November 2, 2020 Volume 6
Dear St. Isidore School Alumni, Parents, and Friends,

I’m excited to have the opportunity to introduce myself as the new principal of St. Isidore School. The alumni community is an integral part of our school, and I am looking forward to being at the forefront of its development. I have had the honor of meeting many of you during my time on campus as a classroom teacher, vice principal, and in academic support. SIS has become a second home to me, and I am thrilled to lead such a vibrant community steeped in the rich tradition of educating students in the Catholic faith.

Serving as a principal during a pandemic is a monumental task. No prior coursework could have prepared leadership for what we face today. Like most schools, our year started virtually, but our hope to bring students back on campus remained steadfast. The faculty and staff collaborated to offer students both remote and on-site learning options. We worked diligently to install PPE throughout our campus, modifying classrooms to meet regulations and converting the Bensen into three classrooms. The monumental task of preparing the campus for return was a community effort, and I am grateful to the staff and parents that stepped up to assist. When the county announced the change in restrictions, we quickly began welcoming students safely back on campus. As of Wednesday, October 28th, students in TK-8 are onsite! We are proud of this great accomplishment and continue to pray for our community’s health and safety. 

This newsletter truly offers something for everyone. I encourage you to take a moment to see what former classmates have been up to, as well as what recent alumni have to say about their experience at SIS. There is also information about changes in our Annual Sip & Shop Holiday Market and our new community business directory. 

Please feel free to forward this newsletter to family, friends, and fellow alumni. Encourage them to fill out the SIS Alumni contact form on our website, Your support in growing the program is much appreciated and critical to its success.

We wish you continued health and safety during the upcoming holiday season. Our doors are always open to our alumni. We look forward to welcoming your visit to our campus soon!

In partnership & prayer,

Carol Bender
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Class of 1986
Beth Glaser Giuffre

Hello St. Isidorians! It’s been a while since I’ve been by the school, but my parents still live in Danville, so I still visit from time to time. I graduated from St. Isidore’s to attend San Ramon Valley High in 1986. Some of my fondest memories are of those early years: Ms. Dwyer’s dance class on Fridays, kickball and four square at recess, performing “It’s a Hard Knock Life” from Annie with my girlfriends, and of course, off-campus birthday parties at the Golden Skate. Olivia Newton-John was my main inspiration back then, and after school, the bus stop crew would be at Loards buying chocolate honeycomb and bubble gum ice cream. 

My favorite class was P.E. I loved racing on the blacktop and playing Capture the Flag in the gym. My least favorite class was math, but I managed through it okay. I use quite a bit of math in everyday life, though back then, I didn't have the foresight or maturity to know that I would need to find the square footage of a subfloor one day. I didn’t like science much either, but nowadays, I am interested in medical journals, health science, and politics. You just never know what you’ll be into later in life. 

I have to say, I’m pretty proud of the fact that I started the very first newspaper at St. Isidore's The STI Times, a goofy, little publication which Mrs. Schroeder hand-typed every month, and my group of friends put together as fifth graders. Our newspaper had a fashion column, lots of drawings of horses, and school news with three-line stories that went something like this: “There was a dance. It was fun. We all danced a lot.” At St. Izzy’s, we did so much work on grammar and sentence structure, it’s almost a given that I became a writer later on. 

Back in those days, my world revolved around seeing my friends, having daydreamy crushes on the boys, and living for the next field trip or overnight. I remember trying to stand out and show some originality in my uniform by having a colorful cotton ball at the end of my tennis socks, folding up the collar of my white polo shirt, and changing up my earrings I bought with babysitting and paper route money on trips to Stoneridge Mall.

I am certain we had one of the most incredible classes of all time. We were a class of inside jokers, and we cared for each other so much. I still know many of the 40 from my class, and it’s pretty special that now our children hang out together. I have to say, as a whole, a Catholic School education churns out the do-gooder in all of us: so many of us have become teachers, healers, activists, and volunteers in the community. Back in school, our teachers signed us up to spend many a day visiting convalescent homes and doing good deeds. We had many lectures on empathy and inclusion. Keeping everyone’s feelings involved in the school day makes for an empathetic bunch! I’m grateful for that, and I am certain that’s why I’ve kept in touch with so many of my old buddies. They are all such genuinely loving people. 

Every once in awhile, we’d all get in trouble as a group for something one, or two classmates did, and we’d all either stay in at recess and write sentences, or Mrs. Schroeder (who called herself ‘Mean Jean’) would have us write out the Gettysburg Address. Mrs. Schroeder was one of my big supporters back then, and she saw something creative in me that I didn’t know was there yet. I was the middle child, average student, and definitely nothing special. But I still get cards and phone calls to this day from this mentor of mine! It’s lovely to have someone in your life who still sees you as an innocent little girl--even now, after experiencing some knocks in life.

I started at St. Isidore’s in third grade after my family moved to Danville from Davis when my dad took a statistician job at Lawrence Livermore Lab and my mom found a nursing position at Kaiser, Walnut Creek. I’m the second oldest of six Glaser kids, some of whom also attended St. Isidore. 

I became the editor of the school newspaper in high school, earning a journalism degree with a minor in art from SDSU. My dad urged me to join the cross-country and track team, so running became a lifelong sport, as I still jog, and went through a marathon phase and all that jazz. Now my kids are runners! If there is any sport I recommend for teens, it’s running. It’s just such an easy way to exercise and a good form of moving meditation. 

I worked (and still work) for newspapers and magazines as a writer and columnist, and have a tri-fold career in teaching (Montessori, preschool, art and drama teacher). As a hobby, I create mosaics for homes and businesses. Currently, I am making a mural of the holy family for St. William's Catholic Church in Atascadero. I love to travel to Europe and moved to Italy for a year. I attended a mosaic school there and learned the traditional way of making mosaics. 

Now I live in Atascadero, California, with my three teenage sons and husband, Greg. I may be older now, but I’m still long-winded. Sorry I couldn’t keep this to three paragraphs. (I was kind of hoping Mrs. Schroeder could help edit for old time’s sake!)

-Beth (Glaser) Giuffre, Class of 1986
Happy Birthday Father Cardelli!
We are excited to share that Father Cardelli recently celebrated his 90th birthday! As most of you know, Father served as the pastor of St. Isidore Church from 1978-2005. His guidance, love, and support played a critical role in the success of the school. His presence in the St. Isidore community continues; he still serves at Reconciliation, funerals, and Christmas Eve Mass. Occasionally you can find him whipping up a batch of his famous sauce in the ministry center kitchen. As a birthday surprise, Father was honored with a key to Danville’s city and was recognized for his profound impact on the community as a whole. He celebrated this accomplishment in the company of his dear friends, Mrs. Jean Schroeder and Mrs. Kathy Gannon Briggs. Cheers to you, Father Cardelli, Yay St. Isidore!
You're Invited! St. Isidore School’s annual Sip & Shop Holiday Market is going virtual, and you’re invited! This year’s event will be held on our website,, from November 30 through December 6. Fabulous local vendors will be offering wonderful gift ideas. Please show your support for St. Isidore School and the Danville community by shopping local this holiday season! If you have any questions regarding the holiday boutique, please contact
SIS Business Directory! St. Isidore School strongly supports local businesses whenever possible, especially businesses owned and operated by school families, alumni, and parishioners. Our love of all things local has inspired us to create a school community business directory called SIS Local. We energetically hope that if you own a small business, whatever that may be, you will take a moment to register in our business directory by filling out the form on our SIS Local webpage, making it easy for your fellow community members to access your information and patronize your business. Next time you need a place to eat, shop, or hire for a particular service, we kindly ask you to think local, SIS Local!
A Message From Tom Sollers
SIS Principal 1980-1984

Dear St. Isidore’s Family and Friends,                                      

My experience as principal of St. Isidore’s School from 1980-1984 can be described in many ways, but the word that first comes to mind is “magical.” I was blessed with a superb boss, Father Daniel Cardelli, and a faculty that can only be described as stunning. The school at the time was operating at full capacity with a waiting list of 700. During my tenure, we launched a new kindergarten, under the superb guidance of Margi Slavonia and her assistant, Mary Sanchez. The faculty and staff’s talent was truly extraordinary, including the fiercely supportive parents and involved. It was the children, though, who brought me the most joy. I remember joining them for recesses and lunch periods and reveling in their innocence and laughter. What inspiration they provided. It was during one of these playground revelries that I mentally wrote a show some of my theatre friends, and I put together called Principal Parables, which we presented to all the principals in the Diocese and then took on tour. What a hoot!
In 1984, I left California for Chicago to obtain my Masters in Theatre at Northwestern University. After graduation, I worked in professional theater for 14 continuous years, stage managing, acting in, and directing Shear Madness while teaching full time at Evanston Township High School in Evanston, Illinois, for 25 years.

I owe so much to my experience at St. Isidore’s. Most importantly are the friendships I have enjoyed and been blessed to maintain with some of the folks I worked with: Lindy Sable, Jean Schroeder, Margi Slavonia, Maureen Wrobleski, Lenore Camera and Bob Navarro (married during my tenure) and many, many more. Special thanks to Pat Lincoln, the eighth-grade teacher, when I began at St. Isidore’s, for recommending I look into the graduate program at Northwestern. 
You are treasures in my life, and I will always be grateful to St. Isidore’s for introducing me to so many wonderful people.

Tom Sollers
SIS Alumni Share Their Experiences!
Lauren Rivera
Class of 2017
Take a moment to listen to Lauren reflect on the strong foundation St. Isidore School has given her. Lauren is currently a Senior at Carondelet.
Charlie Kratus
Class of 2019
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Charlie is currently a Sophomore at De La Salle High School.
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