September 26, 2018 - Walking Together in Faith
Empathy - St. Teresa of Calcutta
Dear St. Isidore Families,

Below you will find a very important letter, from the Bishop, addressed to our school community. I am grateful in your attention in reading it. 
 I liked this excerpt from a blog that one of our school moms, Allison Gagnon, has been writing. “So many moments in life have the potential to be either life-giving or depleting. The circumstances and facts are not any different, the moment  is  exactly as it is presented in both instances. But the ability for a moment to either deplete or give life rests squarely on the lens we choose to filter it through, and which emotions we choose to feed with our energy.” A lot is going on around school and the parish, and we must decide whether these challenges will deplete us or give us life. I choose for them to give us life. We take hold of the challenge and learn things along the way. We are strong, we are faithful, “We Are St. Isidore School.” 
I would like to ask you, please, to pay special attention in carpool. Last week, one of our assistants was hit by a car. I understand that carpool is a busy time, as many of us have places to go and people to see. However, nothing is more important than the safety of our students, faculty, and staff. We will be implementing some new carpool processes in the near future. Please pay attention.
I will host a “Mornings with Maria” tomorrow at 8:15 AM in the Bensen gym. Mr. Keane and I will be discussing school safety and new carpool procedures to come in the near future. I hope that you can come and I look forward to seeing you there.
Have a good evening.
Maria Ward

Important Dates
  • Friday, September 28th - Gr. 6, 7, 8 attend Mass by 8th Grade
  • Tuesday, October 2nd - Thursday, October 4th - Conference Days, 12p Dismissal
  • Friday, October 5th - All School Mass by Grade 4 & 12p Dismissal
  • Tuesday, October 9th - Picture Retake Day
  • Wednesday, October 10th - Wear Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Free Dress for $1
  • Thursday - October 11th - 4th Grade Mission Field Trip
  • Friday - October 12th - Gr. 3, 4 5 attend Mass by 3rd Grade, Gr. 8 to Loaves & Fishes, and Family Bingo Night
Please pray for all those who are suffering or are in need of our thoughts and prayers.
  • The Vitzthum Family's uncle, Brad Goforth
  • Rita Edwards
  • Teresa Bowes
  • The residents of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and DC as they recover from the affects of Hurricane Florence
  • The Michiels Family as they mourn the loss of Dani & Grace's Grandfather
  • The Ellingwood Family who now are a family of 5. They welcomed Baby Alec Matthew on September 10th.
Did You Know?
Ms. Crossen has worked at St. Isidore School as the Band Director for 40 years. Her father was the original archietect of our Church and her youngest brother was the first baby baptized here. Ms. Crossen is involved in Senior Softball and will be playing in the Senior Games next year. Her favorite local sports team is the Oakland Athletics and she is so excited that they just made the playoffs!
Challenge Success
Did you Know?
Children 5-12 years old need 10-11 hours of sleep. At the same time, there is an
increasing demand on their time from school, friends, and extracurricular activities as well as media and caffeine products—all of which can disrupt sleep. Watching TV too close to bedtime has been linked to bedtime resistance, difficulty falling asleep, anxiety around sleep, and sleeping fewer hours. Source: National Sleep Foundation. (2014). Children and Sleep. Retrieved from

Challenge Success  offers resources to help you support your student’s well-being and engagement in learning. We invite you to visit Challenge Success   and explore the links below:

  • CHECK OUT Raising Well-Balanced Kids and Tips to Help Your Child Thrivewhich offer common-sense tips based on children’s known developmental needs and research on child and adolescent well-being.
  • READ Challenge Success White Papers that summarize research and offer practical suggestions on topics including homework, cheating, and Advanced Placement (AP) classes.
  • BROWSE book recommendations and read Challenge Success blog entries by authors including Dr. Denise Pope, Dr. Madeline Levine, and Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg.
  • WATCH video recordings of other Parent Education Presentations, including the Well-Balanced Child (for parents of preschoolers), and Making Homework Work.
  • ENGAGE! Follow Challenge Success on Facebook and Twitter, sign up for the newsletter, and stay connected with our ever-expanding community of families and educators.
MySchoolAnywhere Family Directory & Babysitters
As of today, we only have 363 families in our directory and there is a total of 416 families in our school. Only 279 famlies have confirmed their info. We also have 628 students in our school and only 588 are listed.
NEW FAMILIES: PLEASE sign up by clicking here and add our Join Code: sisdirectory
FAMILIES ALREADY IN DIRECTORY , PLEASE click here to update your information.
****We ask that all families, list their names in the directory, as a minimum, for roster and health office purposes.

LAST CALL : If your 7th OR 8th grader would like to babysit and be listed in the school’s family directory offering this service, please email Melissa Twelvetrees at  and include your student’s name, grade and contact information.
Students of the Month-September/October
Ryan Tancuan is a 3rd grader in Mrs. Gerberich’s Class. His teacher nominated Ryan because he shows kindness to others by asking them to play if they are feeling lonely or left out, he loves to learn, is enthusiastic, is a hard worker, and gives 100% to all his tasks.
Sohana Collins is a 6th grader in Mrs. Williamson’s Class. Her teacher nominated Sohana because she is respectful in and out of class, is a role model inside and outside of her classroom, and is caring, involved, empathetic and patient.
Family Bingo hosted by Student Leadership
Student Leadership has rescheduled Family Bingo Night for Friday, October 12th . Please make sure to print the flyer , fill it out, and return with payment to RSVP. We would love a large turnout so we don't have to cancel again!
Coffee Mug Drive
Our 8th graders will be holding a coffee mug drive for Loaves and Fishes. Currently, the dining room serves coffee in plastic juice cups. We'll be taking the collection of mugs to them on October 12th. Last spring, we had a book drive that stocked their book case in the dining room. Most recently, we took 7 boxes of books from school that were not needed after our remodel. The volunteers and employees have been thrilled with our students' enthusiasm and smiling faces when greeting and serving our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Please bring your donated coffee mugs to the office until October 11th .
Communications Corner
Did you know we have Facebook & Instagram accounts? If not, please follow us on Facebook and @stisidoreschool .
Give Back
Welcome Back! Bishops Cuts | Color Danville opens this  Saturday, August 25th  and is offering St. Isidore families 20% off all services through  September 30th ! Mention St. Isidore at check in and 10% will go back to our school.  Bishops is a walk in salon open 7 days a week offering cuts/color/shaves to Men|Women & Children.  Click here for flyer.
In order to continue to ensure our events are a success, we would like to request your feedback, regarding our recent SIS Classic event. Please complete the 6 question survey which will take less than 5 minutes to complete. Please take the survey, whether or not you attended the event. We value your feedback and all responses will be kept confidential.  Thank you for your time! 
Thank you for your donation to Mind the Gap. If you are
employed by a company that supports matching dollars, weencourage you to use this benefit to help make a difference for the school. Please consider donating $500/child to close this year’s gap in our operating budget. Every dollar counts, and your donation is 100% tax deductible, so please make a difference. Donate online by clicking here. For more information or do donate, please click here .
Sponsorship opportunities are still available for the 2018-2019 school year. Thank you for all those who have already sponsored our school. More information and forms can be found here. 
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