We are a spiritual oasis, welcoming and striving to serve all in the hope and love of Jesus Christ.
We are an open and affirming congregation.
St. George's e-News for April 11, 2019
A Message from Rev. Pat ...
& the Chili Masters are...
All the cooks who celebrated with chili!
from left, Ann & Andy Cullinane, Susan Moore, Carlos Bahena, Sherry Wright, Ben Jones, Ann Ziegler, Jeff Davidson, Mike Ziegler, Dave Kovacs, Peggy Kitts, Rachel Blair, Ellie Brokaw.

MANY THANKS to all who participated!

1st Place: Ben Jones
2nd Place: Ann & Mike Ziegler
3rd Place: Susan Moore

St. George's video project-Part 2
Dear St. George-ans:

I want to offer a HUGE MEA CULPA to all those who were scheduled to serve at the 8AM Easter Day worship service.

They are:
Kathy Calkins
Steve Batterton
Anne Cullinane
Freda Gully
Greg Adams & Christine Ruther
Joe Kellner
Beth McCall

On Easter Day, we will have ONE SERVICE ONLY at 10AM.

Because that day, we will launch Phase 2 of our Welcome Video Project.

A videographer will be on campus (like on Ash Wednesday) filming a variety of events. No one need be videotaped if you don't wish to be.

We are hoping EVERYONE will join us for the 10AM service and a glorious and grand brunch afterwards!

We want to thank EVERYONE who participated in Phase 1! This video will be hosted on the city of Laguna HIlls website and we are hoping it will serve as an introduction to all the great and joyous events happening at St. George's!
April 15 Monday, 7PM
God Help Us!
Join us
A unique way
to enter
Holy Week
April 16, Tues., 7PM
Meditative Music,
April 17, Wed., 7PM
Service of Shadow & Light, the Christ Candle, a reminder that God's
grace will not be overcome'
April 18, Thursday, 7PM
Maundy Thursday
Holy Eucharist
Foot & Handwashing
Stripping of the Altar
All Night Vigil
To remember that we serve and love because
God loved and served us first, we will wash one another’s hands
(or feet) as Jesus did that night.

The altar is stripped and washed; the night continues with a Vigil to remind us to pray as Jesus invited his disciples: Can you keep watch for one hour? 

April 19, Friday, 12PM
Stations of the Cross
Good Friday Liturgy
One of the most holy days in the Christian calendar.
Movement, memory, and imagination.
We remember parts of Jesus’ walk to the cross. We pray.
We wonder about God’s relentless grace and forgiveness in our lives, homes, and the world.
Good Friday Liturgy; the Solemn Prayers  
Structured around the confession of sin - an opportunity to
stop pretending, avoiding or denying, and to squarely face
the brokenness in our lives, relationships, community and world. 
April 20, Saturday, 7PM
Easter Vigil

to ring in the

We light the new fire,
hear the stories
of God’s people,
renew our
Baptismal vows.

Please bring small bells to ring during
the Alleluias in the service.
Dear St. George's Family:

Please consider purchasing tickets for the April 27th fundraiser.

Proceeds from this fundraiser will go to ministries the church is engaging and to supplement our budget.

If you are unable to attend, perhaps you could gift the tickets to someone?
Or make a donation.

Please circulate the information with all those you know who might be interested.

Thanks and blessings,
Rev Pat

A welcome for Diane Pound
Last Sunday we gave an official, warm St. George's welcome to our church administrator Diane Pound, with cake!
Please stop by the office and greet her. We are blessed to have her.
Thanks and Blessings to All,
Rev Pat
Love is ... you tell us
Check out the Love Board!
Share your understanding of this complicated emotion!

--Rev. Pat
We Now Have A Prayer Tree!
Offer Prayers,
Ask for Blessings, and
Give Thanks!

Leave a Prayer on the tree
 in the courtyard adjacent to the fountain.

Many thanks to Bob Howe who came to us with this thoughtful idea.
Palm Sunday
Sunday, April 14, 2019
Serving this Sunday :

Steve Batterton, Joyce Swaving

Susan Moore

Passion Gospelers:
Octave Williams, Narrator
Freda Gully Pilate
Anne Cullinane, Jesus
Susan Moore, Criminal
Freda Gully, Centurion

Anne Cullinane

Scott & Marcy Tanner

Joe & Christy Kellner

Chuck Day

Amy Givan, Gail Meredith,
Mercedese Bantz, Kent Wright

Sherry Wright

Passion Gospelers:
William Southern, Narrator
Doris Boice, Pilate
Willie Munoz, Jesus
Myrna Dillon, Criminal
Kent Wright, Centurion

Leslie Etheridge

Allan Williams, Elaine Orman

Katie Dunbar, Beth Dancy,
Griff Hill, Ann Ziegler

Chuck Day
Preacher & Celebrant : The Rev. Canon Pat McCaughan
Coffee Hour Hosts : The entire Church Community is asked to bring simple foods: bread, fruit, cheese, salad, simple desserts.
Altar flowers return at Easter;
Wednesday at 5PM is the deadline to dedicate Easter Flowrs.
Please contact the office.
... & another kind of bible study
Please take a moment to read through this Sunday's lessons,
available at: www.lectionarypage.net
before Sunday
then consider praying with the following:
Collect of the Day
(collects the themes of the day):
Almighty and everliving God, in your tender love for the human race you sent your Son our Savior Jesus Christ to take upon him our nature, and to suffer death upon the cross, giving us the example of his great humility: Mercifully grant that we may walk in the way of his suffering, and also share in his resurrection; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.  Amen.

Thoughts to consider as we read the lessons before Sunday:

Old Testament: Isaiah 50:4-9a

"The Lord God helps me"
The first line of Isaiah 50:9 is probably in our text is: “The Lord God has given me the tongue of a teacher.” But the Hebrew text reads “the tongue of those who are taught”. New American Standard Bible (NASB) has “the tongue of disciples,” New International Version (NIV) “a well-instructed tongue,” and Common English Bible (CEB) “an educated tongue”.

In other words, the servant has learned from the Lord. The servant is a prophet who proclaims God’s word. The prophet can do this because the Lord has given it to him; perhaps it has come both through direct revelation and through the tradition of Isaiah of Jerusalem. The instruction that the servant receives is not only for his good; it is also, and perhaps especially, for the good of others . The purpose of the servant’s instruction is to enable him to help others through his words. The proclaimed word offers hope and strength to those who hear it; it helps them to endure. The prophet receives the word to pass it on to others. Perhaps we can assume that the people who hear it have truly received it only when they pass it on as well.

How does the proclaimed word enter your heart?

The Passion Gospel: Luke 22:14-23; 56
Luke 23:33-43 challenges us to expand our notions of who deserves mercy.

Stating only that Jesus was crucified alongside two criminals Luke does not dwell on the mechanics of crucifixion. The mockeries communicate how dismal things have become for Jesus. These taunts get closer and closer to him, giving the reader a sense that the forces against Jesus are closing in on him.

The Jewish leaders are close enough for Jesus to hear them; the soldiers, who had already taken his garments (verse 34b), come up to Jesus as they mock him; and the final act of derision comes from someone right next to Jesus.

Each of these taunts challenges Jesus to save himself as a demonstration of his power to save. The leaders, the soldiers, and the criminal address him with titles that from their perspective add to the ridicule but are actually affirmations of Jesus’ identity: “chosen one,” “King of the Jews”. They are unable to see that Jesus’ identity as “Messiah,” “chosen one,” and “King” is inextricably linked to his crucifixion. The salvation Jesus offers takes place through the cross, not apart from it.

Who do you say Jesus is?

Next week: Easter - Day of Resurrection!

Sponsor a Choir Anthem
This new year will bring more beautiful music from our choir. Please consider a donation to help defray the cost of this excellent ministry.

April 14 (Palm Sunday)
The Holy City - Choir

April 21 (Easter Sunday)
Hallelujah Chorus & Ite In Pace - Choir with Brass

April 28
Alleluia (Mozart) - Solo, Cynthia Ryder

Help Make Palm Crosses
Learn how to make them and assist the Altar Guild with them at

9:30AM, Saturday, April 13

Contact Kathleen Killen at:
Easter will soon be here!
If you would like to donate, flyers and envelopes are available in the narthex.
St. George-ans

03 - Joyce Green
07 - Angie Kirkpatrick
08 - Colin Stewart
13 - Rev. Ray Fleming
16 - Carolyn Bray
18 - Pam Southern
20 - Mary Ashbaugh
26 - Justin Lowery
28 - Susan McKenzie
28 - William Southern
29 - Clara Baker
30 - Beryl Ellwood-Smith

Want to add a birthday?
Call the office: 949-837-4530
Church Name Tags Available
If you need a new name tag, or an upgrade of your current one, please contact the office.

Please note that if you are having a name tag upgraded or changed, please bring in the old hardware. We can use it, and thank you.
We pray this week for those discerning a call to ordained ministry: Ryan Macias and to lay ministry.

Prayer List
Our Immediate Family Our Extended Family

The Barry Family
The Cramer Family
Alan Cusolito
Art Dunbar
Leslie Etheridge
Kirk Gaebel
Lorna Greig
Jane Hagan
Lynn Holland
Robert Kakuschke
Priscilla Kastner
The LaFountain Family
Ed Langley
Jeri McGill
The McLaurin Family
Robert Morrell
Beryl Pidgeon
Cynthia Ryder
Nick Santaguida
Elsie St. Clair

Due to health issues, parishioner Robert Norrell is no longer able to attend St. George's but would enjoy hearing from you. Notes and cards may be sent to Robert at:
1836 Outpost Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90068
Anne, Jay & Charles
Mark Stevan Allen
Stan Anderson
the Barry family
Jacqueline Barth
Becky Bergevin
Carolyn Biddle
The Brewer Family
The Burnett Family
Bill Cannon
Sandra Christopher
John Cirrito
Carter Coleman
Bob Cozza
Avie Creighton
Dane Family
Cindy Dean
Louise Dee
Mary Ann, Frank Dussell
Christine Ehman
Val Engstrom
David Forbes
Michael Patrick Forbes
Norm Freeman
Melissa Griffin
Mark Gutierrez
Peggy Harding
Bob Hebert
Donald Henderson, M.D.
Ramona Hennen
Kay & Bill Hesterhagen
Charlotte Hill
Abe & Angie Holland
R. Jesse Holland
Myesha Jackson
Jean, Mark & Boys
Andrew Johnson
Dave Jutton & Family
Victor King
Victor H. G. King
Art Lander
Phuong Le
Carla Liggett
Devon & Robert Lopez
Kevin Luft
Madge McCaughan
Joan Macon
Nancy Meredith
Jeanette Michel
Ruth Murray
Alan Penn
Jimmy Riswold
Ben Ryan
Sebastian Salazar
Kathryn Santaguida
The Simms Family
Carl Simms
Don & Nola Simms
Jerry Simms
Rosina Simms
Al Sindone
Jaymara, Keimonta & Mya Spears
Patricia Stephenson
Diane Stoddard
The Thompson Family
Betty Thornton
Jim Trears
Kay & Paul Vogel
The Wescott Family
The Westfall Family

Those Affected By:
California Shootings
Indonesian Tsunami
California Wildfires
To include prayer requests email:
admin@stgeorgesparish.org or
fill out forms in the narthex and place in the collection plate
or contact the church office at 949-837-4530
Please Save the Date ...
Ongoing Events, Opportunities
Every Wednesday
Every Wednesday
the Vicar's Bible Study
at 10:30AM
in the Hospitality Room. Join our journey into the Gospel reading for Sunday! Hearing, considering, sharing the word helps to deepen the worship experience.

All Are Welcome

The Vicar's Bible Study is on hiatus until

May 1.

Immediately following the Bible Study
you are Invited
to a
Service of
Healing Prayer
the Laying on of Hands
Every Wednesday
at 12 Noon
in the Church.

1st & 2nd Wednesdays each month
Laundry Love, Lake Forest meets at Sparkleen Laundromat at 7PM
the first Wednesday
of the month and Huntington Beach on the second Wednesday of the month at 7PM
Your ongoing support of South County Outreach Food Pantry continues to help those less fortunate. Bring donations to the barrels in the narthex.
Saddleback Community College is offering Emeritus Classes at St. George's in:

~Introduction to Creative Writing~
~Forethought Philosophy~
~Beginning Practical Spanish~

For further information go to:


The Abundant Table to offer
Immersive Retreats

The Abundant Table offers faith communities the opportunity to come to its Camarillo farm for a half-day facilitated retreat that includes a tour, conversation, meditative exercise and time in the fields weeding or harvesting. For more information contact the Rev. Nicole Janelle at
If you would like to learn to quilt, this is your opportunity to join in the fellowship of this wonderful group. They have sewing machines and tools if you don't have your own. They also have FABRIC!

Prayers and Squares
meets 1:30PM, the third Wednesday of every month.
For further information contact Katie Dunbar at (949) 378-4995 or email at kdunbar@cox.net.
As a reminder,
the Prayer Shawl Ministry meets at 9AM on the
1st Sunday of the month
in Bourne Hall.
They also have a Prayer Shawl Ministry meeting
on the 3rd Sunday
of every month in the Library (formerly the Hospitality Room) at 9:15, in between the 8AM and 10AM services.

All are welcome!
An Urgent Request from South County Outreach!
South County Outreach is asking for Breakfast Bars (6 or 12 bar package) and for Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat. They are very short on these regularly distributed items. There is an immediate need for these items to help the 2000+ individuals they serve each month.
Volunteers Needed!
South County Outreach is in need of volunteer Truck Drivers at their Upscale/Resale Thrift Store! Also, they need pantry volunteers one day per week, either 8:40AM - 12:30PM or 12:30PM - 4PM.

For interest in any of these positions contact:

aswanson@sco-oc.org, or
(949) 380-8144 x 217.

Robin Barton will return emails and/or phone calls and give more information as needed.

Thanks to the generosity of many at St. George's we collected 127 pounds of food for South County Outreach during the month of February.

Now, let's top that before St. Patrick's Day in March!

Thanks to all!
Plans are underway for this year's Corazon volunteer construction trip to Tijuana, where we'll again build a home for a needy family, working side-by-side with our friends at the Mission Viejo mosque. On each of the last three trips, Muslim pre-teens, teenagers and young adults were enthusiastic members of the work party. This year, they hope to be joined by Christian pre-teens, teenagers and young adults.

Do you have children or grandchildren who might be interested in attending on one Saturday in the fall? (Exact date not yet chosen). Please contact Colin Stewart with questions or for further information at (949) 439-5553 or email at colin48stewart@gmail.com.
A word about Stewardship :
Capital Campaign
is Back On!!
We are beginning the second half of our Capital Campaign this month.

Funds raised to date: $82,146.

We are getting very close to our goal of $100,000!

We only need $17,854 to make our goal.

Please prayerfully consider how you can help.
Pledges for the Week

Pledge/Open Plate $ 4,926
Restricted 2,881
Rent 20,938
Events 700
Gala Fundraiser 675
Total $30,120

To date we have received $208K of pledges towards our goal of $230K. Thank you to everyone who has pledged so far.

Towards our capital campaign, we have collected $82,146 so far! We are only $17,854 short of making our goal! As mentioned during our annual meeting, our first priority this year is to replace our fire alarm panel. In order to get this done, we will need to get pretty much to our goal of $100K. We prayerfully ask for your help in achieving this.

Thank you!

Let Debbie Spurr know of any issues you may see. She can be reached at Djspurr@cox.net or via phone at (949) 324-2000.

Many thanks to all!
Deb Spurr, Treasurer
Please Pick Up
Pledge Envelopes
in the narthex.

If you do NOT wish to use the envelopes, but prefer credit card or automatic banking, please
contact the office.
Many Thanks to Everyone
who turned in a 2019 pledge card
Our goal is to raise $230,000.
We are at $206,000!

Please be generous.
Please consider aiding this effort.

Update on
the El Toro Road Interchange Project
Dear St. George-ans:

Please take note of the following dates:

April 16 - OCTA is making a presentation to the Lake Forest City Council at 6:30pm. Anyone who is able to attend this meeting is encouraged to do so ... to show support for St. George's.
April 18 - OCTA will host a public forum from 4:30 to 7:30PM at the Holiday Inn in Lake Forest.

They will review all public comments, possibly revise their project plans and then release the revised version.

Of note: there are now only 2 proposals, instead of the original 5. We still are unsure how, if at all, our campus will be impacted.

Please make every effort to attend to show support for St. George's.
--Rev. Pat
Facilities Report
from Rose Williams, Director
Please let us know of any needed repairs. We will address them as soon as possible .

Contact Rose at 949-246-4362
or: rosenashwilliams@gmail.com
Thank you
Many, many thanks to all :
  • Who help with Coffee Hour & Clean Up afterwards ... it takes a village!
  • The Green Thumb Guild who keep the grounds beautiful! To volunteer, contact Leslie at: 949-521-1522 or Muriel, at 805-302-1834

Please Note: We are a Smoke-Free facility at ALL times .
Outreach Ministries
Volunteers are needed at St. George's for :

  • Helping to Review Monthly statements for the Finance Committee: (usually the 3rd Sunday of each month) and to provide input/guidance on other financial matters. Contact Deb at: djspurr@cox.net, or at 714-422-8165
  • Assisting with the Sound System during worship: volunteer needed to help adjust the sound system during worship. Contact Rose at: rosenashwilliams@gmail.com
  • Transportation Ministry: Parishioners needed to assist with rides to and from church; and to donate funds to help others reach church via public transportation. Checks may be made out to St. George's, with "transportation" in the memo line. Contact: Bob Howe at 949-929-3812.
  • Seeds of Hope Ministry: Volunteers needed to help prepare, plant and cultivate the gardens. Contact Leslie: leslieopshr@gmail.com
Opportunities for Ministry:
  • Hands of Grace Soup Kitchen 4th Wednesdays, 5PM, at Faith, Laguna Niguel, contact Kathie Killen at: lagunakak@comline.com
  • Laundry Love, 1st Wednesday, 7-10PM, Sparklean, Lake Forest; 2nd Wed., 7PM, Huntington Beach. For info, contact Bob Howe at: rchowe8@gmail.com
  • South County Outreach Food Pantry. Donations taken weekly. Contact Flo Niermann at 949-770-1159 or floniermann@gmail.com. Especially needed: canned chicken; canned fruit; bagged beans; cereal & breakfast bars; peanut butter and jelly. Barrels in church narthex.
  • Caring Ministry: 3rd Saturdays at 10AM. Offers a confidential, comforting presence for those facing challenges. For info, contact Ellie at: davellie2@cox.net
  • Outreach. Check with Diane Pound to find out when Outreach meets.
  • Friends of OC Detainees. Visit with undocumented persons detained in OC. Commitment is one visit per month. Various languages needed. For info, contact: Colin at colin48stewart@gmail.com
  • Learn to Quilt with St. George's Prayers & Squares. For info contact Katie Dunbar at: kdunbar@cox.net

  • Sunday, Apr. 7 ~ Chili cook-Off after 10AM Service!!
  • Tuesday, Apr. 9 ~ Book Group 12:30PM - Hospitality Room
  • Saturday, Apr. 13 ~ Daughters of the King 8:30AM
  • Saturday, Apr. 13 ~ Altar Guild Palm Crosses
  • Palm Sunday, Apr. 14 ~ Liturgy of the Palms & Holy Eucharist, 8 & 10AM
  • Monday, Apr. 15 ~ 7PM - Blessing Stations in the Church
  • Tuesday, Apr. 16 ~ 7PM - Taize
  • Wednesday, Apr. 17 ~ 7PM - Tenebrae
  • Thursday, Apr. 18 ~ 7PM - Maundy Thursday, Foot Washing, All Night Vigil
  • Good Friday, Apr. 19 ~ 12PM - Stations of the Cross, Good Friday Liturgy
  • Holy Saturday, Apr. 20 ~ 7PM - The Great Vigil of Easter
  • Easter Sunday, Apr. 21 ~ 10AM - Easter Day of Resurrection, Easter Egg Hunt, Grand Easter Brunch

  • Prayer Shawl Ministry, 1st Sundays, knitting workshop, Bourne Hall, 10AM
  • Healing Service, 12PM, Wednesdays, Holy Eucharist, Laying on of Hands and Healing Prayer in the church.
  • The Welcome Table, 7PM, St. Paul's Tustin. 1st Wednesdays, Monthly Eucharist for all LGBTQ Community & Friends.
  • St. George's Book Group, 12:30PM, 2nd Tuesdays. Bring a sack lunch.
  • Saddleback Community College Emeritus Classes at St. George's, On-Going:
English 3X - Intro to Creative Writing
Spanish 230X - Beginning Practical Spanish
Philosophy 231X - Freethought Philosophy
to register: www.saddleback.edu/emeritus
Have a News item?
Share it in the e-news!
Contact Mike at: michael.ziegler@cox.net
St. George's Episcopal Church