We are a spiritual oasis, welcoming and striving to serve all in the hope and love of Jesus Christ.
We are an open and affirming congregation.
St. George's E-News for August 08, 2019
Notes from Rev. Pat
Dear St. George-ans:

Please save the date, and plan to attend our Sept. 14, Festival of Joy from 2 to 4 p.m. in Bourne Hall.

It is planned as a day of joyfulness, community and celebration--a time to gather together, to enjoy one another's company.

We invite you to this potluck gathering; please bring the foods that give you joy, and enjoy our interfaith partners.

Like the May 19 Interfaith Panel, which brought us together with our Jewish and Muslim partners to address responses when our faiths are challenged with incivility, this event is part of the St. George's Bridge Builder Ministry.

As previously reported, we received a Hungry Hearts grant from the Diocese of Los Angeles to help support this ministry, which seeks to connect us to our neighbors and our community of all faiths, and to build bridges of mutual understanding and respect, and together celebrate all the blessings of this life.

We continue to seek new ways of understanding and communication.

For more info about this event and this ministry, contact Joyce Swaving, St. George's Bridge Builder, or Rev. Pat.

Hope to see you there.

Thanks to all who helped with St. George's
Backpack Outreach!

St. George's delivered 30 fully filled backpacks!
Restriping the Parking Lot
Phase 1
Choosing Joy
We are wired for joy!
We can choose joy every single day of our lives.
Dear St. George-ans:
For the past few years, I've been working on a doctor of ministry degree at Claremont School Theology. If all goes well, I graduate in May 2020!

My dissertation/project is focused on Joy and I've been doing quite a bit of reading about it. Turns out, our brains are wired for joy! In the days and weeks to come, I will be talking to you about joy and seeking ways for us to be joyful together.
There are 4 things one expert says we can do to cultivate joy:
* Play together (needs no explanation!)

* Listen for emotion with one another (i.e. people are not problems to be solved; but people to be loved)

* Appreciate daily (appreciate one another's gifts, and tell them)

* Nurture a rhythm (praying together; sharing together; developing habits that allow us to deepen community)

So let's be joyful together!
Blessings & Love
Rev Pat
2019 Bishop's Concert will feature
Debby Boone
Grammy-award winning singer, author and actress Debby Boone will perform Friday, Oct. 11
at the 2019 Bishop's Concert, a fundraiser at the Bishop's Residence in Pasadena.
Tickets are $75; proceeds to support diocesan ministries .
To purchase tickets, visit www.diocese.la.org

A note from a Laundry Love partner
"I just wanted to thank you for the difference you have made in my life and the lives of the others you have touched through Laundry Love"

"I was out of work for about 6 months due to an injury and things were quite bleak. By chance, I was doing my load of laundry on a first Wednesday, met you and used your gracious service for the next 2 months.

It was such a help!
Now I am healing & back to work!
I cannot thank you enough for your help during those few dark months. It was so appreciated!

Again, thank you so, so much.
So wonderful.

Summer Worship:
8 a.m. & 10 a.m.
Some people have asked about summer hours at St. George's.

We've decided to continue with two services,
at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.

However, there will be just one 9AM service on August 25 and Sept. 8.

The choir continues to be on hiatus.
Care-Net Launched!
Dear St. George-ans:

Now that Care-Net has launched, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, or if you have not yet received a call.

We want to stay connected with you!
Joshua Wong
We officially welcome Joshua Wong. Josh is joining St. George's as a part-time ministry developer and will be reaching out to our campus partners as well. He will be attending seminary this fall and hopes to become a priest.

Please give Josh a warm St. George's welcome!
Requiescat en Pace:
Ed Langley
It is with great sadness yet great hope in the Resurrection that we advise you of the passing of Ed Langley, a long-time parishioner.

He always loved his St. George's family and had overcome many challenges in the past few years, yet attended faithfully on Sunday mornings.

A memorial service is planned
2pm, Sunday, Sept. 29
at St. George's
with a reception
to follow in Bourne Hall

His wife of many years, Ethel, predeceased him. Please keep Ed's family, especially his granddaughters, Bethany and Gina, in your prayers.

Rest eternal grant to Ed, O Lord.
Let light perpetual shine upon him.

May Ed's soul and the souls of all the departed,
through the mercy of god, rest in peace. Amen.
St. George's Joy Cafe
Now Open!!
The St. George's
Joy Cafe
is now open
M-F to accommodate guests to our campus

Coffee, Tea, Water
Assortment of Snacks
A few notes from Rev Pat:
you can always call me
Reasons to Contact Rev. Pat :
An effort towards improved communication

Did you know that I pray for you every day? My days and weeks are spent praying for you, and visiting those within our community to share in those things that make you happy and sometimes make you sad. I am there, and I want to be there to share those life moments with you. 

So you may ask when is the most appropriate time to connect with your priest about all those things happening in your life!
Times the response should be: please check with Rev. Pat first
An effort towards improved communication.
For starters, whenever someone asks you :
  • Please buy some gift cards to help someone in need ...
  • Will you bring me home communion?
  • Can you loan me some money?
  • I need your help with ...
  • I heard about someone in need of pastoral care.
  • I have a great new idea about an exciting new ministry!
  • My loved ones names are misspelled on the prayer list ...
  • The birthdays in the bulletin need to be updated.
  • I disagree with what Rev. Pat said about ...
  • I have concerns about where the church is headed.
  • I'd love to join the worship team or get involved in other activities.

Contact can be as simple as a direct phone call, a text message or an email.
If I can't pick up right then, I will call you back asap. 

revpatmccaughan@aol.com ~ 949-892-0525

Ninth Sunday After Pentecost
August 11, 2019
Serving this Sunday :

Mike Ziegler, Steve Batterton

Octave Williams, Anne Cullinane

Freda Gully

Greg Adams, Christine Ruther

Joe & Christy Kellner


Kathie Killen, Joshua Wong,
Kent Wright, Donna Dice

Beryl Pidgeon, Willie Munoz

Sherry Wright

Dennis Family

Gail Meredith, Dennis Simms, Katie Dunbar, Griff Hill
Preacher & Celebrant :
The Rev. Canon Pat McCaughan
This Sunday's Coffee Hour:
DOK/Altar Guild
The flowers on the Altar today are given by
Kent & Sherry Wright in celebration of Sherry's birthday.
Serving at Freedom Village
Steve Batterton, Mike Ziegler
Diane Pound shares about a July 28 meeting of the OC Human Trafficking Task Force of the Tapestry Women's rights Action Group:

"This is not about what's happening in another country or even another state ... (but) right here in Orange County."

The takeaways were:
* human trafficking is modern day slavery;
* victims look like anyone - male, female, all ages and demographics.

Human trafficking is the use of force, fraud, or coercion to exploit someone for labor or commercial sex. Victims of trafficking can be found in domestic situations (nannies or servants), commercial sex, factories, construction, farming or landscaping, fisheries, hotel or tourist industries, panhandling, janitorial services, restaurant services, etc.

Identifying victims of human trafficking - knowing what clues to look for and what questions to ask can help identify potential victims. Victims are often young children, teens, men and women. By looking beneath the surface and asking yourself these questions, you can help identify potential victims:

  1. Is the person accompanied by another person who seems controlling (possibly the trafficker)?
  2. Is the person rarely allowed in public (except for work)?
  3. Can you detecting physical or psychological abuse?
  4. Does the person seem submissive or fearful?
  5. Does the person lack identification or documentation?
  6. Is someone else collecting the person's pay or holding their money for "safe-keeping"?


If you are interested in volunteering, the next volunteer meeting is Tuesday, Sept. 17, 6PM - 8PM at the Haymakers office, 1221 E. Dyer Rd., Suite 120, Santa Ana. Please RSVP with Jennifer Juarez at jjuarez@waymakersoc.org.

There are different tier levels for volunteers. You can commit to one event, for example one of the following:

Some outreach/anti-trafficking events
Set up for events before clients arrive
Gift wrap party
Holiday party food service
Coordinate donation drives
Donation and supply pickup, storage and coordination
Clothing/resource closet storage and coordination

I picked up several handouts so please let me know if you would like additional information.

Thank you.

Bishop Taylor is Coming!
On Sunday, Sept. 8, there will be one service at 9AM.

This is Bishop John Taylor's regularly scheduled 2019
official visitation.

If you or a loved one are interested in being baptized or confirmed, please contact the church office to make arrangements.
Ministry Fair Sept 8
in Bourne Hall
after the 9AM service
contact the office if you would like a booth
Guilt Free Bacon Eaters!!
"Guilt Free Bacon Eaters" (aka St. George's Men's Ministry) breakfast will be held on Saturday, 8/24.

See details below:

Date: Saturday, Aug. 24
Time: 8AM
Place: Paul's Pantry (Special Reserved Private Area)
Where: 27409 Bellogente, #B
(next to Chili's on Crown Valley)Mission Viejo

Check out their great menu selections on the internet.

For further information contact Bob Howe at rchowe8@gmail.com.
Instructed Eucharist Aug. 25
Sunday, August 25th, there will be one service at 9AM. We will have an opportunity to enhance our worship experience by learning more about the elements of our service.

There will be a Bishop's Committee meeting after the service at 10:30AM.
St. George-ans
04 - Shannon Scott
04 - Barbara Walker
05 - Bruce Murray
07 - Sherry Wright
10 - Peggy Kitts
12 - Jeri McGill
12 - Cheryl Miller
13 - Mercedese Bantz
16 - Muriel Witham
18 - Ann Ziegler
22 - Connie Seger
25 - Mike Ziegler
25 - Myrna Dillon
30 - Steve Batterton
31 - Elaine Orman
31 - Rose Williams

Want to add a birthday?
Call the office: 949-837-4530
or email: admin@stgeorgesparish.org.
Church Name Tags Available
If you need a new name tag, or an upgrade of your current one, please contact the office.

Please note that if you are having a name tag upgraded or changed, please bring in the old hardware. We can use it, and thank you.
The Choir Returns Sept. 8
While the choir is on a Summer break, our musicians continue to enhance our worship services. Your donations to the Music Ministry help defray costs during special seasonal services.
We pray this week for those discerning a call to ordained ministry: Ryan Macias, Josh Wong and for those discerning a call to lay ministry.

Prayer List
Our Immediate Family Our Extended Family

The Barry Family
Dave Brokaw
Jackie Brown
The Cramer Family
Anne Cullinane
Alan Cusolito
Beth Dancy
Kristine DeBarge
Barb Deichmann
Art Dunbar
Leslie Etheridge
Kathryn Freshley
Kirk Gaebel
Joyce Green
Lorna Greig
Jane Hagan
Hastings Family
Joel Hernandez
Lynn Holland
Robert Kakuschke
Priscilla Kastner
The LaFountain Family
Ed Langley
Bill Leasure
Jeri McGill
The McLaurin Family
Robert Norrell
Edith Petersen
Beryl Pidgeon
Cynthia Ryder
Nick Santaguida
Boyd Steele
James Tanner
Joanne Yeager

Due to health issues, parishioner Robert Norrell is no longer able to attend St. George's but would enjoy hearing from you. Notes and cards may be sent to Robert at:
1836 Outpost Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90068
Anne, Jay & Charles
Zac & Marian Adams
Mark Stevan Allen
Stan Anderson
The Barry family
Jacqueline Barth
Becky Bergevin
Carolyn Biddle
Susan Brooks
The Brewer Family
The Burnett Family
Bill Cannon
Charles & Eileen
Sandra Christopher
John Cirrito
Carter Coleman
Bob Cozza
Avie Creighton
Dane Family
The Dane Family
Cindy Dean
Louise Dee
Mary Ann, Frank Dussell
Christine Ehman
Val Engstrom
Lee Entrikin
David Forbes
Michael Patrick Forbes
Norm Freeman
Melissa Griffin
Mark Gutierrez
Peggy Harding
Bob Hebert
Donald Henderson, M.D.
Ramona Hennen
Kay & Bill Hesterhagen
Charlotte Hill
Abe & Angie Holland
R. Jesse Holland
Myesha Jackson
Jean, Mark & Boys
Andrew, Lauren and Kennedy Johnson
Dave Jutton & Family
Jerry Kimmel
Victor H. G. King
Art Lander
Paula Lawrence
Phuong Le
Carla Liggett
Devon & Robert Lopez
Kevin Luft
Madge McCaughan
John McNamara
Joan Macon
Jeanette Michel
Ruth Murray
The Parsons Family
Alan Penn
Jimmy Riswold
Ben Ryan
Sebastian Salazar
Kathryn Santaguida
The Simms Family
Carl Simms
Don & Nola Simms
Jerry & Rosina Simms
Al Sindone
Lily Southern
Jaymara, Keimonta & Mya Spears
Patricia Stephenson
Diane Stoddard
Ann Sullivan
Rev. Jonathan Sy
Misty Tanner
Stuart Thomas
The Thompson Family
Betty Thornton
Jim Trears
Lucille Van Sant
Kay & Paul Vogel
Amanda Walford
The Wescott Family
The Westfall Family

Those Affected By: Shootings
To add or remove prayer requests email:
admin@stgeorgesparish.org or
fill out forms in the narthex and place in the collection plate
or contact the church office at 949-837-4530
Ongoing Events, Opportunities ...
Also Needed ... for students of all ages!
Urgent Call for Housing &
Sponsorships for families seeking asylum
In response to the growing need for families seeking asylum, Sacred Resistance and Immigrant Support Services, a new project of IRIS, the diocese's immigration legal service agency--are working with ecumenical partners to develop a common intake process to assist individuals/ families seeking sponsorships and accompaniment during their asylum claim process.

To assist, or for more info, contact Meghan Taylor at:

Planned for
Oct. 3-6, 2019

Ever feel a spiritual longing? A nudge to jumpstart your faith? Transform your spirit? A desire to connect with like-minded seekers?

Consider Cursillo, a weekend retreat opportunity for men and women to step away from the busy-ness of daily life and reflect on faith and our relationship with Jesus.

Cursillo is that opportunity.

Weekend leaders include Rev. Pat & Fr. Keith, Colin & Sue Stewart, Amy Givan, Kent Wright, Jeff Davidson and Jeff Rockey.

For info, contact Colin:
or Rev Pat at:
Every Wednesday
Every Wednesday

The Vicar's
Bible Study
is on

Stay tuned for updates
on its return.

All are Invited
to a
Service of
Healing Prayer
the Laying on of Hands
Every Wednesday
at 12 Noon
in the Church.

Laundry Love, Lake Forest meets at Sparkleen Laundromat at 7PM
the first Wednesday
of the month and Huntington Beach on the second Wednesday of the month at 7PM
Your ongoing support of South County Outreach Food Pantry continues to help those less fortunate. Bring donations to the barrels in the narthex.
If you would like to learn to quilt, this is your opportunity to join in the fellowship of this wonderful group. They have sewing machines and tools if you don't have your own. They also have FABRIC!

Prayers and Squares
meets 1:30PM, the third Wednesday of every month.
For further information contact Katie Dunbar at (949) 378-4995 or email at kdunbar@cox.net.
As a reminder,
the Prayer Shawl Ministry meets at 9AM on the
1st Sunday of the month
in Bourne Hall.
They also have a Prayer Shawl Ministry meeting
on the 3rd Sunday
of every month in the Library (formerly the Hospitality Room) at 9:15, in between the 8AM and 10AM services.

All are welcome!
Movie Night is on summer hiatus and will return in September.

Stay tuned for the exact date.
The next Book Club meeting will be Tuesday, October 8th, at 12:30PM. The book is "Becoming" by Michelle Obama.
A Note of Thanks
from SCO!
A huge THANK YOU to all St. George's people who responded to our request for breakfast bars and oatmeal.

Keep it coming, please! The pantry is significantly low at present and always needs the other staples as well: peanut butter, jelly, canned chicken and tuna, breakfast cereals, rice, beans, pasta, canned fruits and vegetables, healthy snacks, etc.
St. George's gave 114 lbs. of food in June!


Please remember that Summer Vacation is here :
Children are home from school and many are not receiving breakfast and/or lunch at school. Food is flying off the shelves and your continuing contributions are gratefully received.

Summertime is great, but hard-working families struggle with child care and extra food needs at home.

Thank you for your generosity in helping families stay healthy during the summer months.

There is also a great ongoing need for volunteers to do various tasks such as working in the food pantry stocking shelves or walking through with clients to assist them with selecting their food items. If you can help, contact Tiffany Ficke at
(949) 380-8144, X 217.

Thanks to all!
Corazon Construction Trip Scheduled for Sept. 28!!

Corazon Construction Trip Scheduled for Sept. 28!

Corazon Construction Trip plans are underway for this year's Corazon volunteer construction trip to Tijuana, where they'll again build a home for a needy family, working side-by-side with our friends at the Mission Viejo mosque. On each of the last three trips, Muslim pre-teens, teenagers and young adults were enthusiastic members of the work party. This year, the combined efforts of Episcopalians, Muslims and others hope to be joined by Christian pre-teens, teenagers and young adults. The project's prime sponsors are St. George's, St. John's in Rancho Santa Margarita and the mosque in Mission Viejo. They call themselves "Abraham's Carpenters".

The volunteers are still a few thousand dollars short of the goal of raising $10,600 for building materials and the bus.
They are hoping to complete the fundraiser by the end of August as the deadline for purchasing materials is August 28.
The average cost per volunteer is $200 and they are asking volunteers to pay $40 for the bus trip.

Do you have children or grandchildren who might be interested in attending on Sept. 28? Please contact Colin Stewart with questions or for further information at (949) 439-5553 or email at colin48stewart@gmail.com.

A word about Stewardship :
Capital Campaign Progress!!
We are beginning the second half of our Capital Campaign this month.

Funds raised to date: $83,418.

We are very close to our goal of $100,000!
Please prayerfully consider how you can help.
Pledges for the Week

Pledge/Open Plate $ 6,012
Restricted 2,136
Rent 5,281
MDF Grant 2,413
Total $15,842

To date we have received $208K of pledges towards our goal of $230K. Thank you to everyone who has pledged so far.

Towards our capital campaign, we have collected $83,418 so far! As mentioned during our annual meeting, our first priority this year is to replace our fire alarm panel. In order to get this done, we will need to get pretty much to our goal of $100K.

We prayerfully ask for your help in achieving this. Thank you!

Let Debbie Spurr know of any issues you may see. She can be reached at Djspurr@cox.net or via phone at (949) 324-2000.

Many thanks to all!
Deb Spurr, Treasurer
June year-to-date statements are now available and are in the Narthex.

Please pick yours up and let Deb Spurr know if you see any discrepancies.

Thank you all very much for your contributions to date.
Many Thanks to Everyone
who turned in a 2019 pledge card
Our goal is to raise $230,000.
We are at $208,000!

Please be generous.
Please consider aiding this effort.

Facilities Report
from Rose Williams, Director
Please let us know of any needed repairs. We will address them as soon as possible .

Contact Rose at 949-246-4362
or: rosenashwilliams@gmail.com
Thank you
Many, many thanks to all :
  • Who help with Coffee Hour & Clean Up afterwards ... it takes a village!
  • The Green Thumb Guild who keep the grounds beautiful! To volunteer, contact Leslie at: 949-521-1522 or Muriel, at 805-302-1834

Please Note: We are a Smoke-Free facility at ALL times .
Outreach Ministries
Volunteers are needed at St. George's for :

  • Helping to Review Monthly statements for the Finance Committee: (usually the 3rd Sunday of each month) and to provide input/guidance on other financial matters. Contact Deb at: djspurr@cox.net, or at 714-422-8165
  • Assisting with the Sound System during worship: volunteer needed to help adjust the sound system during worship. Contact Rose at: rosenashwilliams@gmail.com
  • Transportation Ministry: Parishioners needed to assist with rides to and from church; and to donate funds to help others reach church via public transportation. Checks may be made out to St. George's, with "transportation" in the memo line. Contact: Bob Howe at 949-929-3812.
  • Seeds of Hope Ministry: Volunteers needed to help prepare, plant and cultivate the gardens. Contact Leslie: leslieopshr@gmail.com
Opportunities for Ministry:
  • Hands of Grace Soup Kitchen 4th Wednesdays, 5PM, at Faith, Laguna Niguel, contact Kathie Killen at: lagunakak@comline.com
  • Laundry Love, 1st Wednesday, 7-10PM, Sparklean, Lake Forest; 2nd Wed., 7PM, Huntington Beach. For info, contact Bob Howe at: rchowe8@gmail.com
  • South County Outreach Food Pantry. Donations taken weekly. Contact Flo Niermann at 949-770-1159 or floniermann@gmail.com. Especially needed: canned chicken; canned fruit; bagged beans; cereal & breakfast bars; peanut butter and jelly. Barrels in church narthex.
  • Caring Ministry: 3rd Saturdays at 10AM. Offers a confidential, comforting presence for those facing challenges. For info, contact Ellie at: davellie2@cox.net
  • Outreach. Check with Diane Pound to find out when Outreach meets.
  • Friends of OC Detainees. Visit with undocumented persons detained in OC. Commitment is one visit per month. Various languages needed. For info, contact: Colin at colin48stewart@gmail.com
  • Learn to Quilt with St. George's Prayers & Squares. For info contact Katie Dunbar at: kdunbar@cox.net

  • Saturday, August 10 ~ 8:30AM - Daughters of the King - Church
  • Sunday, August 11 ~ 10:30AM - Service at Freedom Village

  • Prayer Shawl Ministry, 1st Sundays, knitting workshop, Bourne Hall, 10AM
  • Healing Service, 12PM, Wednesdays, Holy Eucharist, Laying on of Hands and Healing Prayer in the church.
  • The Welcome Table, 7PM, St. Paul's Tustin. 1st Wednesdays, Monthly Eucharist for all LGBTQ Community & Friends.
  • St. George's Book Group, 12:30PM, 2nd Tuesdays. Bring a sack lunch.
  • Saddleback Community College Emeritus Classes at St. George's, On-Going:
English 3X - Intro to Creative Writing
Spanish 230X - Beginning Practical Spanish
Philosophy 231X - Freethought Philosophy
to register: www.saddleback.edu/emeritus
Have a News item?
Share it in the e-news!
Contact Mike at: michael.ziegler@cox.net
St. George's Episcopal Church