January 31, 2020 Volume 4
Dear St. Isidore School Alumni, Parents and Friends:

Happy New Year!

Wow, time flies when you're having fun! I can’t believe we find ourselves already celebrating 100 days of school and that a year has passed since we sent the first SIS Alumni Newsletter. I think we can all agree life moves quickly, and before we know it, the days become months, and months become years. I try to remember that life’s everyday moments, though sometimes monotonous, are to be cherished. We often take for granted the true blessing of simply waking up, going to school, going to work, helping with homework, rushing to activities, and hitting the store—and everything else that happens during a busy day. I know that it is in these moments that friendships and community are built. It’s the simple greeting of hello, a hug from a friend, a smile from a stranger, and sharing together joy as well as times of sorrow and hardship. I am reminded by the saying, “These are the good old days.” I wish you a million joyous little moments throughout the year ahead!

This week, St. Isidore School along with Catholic schools across the United States are celebrating Catholic Schools Week, a week that offers an opportunity for the community to come together and honor our faith, community, and Catholic education. It seems a fitting time to once again connect with our growing alumni community. This newsletter pays tribute to alumni whose children are currently attending SIS along with a couple heartwarming alumni stories that celebrate God’s greatest gift, love. I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter and urge you to reach out and share your story .

No matter how you may choose to stay involved, we welcome your participation. By staying connected, you share your ongoing pride in our school, your gratitude for the education you or your child received, and an appreciation for lasting friendships made throughout the years. Check out the information on our upcoming school auction below. We would love for you to join us. Yay, St. Isidore!

God Bless,
Maria Ward
Principal, St. Isidore School
Where are they now. .
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Written By:
Christine O’Rourke Gaber
Class of 1990 and current school parent

Ronald Reagan was in the second year of his presidency when I walked through the doors of St. Isidore School for the first time and into the first-grade classroom. In 1982, the school was half its current size, and kindergarten wouldn’t be offered until the following year. We wore turquoise and gray plaid uniforms, and played Oregon Trail on our Apple II computers in tech lab. The teachers wrote with chalk on actual chalkboards, and we played Heads Up, Seven Up during recess on rainy days. Hot Lunch on Thursdays was a rotating menu of McDonald’s chicken nuggets and other fast-food restaurant items brought into school. In fifth grade, we spent the night at Fort Point reenacting Civil War soldier life. We learned about resource conservation while singing “Dirt Made My Lunch” at Pigeon Point Lighthouse and staying at Camp Caritas. We created friendships and made connections through good old-fashioned human interaction. There was no internet, and if we wanted to chat with our friends, we had to call them on a landline (if no one else in our family was using the line, and if it wasn’t too late at night!). If their parents answered the phone, we had to greet them politely before gaining access to talk to our friends. We had dance class in the Benson Gym every Friday, and in the spring, the whole school community filed into the SRVHS gym for a band concert and dance show.

Way back then, my parents chose the St. Isidore School community for our family, and I observed their core group of friends forge lifelong friendships while they volunteered for lunch duty, served as room parents, chaperoned field trips, and cut out 7,000 Mylar stars for the epic 1989 eighth-grade dinner dance decorations. I’ve watched our families support each other for nearly 40 years. As a current
St. Isidore School parent, I have made these same strong connections with new families, and I have enjoyed reconnecting with the alumni still walking the halls at 435 La Gonda. In 2018, my oldest son celebrated his first communion with Robbie Anderson’s daughter, 34 years after Robbie and I celebrated our first communion together in second grade. Last year, while checking the PTG mailbox in the teachers’ lounge, I enjoyed weekly chats with Ms. Crossen, the sole teacher remaining from my school days (besides Mrs. Schroeder, who we are lucky to still have on campus with Faith Formation!).
Ms. Crossen and I had fun reminiscing about the amazing St. Isidore School Band of the late 1980s and our adventures Christmas-caroling in downtown Danville.

When you choose a school for your children, you also are choosing the parents that you want to be your children’s soccer coaches, Boy Scout leaders, and teachers. You are choosing the families and teachers that will share in your successes and support you in sickness and loss. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to come back to a school where parents and teachers continue to support each other and prioritize investing in a long-term school community. I love watching my three boys experience some of the same traditions I did as a student at
St. Isidore School, while creating their own special memories and friendships.
It is always exciting when SIS Alumni return to campus with their children. We are blessed to have a large community of alumni parents. Check out the current list! You may even recognize one of your former classmates. We are currently accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year. Click here to apply.
  • Robbie (Gagnon) Anderson
  • Tara Beane
  • Nicole (Lynch)Berglund
  • Teresa (Peinado)Bowes
  • John Brychel
  • Adrienne (Uchikura)Feyock
  • Monica (De Lucia)Fonseca
  • Rick Freeman
  • Christine (O'Rourke)Gaber
  • Justin Gagnon
  • Tracy (Gleason)Geddis
  • Allison Hickinbotham
  • Laura (Aquino)LaPorte
  • Tom Lickiss
  • Kathleen (Schroeder)Litvinenko
  • Andreana Lupo
  • Jenny (Lickiss)Lyons
  • Bob Marx
  • Mike Palm
  • Erica Perez
  • Allie (Russelo)Rago
  • Laura (Carthew)See
  • Sally Swartz
  • Jill (Zelko)Tripaldi
  • Justin Walsh
Building a lasting
SIS Class of 2009
Maggie Lettire
Director of Student Activities, Carondelet HS

SIS Class of 2009
Ashton Roman
Human Resources

It’s not every day that you find your soulmate sitting across from you in the seventh grade. But that’s exactly what happened for SIS Alumn Maggie Lettire and Ashton Roman. Maggie, who started St. Isidore in Kindergarten, remembers clearly the day a new student by the name of Ashton transferred into her seventh-grade class. “I knew immediately that I wanted to be friends with him,” says Maggie. Maggie was part of the Student Leadership Team and in charge of hosting the New Student Luncheon. She remembers talking to Ashton at the luncheon and sparking up a friendship over a slice of pizza. Ashton and Maggie’s friendship continued to grow as together they experienced the ups and downs of middle school. After graduating SIS in 2009, Maggie attended Carondelet High School and Ashton attended De La Salle High School. Towards the end of high school, Maggie and Ashton’s relationship changed from friendship to love. They both graduated high school in 2013 and, together, attended St. Mary’s College, graduating in 2017. Maggie has returned to Carondelet High School serving as the Director of Student Activities, while Ashton works in the field of Human Resources. We are thrilled to announce that Ashton and Maggie will be married this July! We are so excited for their future together!
Favorite SIS Memory: Maggie’s favorite St. Isidore School memory was on her graduation day, when her 8th-grade teacher, Mrs. Ward organized the staff to serenade the students as they walked out of the church. The teachers sang a rendition of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. The words were replaced with “We Love you 8th Grade.” Maggie said the memory still brings tears to her eyes.
Happy news deserves to be shared...
 SIS Class of 2006
Alex Devine
First Grade Teacher, St. Isidore School
Alex Devine was in the graduating class of 2006 at St. Isidore School. After St. Isidore, Alex attended Carondelet High School, graduating in 2010. Following that, Alex attended St. Mary’s College, graduating in 2014 with a major in communications. Alex’s path then brought her back home to St. Isidore School, where she accepted a job as a Teacher Assistant in Art. She quickly realized her passion for teaching and enrolled in a teaching credential program. The following year, Alex became the St. Isidore School Art Teacher, and after that, she found her current place as the beloved First Grade Teacher. She has spent the last two years helping young students develop and grow. The children adore her kind spirit and big smile.
On Monday, September 23rd, at morning assembly, the students, faculty, and staff had a front-row seat to Alex’s surprise marriage proposal! The joy and shock on her face filled the courtyard with loud cheers and happy tears. We have officially named the day “Marry Me Monday.” I encourage you to take a moment to view the proposal video below. On Sunday, October 11th, Alex will marry Scott O’Drobinak. Alex and Scott, who met at Pete’s Brass Rail, make an adorable couple, and we are so excited about their future. Congratulations, Miss Devine!
Favorite SIS memory: Alex said her favorite SIS memory is the first day of school each year. She still remembers the excitement and energy.
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  2. Teresa (Peinado)Bowes
  3. Laura (Aquino) LaPorte
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  2. Mike Palm
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