The St. James Town Press
Roots to Care
May 2021
Celebrating Nursing:
Answering the Call
National Nursing Week annual celebrations take place May 10-16, 2021, the same week as Florence Nightingale’s birthday, May 12.
Nightingale (1820-1910) was a social reformer and widely credited with being the founder of modern nursing. Read More...
Indigenous Medicine
Anthropologists, who study humans across time and space, have long documented the use of plants in medicinal and healing practices around the world. Traditionally,
teachings about such medicines have been passed down through folklore. Read More...
A Discussion on Mindful Meditation with Jane Lee
Jane Lee, a certified yoga teacher, shares her personal experience with practicing yoga and meditation for 18+ years. Read more...
Bangla Surf Girls
In recognition of the large Bengali community living in Regent Park and St. James Town, we interview award winning filmmaker Lalita Krishna and director Elizabeth D’ Costa about their latest film
Bangla Surf Girls.
Toronto Aboriginal Group
advocates for
St. James Town’s
Indigenous Community
St. James Town is one of the most populated, diverse and multicultural neighbourhoods in Toronto. It has a population of more than 18,000 people, many of whom immigrants and newcomers.
However not many people know that St. James Town is also home to approximately 1,000 Indigenous residents. Read more...
Creative Corner

By Nick Gurev
One cold winter night, there was a log and an old broken chair lying next to each other in a fireplace, burning. Since there was nothing else for them to do, they started to talk. Read more...
By Dorothy Schram
I see the youth, sitting on the street 
Begging for money, for something to eat 
With empty tummies, how hard can it be 
When, there are so many living in poverty
Remembering Vickie Rennie
Vickie is fondly remembered for her tireless work on behalf of Seniors of St. James Town. Vickie Rennie passed away on July 20, 2020, but she continues to live in the hearts and minds of community members.
In The News
Toronto park getting full redesign that may include a floating halo light. Read more...
These Toronto neighbourhoods have the highest & lowest vaccination rates. Read more...