Whither Worship?

One of the identifying marks of an Episcopal Church is worship. We recently had a visitor who asked if St Francis is a “Catholic” church. I answered, “Yes, but probably not in the way you are thinking.” The structure of our worship is certainly in keeping with the broader catholic tradition of the church. The Episcopal Church follows the Book of Common Prayer which shapes our forms of “common prayer” which we often refer to as “worship.”

But, if you have been paying attention, you noticed I have not been strictly “by the book” since I arrived. Even before I took the position as your Interim, your worship forms used expansive, inclusive language. You also incorporated responses in the Eucharistic prayers that are not commonly seen in Episcopal Churches. I usually stick closer to the Prayer Book in the Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter cycles but sometimes it is good to try some experiments. Over the summer, I have introduced various canticles and prayers from other resources such as Enriching Our Worship. Of course, I’m only speaking of the 10:00 service. We’ve been Rite I all the way at 8:00!

What do you think? Do such variations fit the St Francis character? Are you more “by the book” or do you an advocate of “variety is the spice of life” position? I would love to hear your thoughts on worship on St Francis.

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Interim Priest
Teen Youth Group

Youth Group is on hiatus over the Summer. Our first session of the new program year will be Sunday, September 26 at 4:00pm.

Youth Group is open to all Middle and High School students.

Confirmation and Reception

Confirmation classes will begin soon!

If you wish to be confirmed or received into The Episcopal Church, contact the church office at 310-375-4617 or email Jerry+. for details.

For general information about Confirmation in The Episcopal Church, go here.
Save The Date

Memorial Service in remembrance of those we lost on 9/11/01, and those we have lost in the last 18 months, featuring the beautiful Requiem by Johannes Brahms.

Saturday, September 11, 2021 at 4:00 PM
St. Peter’s By The Sea Presbyterian Church
6410 Palos Verdes Drive South
Rancho Palos Verdes

Featuring a 70-voice choir from the community and chamber orchestra conducted by Dr. Jeannie Cobb.
Breakfast and Showers Program for the Homeless at St. Luke’s in Long Beach: Request for Clothing Donations

St. Francis has been helping feed and clothe the homeless in Long Beach for many years. During Covid, St. Luke’s received a lot of clothing donations, but those are almost exhausted now. If you wish to help out, ask friends and neighbors for donations, or go online to buy packages of underwear and socks.

You can leave the donations in the St. Francis office, or contact Gayle Taylor at gaylentaylor@gmail.com or text at 310-413-2083. She will take donations to Long Beach.

  • Blankets and sleeping bags in good repair
  • Men's underwear Med & Large - boxers & boxer briefs only
  • Men's casual pants & shorts size 30-38
  • Men's casual shoes size 10-14
  • Men's button up shirts, sweatshirts, tank shirts
  • Men's white socks, caps, belts
  • Women's new panties & new or used bras & sports bras
  • Women's socks & tank tops
  • Women's sweatshirts or light jackets
  • Women's sweatpants, yoga pants, jeans all sizes up to 22

Especially Needed Items that are Best Purchased Online
  • Underwear & socks
  • Individual toothpaste
  • Hotel size soap & lotion

Clothes should not be ragged or torn because there are no resources for mending them.

Please also see the letter from Gail Mutke, coordinator of the program for the homeless at St. Luke’s. (Download: Shower Program Update July 2021 PDF) St. Francis will continue to provide food on the third Saturday of odd-numbered months. Contact Gayle Taylor if you wish to help.
Sunday Worship

8:00 a.m. - Rite I in person worship in the Chapel.
(spoken service, not live streamed).

10:00 a.m. - Rite II in person worship in the main church with music.

All welcome: no reservations required.

Masks required: LA County mandate requires masks worn indoors regardless of vaccination status.

10:00 am Sunday worship will continue to be live streamed on Facebook and YouTube, and available for watching later.

Please contact Kristina Pelá to arrange for a Lay Eucharistic Minister to safely bring you communion.
Compline in August

Our Facebook Live Compline service is held on Tuesday and Friday at 7:00 pm for the month of August.

Tuesday and Friday evenings at 7:00 pm.

What is Compline anyway? Read more here.
Tuesday Bible Study over Zoom

Our Tuesday Bible Study team are working on plans for a new program series.

Email Suellen Eslinger or Jack Hailwood for details.
Need Help of Any Kind?
Physical, Spiritual, Psychological, or Material?

We are here to do our best to help you with whatever you may need. We know circumstances are difficult for many at this time. For help of any kind, or just for a Zoom or Facetime or phone call, please email or call Jerry+ at any time.

You are not interrupting our work - you ARE our work!

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Summer Communications

Peter and Susan Marshall will both be away for the next few weeks, attending the wedding of their daughter Zoë in DC, and then (travel regulations permitting) visiting their mothers in the UK. All for the first time reuniting since the pandemic began.

A huge thank you to everyone who is stepping in to cover for Susan.
  • For matters relating to the enews and website, please contact Wayne.
  • For anything else, please contact Mary in the church office.

Wishing a safe and blessed summer to us all. ~Susan.
Enews Submission Deadline: 3:00 pm Wednesday

Enews is sent weekly on Thursday afternoon: email Wayne with your requests.
St. Francis Office Hours

The church office is open Monday through Thursday, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

The office is closed on Fridays.
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You are not interrupting our work - you ARE our work!