy, acknowledging the difficulty the Creeds pesented for many of her parishioners, used to say:  "I think of the Creed as if they were written on double-spaced paper, so that when we recite them in the liturgy I can mentally insert after each line:  'And by THAT I mean...'.   To read more, click here. . .
    Link of the Week
A helpful perspective for us all . . .

Eating Twinkies with God
Eating Twinkies with God
For Further Reflection. . .
This year Lutherans are observing the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing the 95 theses to the door of the Church in Wittenburg.  This is not the only anniversary celebrated.  Others are celebrating the 1000th anniversary of the Hindu theologian, Ramanuja.  This is from a Christian Century  article by Carol Zaleski. . . A Toast to Ramanuja
Weekly Schedule

Saturday, March 25
5:00 PM      St. Francis Saturday Night Service (Church)

Sunday, March 26--Lent 4A
8:00 AM       Worship Service with Eucharist (Historic Church)
                      Celebrant: Mark Lingle
                      Preacher: Debra Slade
                      Vicar:  Debra Slade
                      Deacon:  Edrice Viechweg
Co-Ministers of Music:  Jim Fredericks and Richard Weidlich

10:00 AM    Worship Service with Eucharist (Church)
                      Celebrant: Mark Lingle
                      Preacher: Debra Slade
                      Vicar:  Debra Slade
                      Deacon:  Edrice Viechweg
                      Co-Ministers of Music:  Jim Fredericks and Richard Weidlich

11:15 AM    Book Club:   The Intimate Merton
The Pivotal Years (pp. 155 - 210)

4:00 PM       Confirmation (Meeting Room)
This Week at a Glance

Monday (27)
Clergy Day Off

Tuesday (28)
3:00 PM  Building One Community Meeting 
7:00 PM Hymn Selection Meeting (Meeting Room)

Wednesday (29)
6:15 PM  Midweek Lenten Soup and Bread Meal (St. John's Lutheran)
7:00 PM  Midweek Lenten Evening Prayer & Reflection on Baptism (St. John's)

Thursday (30)
11:00 AM Edgehill Eucharist

Saturday (1)
9:00 AM Silver Polishing (Church)
5:00 PM  St. Francis Saturday Night Service (Church)

 Sunday (2)  Lent 5A
8:00 AM Worship Service with Eucharist  (Historic Church)
10:00 AM  Worship Service with Eucharist (Church)
11:00 AM  Book Club:   The Intimate Merton--
Exploring Solitude and Freedom (pp.269 - 312)
4:00 PM  Confirmation (Meeting Room)
Save the Date

Wednesday, April 5 @ 6:30 PM
Interfaith Council Program:  Interfaith Seder (Grace Farms)

Saturday, April 8 @ 10:00 AM (Church)
Music Committee Meeting

Sunday, April 9 @ 8 & 10 AM  Palm Sunday

Sunday, April 9 @ 11:15 AM (Church)
Lenten Book Club:   The Intimate Merton
Exploring Solitude and Freedom (pp. 269 - 313) 

Sunday, April 9 @ 11:15 AM (Church)
Return Sanctuary to Easter Look

Monday, April 10  @ 6:30 PM (Margery Irish's Home) 
Prayer Shawl Ministry

Wednesday, April 12 @ 7:00 PM (Church)
Labyrinth Guided Meditation

Thursday, April 13 @ 7:00 PM (Historic Church)
Maundy Thursday Service

Friday, April 14 @ 7:00 PM (Historic Church)
Good Friday Service

Saturday, April 15 @ 10:00 AM (Church)
Easter Egg Event

Saturday, April 15 @ 8:00 PM (Church)
Easter Vigil

Sunday, April 16 @ 7:00 AM (Historic Church)
Easter Service

Sunday, April 16 @ 8:00 AM (Meeting Room)
Easter Brunch and Reception for Edrice Viechweg

Sunday, April 16 @ 9:00 AM (Church)
Festive Easter Eucharist

Sunday, April 16 @ 11:00 AM (Church)
Festive Easter Eucharist

Wednesday, April 19 @ 7:30 PM (Meeting Room)
Vestry Meeting

Sunday, April 23 @ 11:00 AM (Church)
Reception for Edrice Viechweg

Sunday, April 30 @ 4:00 PM (Church)
Cross and Crescent Discussion with the Am. Institute for Islamic & Arabic Studies

Sunday, May 7 @4:00 PM (Church)
Sounds Good Concert:  Broadway Revisited

May 9 - 16 
Pastor Mark at CREDO Conference

Friday, May 19 @ 7:00 PM (Church)
Midnight Run

Sunday, May 21 @ 8AM & 10AM
Load a Truck Sunday

June 3 @ 9:00 AM
Prison Ministry

June 4 @ 11:00 AM (Church)
Parish Picnic