Greetings and peace from St. Gabriel Catholic Church.
St. Gabriel parishioners,

Greetings! Please join us in celebrating the following retirements, welcoming new faces to our staff, and praying for those who are moving on to new opportunities. Expanded roles and new areas of focus will help us devote additional staff resources to our Sunday worship experience and provide more opportunities for all ages to grow in relationship with Jesus.

Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of the faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love!
Staff changes in "Evangelization"
(formerly known as "Religious Education")
Evangelization: A beautiful invitation to renew or develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church.

Susan Krasniewski
our Director of Religious Education

Retiring after a remarkable 32 years of faithful service, Susan has helped thousands of us grow in our faith through preparation for sacraments, Faith Formation, Bible studies, retreats, guest speakers, the Cradle preschool, and so much more. We are deeply grateful. Her wisdom, deep knowledge of our faith, and kindness will be missed.

Susan's fondest memories reflect the wide range of ways she served:
  • Seeing the joy and excitement of First Communicants and the happiness of families celebrating Confirmation.
  • Witnessing adults explore and embrace the Catholic faith, guided by the Holy Spirit, as they prepared to join the Church through RCIA.
  • The gift of sharing Scripture with adults and satisfying their desire to know and understand the Bible better.
  • Championing the establishment and expansion of our Cradle Preschool, as an important part of our parish.

Susan feels especially blessed by the people she has known over the years, faith-filled women and men who have enriched her life and faith. In retirement, she looks forward to spending more time with her grandchildren, exploring new ways to serve our community, and doing lots of reading.

When we can gather once again, our parish looks forward to honoring Susan's retirement.

"Well done, my good and faithful servant...Come, share your master's joy."
Matthew 25:23

Dr. David Glasow
our new Director of Evangelization

Taking Susan's place, David is relocating from Venice, FL with his wife of 20 years, Juliette, and their 3 children. He will join our staff in mid-June.

David brings a love of our faith and a wealth of experience, with degrees in theology from Franciscan University and The Catholic University of America. In recent years, David has served as Director of Evangelization for the Diocese of Venice, director for the Institute of Catholic Studies and Formation, on the faculty of a Catholic high school and as an adjunct professor for Franciscan University's online theology program.

Encouraging others in their faith and helping them experience Christ through personal encounter are things David finds especially rewarding. He loves exploring the Bible and the Church's rich theological heritage with others, and has an interest in using technology in new and creative ways to share the Gospel. We are excited to welcome David and his family to St. Gabriel and to Charlotte!

Brenda Baalman
our Faith Formation Coordinator,
Grades 4-12

Brenda is leaving our staff (but not our parish) in June to make more time to spend with out of town family. Although only in her role for 2 years, Brenda has been a bright light - positive, patient, kind, and always willing to help.

Brenda shares that working with the dedicated catechists and students in our Faith Formation program have been especially rewarding. For the many ways Brenda has blessed us, we are grateful!

Adrian Quintero
our new Director of Youth Evangelization

Joining us in early June from the staff of nearby St. Matthew Catholic Church, Adrian brings more than 16 years in youth ministry, with a degree in Religious Studies from Regis University. He and his wife, Aubrey, have 6 children, ages 9 to 19.

Adrian shares that the positive experiences he had in his church as a young person helped him feel welcomed, loved, and challenged to grow in his Catholic faith. He wants the young people he works with to have these same experiences.

"Jesus offers us 'life to the full' (John 10:10). Who doesn't want that? In my many years of youth ministry, the common denominator (for young people) is that they are all searching for meaning and desire to be loved. I look forward to accompanying them on their faith journey. It is my hope they will find 'the pearl of great price' (Matthew 13:45-46) where they will know they are loved beyond measure."

We are excited to welcome Adrian and his family to St. Gabriel!
Staff changes to support our "Sunday experience"

Dr. Larry Stratemeyer
our Director of Music

Dr. Larry Stratemeyer has been a beloved member of our St. Gabriel staff since 2013, directing and overseeing our 5 choirs: adults, bell choir, New Spirit, youth, and Alegria. His gifts have enriched our worship experience, and his warmth and friendship have blessed many of us. From weddings to funerals to First Communion Masses and the Good Friday service, Larry has helped us lift our hearts and minds to God.

As we position our parish for the future, the role of Director of Music is being significantly expanded to a new "Director of Worship" position. More detail is provided below. This change was shared with our choir members at the beginning of March and begins this week. Larry has chosen not to pursue this new position at St. Gabriel, and we keep him in our prayers as he explores other opportunities.

The restrictions on gathering are preventing us from celebrating Larry's contributions to St. Gabriel as we would like. Thank you, Larry, for blessing us with your gifts and for serving so beautifully in service to our Lord.

"Let your light shine before others,
that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father."
Matthew 5:16

Director of Worship
Not currently filled

As we position our parish for the future, the role of Director of Music is being significantly expanded - appropriate for a parish of our size. Our new "Director of Worship" will support us in placing a greater focus on our Sunday worship experience.

In addition to directing our music and choirs, this position will develop and coordinate our liturgical calendar and celebrations, direct and oversee the training and scheduling of all liturgical ministry volunteers (including lectors, altar servers, Eucharistic ministers, hospitality/ushers, and choir members), and serve on the Pastor's Leadership Team.

This new position is posted on our website under About Us/Jobs. Please join us in praying for the person God will call and the many ways he/she will support us.

Aubrey Quintero
our new Associate Director of Worship

Joining us in early June, Aubrey will assist the Director of Worship in coordinating the music, liturgy, and worship in our parish and in training and scheduling the many parishioners who serve in these ministries.

Your eyes do not deceive you! Aubrey is married to Adrian Quintero (also joining our staff). Together, they have 6 children, ages 9 to 19.

Aubrey comes to us from St. Mark Catholic Church in Huntersville, where she led the music for their Sunday evening Masses, and supported youth ministry. She has served in similar roles in other parishes, cantoring and playing the guitar and trumpet. Aubrey has also been working as a full-time property manager for a local real estate firm.

Aubrey grew up in a musical family, learning to love Jesus. In 2008, Aubrey released a CD titled, "Redeemed"! She is looking forward to being part of St. Gabriel, "excited to hear our beautiful voices, as we sing praises together to our King of Kings". We are equally excited to welcome Aubrey to our parish family!
A staff change in Pastoral Care

Mary Lawler
Sacramental Records Coordinator

We congratulate Mary, as she retires after 25 years serving our parish. During this time, Mary has filled many roles including secretary for Fr. Ed Sheridan, coordinator for marriage preparation, and most recently, managing our sacramental records. Mary has helped countless families make wedding plans and schedule baptisms and has provided behind-the-scenes support for funerals - a significant volume of work in a large parish. Her exceptional organization, commitment, and empathy have blessed our parish.

Mary shares that she has truly enjoyed working with our parishioners in so many different phases of life. In retirement, she looks forward to relaxing, traveling, and spending time with family. We give thanks to God for Mary's many contributions to St. Gabriel!

Carolyn Tillman
Associate Director of Pastoral Care

Carolyn has been a valued member of our parish staff since 2012, supporting our Bereavement Ministry and Homebound Ministry. In her expanded role, Carolyn will take on additional pastoral care responsibilities. These include helping couples with the marriage preparation process, managing many of our sacramental records, and helping with preparations for funerals.

Carolyn looks forward to supporting us in receiving the sacraments. It is her hope that our faith will deepen as we encounter Christ and the Church through these powerful experiences of faith.

We are grateful to have Carolyn's dedication, attention to detail, and love of our parish blessing us in new ways.
Staff changes in our Communication Department

Darby McClatchy
Communications Director

All of our parish communications work is currently accomplished by two part-time staff members. In recent years, we have significantly expanded our work from the bulletin and website to e-newsletters, videos, TV/digital signage, social media, and more. These needs will continue to grow as we expand opportunities for all ages to grow in relationship with Jesus.

Our Communications Director position is now full-time, and will continue to be staffed by Darby McClatchy - a member of our staff for 5 years.

She is grateful for the many opportunities to share the Good News of our faith and the good news of our parish in so many ways.

Communications Associate
Not currently filled

To support our growing needs to connect with parishioners visually and online, we are adding an entry-level position focused on graphic design and social media.

This new position is posted on our website under About Us/Jobs. Please spread the word and join us in praying for the person God will call to this work.