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Coming up:
Loaves & Fishes RI
January 15
4:30 pm

Council Meeting
January 14
7:00 pm 

MLK Day!
January 20  
**office closed

St. James Annual Meeting
February 2, 2020
10:00 am
January 13, 2020
Mission of the Month - December

Mission of the Month

Join us in supporting the organization "Bread for the World" as our mission of the month for January 2020.  Their mission is to end poverty and world hunger through a combination of faith-based initiatives, collective action and advocacy.   We invite you to make a contribution  to this important organization on any of the Sundays in January. 

Bread for the World Credo

"We are moved by God's grace in Jesus Christ 
To work for justice for hungry people. 
They may be in the next house. Or in the next country. 
No matter where they live, they are our neighbors. 
And we have the power to help.

Charity alone is not enough. 
We must urge our government to make fair decisions 
So struggling families can provide for their children.

We must write personal letters and emails to Congress 
And engage our churches, campuses and other organizations. 
W e must change laws and structures that allow poverty to persist.

When we turn our faith into action, God uses our voices. 
Again and again, we win help and opportunity. 
Two fish become many. 
Five loaves become enough to feed a multitude.

God is moving in our time 
To end hunger, 
And we are part of this great liberation.

It is our mission to help our neighbors. Wherever they live. 
They are hungry. 
And we are Bread for the World."

*Source:  Bread for the World website

Save the Date:  St. James Annual Meeting
St. James Annual Congregational Meeting
Sunday, February 2, 2020
10:00 am

All are encouraged to attend!
Family Faith Formation News

Superbowl Snack Sale!

Our annual fundraiser is coming up on February 2.  It is our SuperBowl snack sale and members of the congregation have really come to enjoy it!  Proceeds go to the Youth Activities Fund which helps support various youth activities such as the Fall FFF event, the children's Christmas party as well as to offset the cost of the Sunday School weekend at Calumet for those who wish to attend.
The sale takes place the same day as the annual meeting, so there will be lots of folks around looking for their snacks.   Please contribute your favorite snack if you are able!

Also, the Sunday School weekend at Camp Calumet is March 27-29.  Please see Gail Feeney if your 3rd-6th grader is interested in attending.  For more information go to:   

Message:  A note of thanks from George Bowen

Thank you to all for your prayers and get well wishes on my recent illness over Christmas.  The doctors implanted a pacemaker just before the New Year and I am doing well.

Winter Worship Sign Up!
Click on the link above to access the Winter 2019 - 2020 Worship Volunteer Sign-up!!

Anyone can sign up for any of the worship volunteer roles. It's easy to do! Just click on the link above and follow the directions. If you prefer, there is also a paper & pencil sign-up sheet in the community room.  Just fill in your name and the email address where you want your reminder to go!  

We always welcome new volunteers!  
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