St. Francis Weekly                      
June 17 - June 24, 2018
Quote of the Week. . .

Food for Thought. . .
The following is from the Rev. Drew Williams at Trinity Church in Greenwich.  It expresses well the experience of the recent Building One Community Breakfast and is well worth the read. .

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. famously preached a sermon entitled "The American Dream" in which he sought to remind us: "You see, the founding fathers were really influenced by the Bible. The whole concept of imago dei, as is expressed in Latin, the 'image of God,' is the idea that all men have something within them that God injected... that every man has a capacity to have fellowship with God. And this gives him a uniqueness, it gives him worth, it gives him dignity. And we must never forget this as a nation: there are no gradations in the image of God. Every man from a treble white to a bass black is significant on God's keyboard, precisely because every man is made in the image of God. One day we will learn that. We will know one day that God made us to live together as brothers and to respect the dignity and worth of every man."  To read more, click here. . .
Link of the Week. . .
This is great.  You may not appreciate Led Zeppelin, but you gotta love e ight-year-old Yoyoka Soma's rendition of John Bonham's drum part for Good Times Bad Times.  She entered it into the 2018 Hit Like a Girl Contest! 

For Further Reflection. . .  
An interesting piece by the Pew Research Center on Christianity in Europe.  I suspect that it may not be so different from what we see in the United States. . . Key quote:
These figures raise some obvious questions: What is the meaning of Christian identity in Western Europe today? And how different are non-practicing Christians from religiously unaffiliated Europeans - many of whom also come from Christian backgrounds?

To see the report click on the graph. . .

Weekly Schedule

Saturday, June 16
9:00 AM      Landscaping Morning (Church)
10:00 AM    Sathya Sai Baba Presentation (Church)

Sunday, June 17  Pentecost 4B
8:00 AM        Worship Service with Eucharist (Historic Church)
                      Celebrant: Mark Lingle
                      Preacher:  Debra Slade

10:00 AM     Worship Service with Eucharist (Church)
                       Celebrant: Mark Lingle
                      Preacher:  Debra Slade

3:00 PM        Prayer Vigil for Nelson Omar Rosales Santos (18 Underhill Street)

4:00 PM       Service for Pets and Their People (Church)

This Week at a Glance

Tuesday (19)
10:00 AM  AIDS Interfaith Meeting

Wednesday (20)
Noon  Stamford Clergy Meeting
7:00 PM  Vestry Meeting (Meeting Room)

Friday (22)
Noon  Community Task Force Meeting
7:00 PM  Final Eucharist at Christ the Healer

Saturday (23)
8:00 AM  Contemplative Morning (Church)
11:00 Music Committee (Church)

Sunday (24)  Pentecost 5B
8:00 AM Worship Service with Eucharist  (Historic Church)
10:00 AM  Worship Service with Eucharist (Church)
11:15 AM  Liturgy Committee (Church)
Save the Date

Thursday, June 28 @ 11:00 AM  
Edgehill Eucharist

Saturday, July 7 @ 9:00 AM (Church)
Landscaping Morning

Wednesday, July 11 @ 6:00 PM (Margery Irish's Home)
Prayer Shawl Ministry

Sunday, July 15 @ 4:00 PM (Church)
Service for Pets and Their People

Pastor Mark on Vacation from Monday, July 16 - Tuesday, July 24 

Thursday, July 26 @ 7:00 PM 
Interfaith Council

Sunday, August 5 @ 2:30 PM
Southbury Lutheran Home Eucharist

Saturday, August 11 @ 9:00 AM (Church)
Landscape Morning

Sunday, August 19 @ 4:00 PM (Church)
Service for Pets and Their People

Saturday, September 8 @ 5:00 PM (Historic Church)
St. Francis Saturday Night Eucharist Service Returns

Sunday, September 9 @ 8 and 10 AM
Rally Sunday

Sunday, September 23 @ 9:00 AM (Church)
Miles for a Mission Road Race